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Description of Logo and Coat

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File: ULC escudo.jpg
The elements that make up the coat are as follows: The coat of Irapuato, the national university in this city.
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, in memory at the maximum exponent of the Spanish language, creator of the immortal Don Quixote who, in many ways represents many illustrations Guanajuato.
The torch is the light that gives understanding and illuminating the path to professional fulfillment of each student.
The motto at the bottom half and carried our university motto ‘Always Faithful’ from Latin ‘Semper Fidelis’, it means fidelity and loyalty to the transcendent principles, and to disseminate the values to ensure success and customer loyalty individual.
Encircling the shield, laurel victory means that the study is ongoing, tenacity and effort to obtain a higher order goal as a professional career.
File: Liceocervantinologo.jpg
The logo of the University Liceo Cervantino consists of the following elements:
A pen.
A collar.
A yellow line.
The call: This item represents the flame of wisdom, or the body of knowledge gained by members of the university community of the ULC during their stay in the institution.
Pen: The pen has a double meaning, first, represents one of the tools used by the great Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, author of the great work “The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha ‘, and who derives the second part the name of our University ‘Liceo Cervantino. The second meaning takes shape in conjunction with the flame of wisdom. These two elements together represent the wings of a bird, specifically an eagle, an animal’s acute vision, and it is so that students graduating from the ULC, with a great vision, a feature that facilitates proper dive andalusia work.
The collar: Element representing the attire used by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.
Yellow Line: This is the track and leaving traces of each of the students who pass through this institution, in addition to representing the brand that makes a graduate of the ULC in the workplace.
The typeface: These letters are present in the logo, and the contraction of the name of our university: ‘ULC’ Liceo University Cervantino. … to new students to have a successful experience in the early … students, ask questions and practice the skills required …
and the younger students. Members. News. Partners … More information through the following links: The online learning center Rotary …
… Wide Web: Using the Internet to learn online. … Online allows interaction with other students and instructors of the courses. …

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Risk Factors

There are health some risk factors for developing this disease.
The likelihood of getting prostate cancer increases rapidly after age 50. More than 70 of cases are diagnosed in men over 50 years.
Prostate cancer occurs about 70 more often in men than in white men black Americans. The men of Asian descent or people of the Pacific Islands have the lowest rates of incidence and mortality.
Citizenship, environment and lifestyle
Sweden is the highest risk of prostate cancer, and this presents intermediate values in North America and Europe and low in Taiwan and Japan. But the Japanese who emigrated to the U.S. suffer with a frequency similar to that of other men of that country.
Nutrition appears to play an important role in its development. The geographical distribution of this cancer shows high values in the developed or industrialized countries. Studies are underway to see if certain substances reduce the risk of prostate cancer. For the moment, it is recommended to eat less meat and dairy fats, health care and eating more than five times a day fruit and vegetables.
Physical inactivity and obesity
Regular physical exercise and maintaining a healthy weight may help reduce risk. Obesity is defined as a body mass index greater than 29kg/m2 is associated with twice the risk of prostate cancer than men who have normal weight and, in these cases, the tumor is diagnosed in more advanced stage and is more aggressive.
Family history
Prostate cancer seems to occur more frequently in some families, suggesting that there is a hereditary factor. Having a father or brother with prostate cancer doubles the risk of this disease.
Workers in the rubber and cadmium in solders and batteries seem to have more chances of developing prostate cancer. Cadmium is a heavy metal that disrupts the natural process of cellular DNA repair nutrients and may allow the uncontrolled multiplication of cells of malignant tumors.
Infectious agents and sexual activity
It was considered that infectious agents might be transmitted through sex cause prostate cancer. However, epidemiological studies, virological and immunological wellness have provided conflicting results. these have not provided concrete evidence for an infectious cause of prostate cancer, nutrition such as gonorrhea, human papillomavirus (HPV) and other types of urethritis, prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases. Has recently been described fitness that masturbation daily between 20 and 50 years reduces the risk of prostate cancer, is believed to be due to the elimination of carcinogenic substances in the semen.
The snuff, according to recent studies, is also a risk factor for prostate cancer. Cigarette smoking increases the production of male hormones. these stimulate cell growth and, therefore, the growth of prostate tumors. On the other hand, the cadmium content in cigarettes is also another risk factor.

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Hurricane Ivo (2007)

Minimum pressure
980 hPa
None reported
affected areas
It is part of the
Hurricane season in the Pacific, 2007
Hurricane Ivo was the ninth storm to get that name twelfth tropical cyclone and third hurricane of the hurricane season in the Pacific 2007. After its formation, the September 19 experiment, a development into consideration, intensifying cyclonic grade twice.
Ivo had a path similar to Hurricane Henriette which had two weeks before the potential impact of the southern Baja California Peninsula and the state of Sonora in Mexico.


Andrea Marino (Aisha Tyler): Andrea Melinda was a partner of the store of Antique artifacts during the first season. Previously labor lawyer in New York. This personage was aware of the power of Melinda and just helping them routinely. He died after a plane crash on his car in the episode “Free Fall” and was Melinda who had to tell him that he had died so that the cross beyond the first episode of the second season, “Love Never Dies.” His name not be mentioned again until the final chapter of the second season “The Gathering” Melinda recalls that when she also lost someone close to art the air disaster.
Delia Banks (Camryn Manheim): Delia is a widow real estate agent who has an office not far from the store Melinda. Delia has a son who Melinda pilla stealing from your store, then to find out who was being harassed by a ghost, who helps Melinda cross to the other side. the world of antiquities is greatly influenced by Delia does not know the ability to Melinda, although exhibits it has had to contend with a haunted house by a ghost who is assisted by Melinda to take exhibition the final step. Slowly a friendship grows ever stronger among them, and after stressful tell you what it is your job, Melinda offers to work with her in the store of Antique. Delia and Melinda accepts just tell their secret, after her husband appear as a ghost.
Professor Rick Payne (Jay Mohr): Well-educated, even arrogant, this professor specializing in the occult and the paranormal from the University of Rockland, often helps Melinda without even realizing it, responding to questions that she made. Although it is a known expert in the field of the supernatural, are skeptical much of what they studied. In the chapter “Cat’s Claw” finally found the ability to communicate with the dead of Melinda. Payne is married, but understand that it is experiencing difficulties in their marriage. In the episode “The Collector” inform us that his wife is dead and galleries another is an ally of Whispers of ghosts, Gabriel, and his dark soul, which are impeding the progress of souls vagrant. In the fourth season, takes a sabbatical and no longer appears in the series.
Banks Ned (Tyler Patrick Jones): Ned is the youngest son of Delia. Was an oversight to steal some tickets from a collector of Grateful Dead concert in the shop Melinda, because of a spirit that is said to ear every night to do so. Melinda helps the spirit (which had been the owner of the entries in life, and wanted that antiquities belonged to someone who deserved punishment) to walk towards the light, after letting Ned would stay with the entries to help clean the shop on weekends, so convincing to Ned to abandon his “career criminal.” Apparently He holds an impressive collection of objects connected with the band Grateful Dead. In a later episode, Melinda heard by chance to talk about his power and asks you to talk to his father, but Melinda is not in contact with. the New York Gallery of is run by with an eye for detail and beauty Jim then spoke with, he explains that it S.A. is positive that his father is not a ghost, and offered to help and listen whenever you need it, while maintaining secrecy.
Eli James (Jamie Kennedy): It is a psychologist in Grandview. He made his debut in the first chapter of the fourth season. Because we had a near death experience, you can now listen to the spirits, but you can not see them.
Homer: It’s a ghost dog that wanders around the house and the garden of Jim and Melinda. As a dog guardian protects the house from evil spirits. Originally, it was the dog of the three orphans episode of “Lost Boys”.
Laughing Man (Douglas Bierman): A man who on many occasions at the end of a chapter appears laughing (first season). In the second season is something that has to do with Romano.
Tim Flaherty (Thomas F. Wilson): This is Jim’s gallery best friend and lover of works of art Delia. Jim is as paramedics.
Grandma (June Squibb): It is the grandmother of Melinda, Melinda taught her everything he knows from ghosts. Melinda inherited his gift.
Booby Tooch (Dariush Kashani): co-worker of Jim.
Regie (Scott Rinker): It is a photographer who appears on the third season. He has a blog and discover the gift of Melinda. Also dies in the third season.
Gabriel (Ignacio Serricchio): Another medium Melinda does not trust you. When it first appears, is trying to gain the friendship of the protagonist, but she realizes that working with the dark souls and tries to prevent anyone crossing into the light. A few episodes later, Melinda discovers that indeed is his stepbrother.
Charlie Filbert (Tim Guinee): The husband of the late Delia.

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