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User: Jane Doe / Encarta / Art. Language. Literature Berlin – German officials exhibits have rejected claims that the bust of the pharaonic Antiquities Queen Nefertiti, cultures hailed as the world’s most beautiful woman, was smuggled from Egypt using a list art history artifacts of almost a century Egypt ago. having taken over the galleries from his father, S. , now runs the […]

Mouse mats

The corpus delictiHello, Yeza, beautiful, as we walk. Well it seems that for now the thing is cool, but come on, that person (who is supposed to be the Armando M. Fernandez, if the inventor mousepad!) Is obsessed with this theme in the English Wikipedia gave both grilled with reversals that had to protect the […]


Library Saxony ‘State University and UniversityOver the past 15 years have expanded and built some facilities of the University. This has given the University an auditorium (Horsaalzentrum) that meets the capacity needs that the University demanded. The Horsaalzentrum offers a total of 3469 seats distributed in eleven rooms, of which 2765 are 6 seats belonging […]