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Samsung Mobile

Samsung is the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones.
Samsung Mobile is the trading name of the division of mobile phones from the Korean company.
Samsung mobile phones using the cellular technologies of the main mobile telecommunication operators in the world: CDMA, GSM, GPRS and HSDPA.
According to data published by the consultancy ABI Research, is based on the second position worldwide sales of mobile phones (16.2 market share) in 2008, behind the giant Nokia (38.6 ) .
Moreover, according to ABI Research, Samsung is the company that has grown more in 2008, an increase of 2.7 in market share, thanks largely to strong performance in sales of terminals such as the Omni and the family telephone Ultra thin.

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First National Bank telecommunications.
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(RTTNews) – The stock market opened in Japan on a negative note as participants took Wall Street cues and pressed sales across the board. However, finding files reasonably strong support at lower levels, the market recovered into positive territory today.
Broadcom Inc. may have to return to the acquisition trail to build scale and breadth of technology as it wants to challenge Qualcomm, Infineon and ST-Ericsson for major design wins in the increasingly competitive cellular base band business, according to market tracker Strategy Analytics (Milton Keynes, England). Related: Milton Keynes – Broadcom – Qualcomm – England – Buckinghamshire
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Not many managers had positive returns on average over the past 5 years. Jean-Marie Eveillard’s funds average about 4 per year. He is retiring (again). He steared First Eagle Funds for a smaller loss in 2008, good decisions with gold. This is his portfolio K1. Jean-Marie Eveillard owns 347 stocks with a total value of 7.4 billion. These are the details of the buys and sells. New …

The source is

The source is the Bank of Guayaquil in 1923, when the December 20 of that year began the activities of the Sociedad Anonima Italian Bank in Guayaquil, which was a foreign bank with initial capital of 2,000,000 sucres. Was founded nearly twenty years as a solid bank in Ecuador, until 1941, when the Second World War, and Italy became part of the Rome-Berlin Axis. Italy attempt to nationalize the bank, which operated with Italian capital and managers. Given these events, August 14 this year, is achieved through reform and change the name of the institution, to be renamed as the National Bank of Ecuador .
On September 24, 1941, a new deed is changing its name to the entity was renamed Bank of Guayaquil to the present. Following these events, several Ecuadorian capital immediately started buying all the shares. Until then the financial institution had a capital of 20,000,000 sucres.
The bank continued to increase several times their paid-up capital. In November 1982 its capital amounted to approximately 310 million sucres.
On May 9, 1984, the group of shareholders of Southern Financial SA, better known as Finansur, acquired the majority of the shares of Banco de Guayaquil. As a result, the Econ. Danilo Carrera Drouet, who then served as Chairman of the Executive Finansur was appointed as Executive Chairman of the Bank of Guayaquil Immediately, his replacement at the Executive Presidency was Finansur Guillermo Lasso Mendoza .
From these events, the new management of Banco de Guayaquil SA apply a modern approach to banking, which it acquired more sophisticated computer equipment in the market and created four divisions for the development of basic services, which include: Corporate Banking, Personal Banking, Investment Banking Division and the Visa credit card BG .
Building on recent reforms to the General Banking Act, the August 9, 1990, there is fusion between the Banco de Guayaquil SA and Southern Financial S.A. or Finansur. This creates the Banco de Guayaquil SA, which includes a paid-up capital of around 8200 million sucres.
Guillermo Lasso Mendoza, who served as Chairman of the Executive Finansur, he became the Executive Vice President, and in turn be the General Manager of the Bank of Guayaquil. In the next few years started a strong position in the domestic market as the first Multibanco of Ecuador, providing all banking and financial services through a single organization .
On March 29, 1995, the shareholders of Banco de Guayaquil SA approves signing an agreement in respect of subsidiary companies such as Guayaquil Bank, Fund Administrator BG, House Values and Many-BG Rio Guayas Insurance and Reinsurance Co. . This agreement involves the support of the operations of these companies up to the value of their assets with the bank as owner of 100 of the shares and voting in each of the subsidiaries .
In 1997 the Banco de Guayaquil was merged with Society Bank and became one of the country’s biggest banks, to date .

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Posted by Malena numerology on November 14, 2008 The numbers and their relationship with nature have always led the philosophers to get her a reason to encourage their curiosity and intelligence. Pythagoras is said to be the number of and participated in tree center a cult which practiced meditation center occult sciences. Numerology is the study of man as kabbalah string being complete, and reveals its richness and its gifts. The emphasis is on Ser. Be yourself, know our own israel – center values, our goals and our power to transcend boundaries and recognizing los angeles center the importance of inheritance as part of identity. Born in Berlin, in a family of assimilated Ashkenazi, soon joined the Zionist centre center movement is still a young student. Study in Berlin, Jena, Berne and Munich, but change of philosophy zohar to mathematics and oriental languages kabbalah bracelet in 1922 red string bracelet and presented his thesis for a doctorate: jewish mysticism a translation and commentary on the Sefer ha-Bahir (the oldest existing text cabalistic and one of the most dark and difficult). The book 72 names of god Bahir was kabbala succeeded by many other studies and publications, as a result of which the history of the Kabalah, red kabbalah misinterpreted through ignorance, prejudice by rationalist or romantic enthusiasm, was established as a discipline and more study was based on kabalah a solid philological basis.
Influenced in the kabbalah red string beginning by Martin Buber, Scholem migrated to Palestine in 1923 tree kabbalah and joined the Hebrew University of Jerusalem constituted then, acted as librarian at the University and National Library (1923-27), lecturer (since 1925) and professor Jewish mysticism and Kabalah (1933-65).
Scholem’s relationship mysticism with Zionism led him creation center to a deep cabalakabala understanding of the historical, religious and jewish kabbalah cultural life of Judaism, which is devoted study and interpretation. Acquired a complete knowledge of the Hebrew language and Jewish sources, benefiting from the friendship of Jews as major kabbalah characters Jaim Najman Bialik, S. Y. Agnon, S. Z. Rubashov and many red string others, from the traditional Judaism of eastern Europe that were in kaballah Germany before and after the First World War. Founded a school on the Jewish mystical.
Scholem received study center many honorary degrees from academic institutions and was trustee of numerous honors and awards, including the Israel Prize for Jewish Studies spiritual center (1958). Amazon In 1962 he was elected in 1968 and Vice President of the the kabbalah Academy of Sciences and Humanities of Israel. He was a consulting editor of the Encyclopaedia Judaica and a member of the Circle were.

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Black sun

The “Black Sun” meditation center similar to the design of the mosaic Wewelsburg
The sun symbol is a black who was worshiped in the Nazi religion “, In German Schwarze Sonne, also refers to Sonnenrad (German for” Solar Wheel “), symbol of esoteric and occult significance, notable for use in Nazi mysticism.
The sun is a black Esoterica symbol composed of two concentric circles. The inner circle has the form of a sun’s rays departing twelve (in the classical concept of the solar wheel representing the sun’s path through the anus). The twelve rays in their extensions, israel – center reach the outer circle, where its skew angles from a once two key symbols of zohar the Nazi mysticism: the swastika and twelve or Sig runes Sigel, the rune of victory, which represented double shaped emblem of the SS. The black sun is a symbol used today by neo-Nazi ideologies, as well as movements neopaganos.
The sun appears black in the photo was not tree center a symbol commonly used because it was linked to Nazi mysticism andalusia entering only the spiritual center beginning of the SS. This symbol appears in the form of a mosaic or ornament of dark green marble on the floor of the marble (see photo), formerly Obergruppenf study center hrersaal “(room of the generals, the place for the leaders of the SS) in the north tower of the castle of Wewelsburg, near the city of Paderborn. This mosaic can be seen from outside the room through a mysticism lattice door, it the kabbalah appears black on the lighting conditions of the site. Very talented acters and actresses worked with took on the role of Executive Producer for the feature film Burning Mussolini starring Conrad Pla cabalakabala At its origin, this mosaic had placed a gold disk at its center. Castle Wewelsburg, following its acquisition by the command of the SS, was rehabilitated and refurbished with the goal of becoming, while the control center of the SS and in the heart of a new racial religion, of which simbolos key was the los angeles center Black Sun. According to the architects who carried out the reconstruction, the goal was that the castle became the center of the world. “

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The background of the fresco painting in Tuscany of the thirteenth century, are in the evolution print art of the arts of drawing and color during the High Middle Ages in Italy. The initial seeds roman ancient that were to become a new pictorial language can be seen in the frescoes and mosaics of the church of St. Clement of Rome wall art (circa 1080), which despite a artificiality and modern art rigidity of Byzantine Art, omnipresent throughout the Italian Geneva peninsula, is the presence of the classical tradition or Paleochristian. In the same sense we can speak of the mosaics in the apse of Santa Maria in new york Transtevere (circa 1145) about the calligraphy wonderful humanity of the characters as a prelude to the styles of the thirteenth century.
The mosaics of the Basilica San Marco in Venice (siglos XI-XIV) are the largest group of Byzantine style in Italy. New york and Geneva both have the exhibit of is the world leader in ancient art Teachers led the local mosaic work that was started by Oriental craftsmen. the deep love of is the best in the area of ancient art In these mosaics was a greater freedom of composition and strong accents Paleochristian and Romans in the choice of ethnic or historical themes, very close to the daily scenes in the sculptures of the cathedrals, which overlap with the Byzantines (who are the main topics: liturgical or theological), so let the critics say that the issues in San Marcos language spoken in western Byzantine. Maniera Greca is prevailing in the Italian painting during the Duecento.
Progress towards a new pictorial language still museum art in Tuscany where the various trends in painting led to the activity of four schools associated with the cities of Lucca, Pisa, Siena and Florence, along with the city of Rome, which was always more persistent the stronghold art of the classical tradition against the Byzantine art.
Gothic architecture munca came to put down roots in Italy, where greek ancient the building of art prints the Cistercian church was contemporary art led by the Franciscans and Dominicans. The ship, premises or place as principal of the church, is characterized by a change in the proportions for the width or the return of the walls which was imposed in the Tuscan churches of Santa Maria Novella the (1278) or from Florence Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome. In the church of Santa Croce (1294) of Florence, the architect Arnolfo di Cambio basilica became the coffered ceiling, leaving the vault to a trend of gothic architecture prelude to the Renaissance.

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