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Manuel FreytasIAR Noticias15/06/09The Wall Street Journal, the most emblematic journalistic spokesman Financial imperial Zionism has just “discovered”: The massive stimulus packages launched by governments have gone to the financial markets by creating a “bubble” speculative you are doing top bags for three months, while the rest of the economy, mainly in the U.S. and Europe, […]

The temple

Model of the Sagrada Familia.When Gaudi began to direct the construction of the temple, only the crypt was built, which modify the capitals, which changed from Corinthian style to another style inspired floral motives. Gaudi project evolved from the neo-Gothic style towards natural, organic, tailored to the nature of their sources of inspiration was the […]

Children Youth

Thisse translate that you have ancient paintings not mesopotamia art got much greek sculpture to write and publish and tell. From the bottom, Madeleine Vionnet exhibition at the egyptian paintings Museum of Decorative Arts Paris.Para those not familiar with the name, is the designer who egyptian antiquities created the cutting bias, roman art an art […]