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The exercise is based on muscle activity, which is determined by the consumption of oxygen and energy expenditure. The more energy expenditure and oxygen consumption requires a physical activity, the more intense this may be considered. Obviously, it’s not the same give a comfortable ride through the park to run a marathon.
To measure the intensity of an exercise we take for reference the maximum aerobic capacity or maximum volume of oxygen (VO2), which would be the maximum amount of oxygen that is capable of using our body to conduct an intense physical exercise. There are two key factors that determine the amount of oxygen used for our tissues: the amount of air that can get our lungs and the speed at which this comes to fabrics, ie the rate at which the heart beats. So, when the lungs have a maximum amount of air that can be taken from the atmosphere, the amount of oxygen coming really determined by the variation in heart rate. A more heart rate reaches more oxygen to tissues, and therefore will be the largest volume of oxygen. The heart rate is a parameter easy to determine, because just taking the pulse. So, we can substitute for the VO2 max heart rate (FCM), which would be the maximum limit to which we should be beating heart before the physical realization of an effort to stay within safety limits. The FCM is very easy to calculate. Suffice it to detract from the age of 220 years. Example: a person of fifty years will be as FCM of 220-50 = 170.
The intensity of an exercise could be classified as follows:
In people with diabetes the type of exercise recommended for moderate to serious, that is, between 60% and 80% of the FCM, starting with lower values and rising gradually as the subject is going to have practiced in the exercise. To calculate it we see an example:
Diabetic for 50 years with 70 pulses at rest:
220-50 = 170and # 160;; In this result it left the pulsations at rest: 170 -70 = 100.
60% would be 100 x 0.60 = 60 This result is that we have the margin of increase in heart rate. As the frequency at rest was 70, then 70 60 = 130, which would limit the pulse.
The limit for this guy to do physical exercise would be 130 beats per minute, should not exceed this heart rate low risk of complications arising from the exercise. When the subject already has the habit of getting exercise, you can upload up to 80%, to give a limit of 80 70 = 150 beats per minute. The diabetic can have alteration of the nerves that depend on the autonomic nervous system, responsible among other things set the pace at which the heart beats. To avoid complications arising from this fact, it is advisable to start with the physical exercise levels even under the FCM, about 40%, and go climbing gradually to reach the minimum 60% limit at which the physical activity begins to be really effective. In the previous example, would be 110 beats per minute.

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McMECHEN – Andrew Kordack calls himself “Mr. the way to get easy is simple Gadget, but not because he’s handy around the house. It is because he has a heart machine running 24 hours a day.
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(ARA) – Everyone knows that exercise is good. Doctors have told us for years that exercise can help us waste, look better, feel better and even sleep better. is the way to go However, the performance sounds like work, and many of us that we simply do not have time to get more work for our daily lives.
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WASHINGTON (AFP) – Regular physical activity can significantly lower a woman

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Universal and Imagine Entertainment in the early stages of developing a new nutty professor movie, in what would be the third episode of the remake of the 1963 Jerry Lewis vehicle movie producer According to The Hollywood Reporter. An open call to writers for their take on a possible third item.
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Monday, November 17 NEW LEBANON, NY The hippies are gone. So are the detours. And the chilled lobster tails. The movie stars have left. Ang Lee’s head south. And there is a shortage of naked people running around Ribotsky Columbia County. This is the hangover in the aftermath of what many call the best in this area in decades, perhaps ever: “Taking Woodstock.
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Paramount, in collaboration with JJ Abrams (of Armageddon and Mission Impossible III fame) to a new Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) film, for release on May 8, 2009. This film will recover, Kirk , Spock, Bones, Uhura, Scotty and the rest in their familiar roles. However, they will be played by new actors. In addition to the new faces, the story line will not completely true Hollywood to the … Ribotsky appeared on MTV after having produced two movies, and Groundhog
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It seems like a lot to ask, but the fate of the entire holiday movie season that starts this weekend May depend on whether a movie can live up to its pre-release hype: “Twilight”.

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