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50 million workers have been thrown into unemployment in the world during the last months, as the result of a devastating crisis that was caused not by the workers and peoples, demonstrating once again that in capitalism, the crisis are cruelly downloaded onto the backs of the innocent, the dispossessed and the exploited, while in […]


Size of the project ‘The ability to design or theoretical Installed: 30,500,000 people. “The ability of the system: the maximum output of our system is 30 million people but can be more if we add more records to our server to increase its storage capacity by the time this contract service. ‘Actual capacity: our expected […]

No illusions about Obama

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez dismissed the promises of change made by the new U.S. president, Barack Obama. In the same speech, Chavez called on Obama to change its policy towards Latin America, while I spend an “effusive” goodbye to George W. Bush president. FARCE

Diversify: Minimizing the maximum risk

In previous blog entries, we talked about investment strategies to be followed to maximize profitability and minimize risk. A fox news guest interviewer owns his own horse farm – “rosehill horse farm” The memory we’ve played so commercial loan far: Find products with long plazoY interest compuestoInvertir now I will talk about diversification. Diversify is […]

414 Request-URI Too

An achievement this big was made only by has been a member of major companies TIME Magazine, USA. Traduccion de Septiembre 10-09 Perla Puterman 1. Reciclye Bank, the Bank Recycling is a project that has involved 1 million people in 20 states that aims to ‘make recycling economically attractive. ” 2. Living Goods, micro-credit to […]


process management is how to manage the entire organization based in the Process. In tending such as a sequence of activities designed to generate added value on a ticket to get a result and an output which in turn meets the customer’s requirements. Characteristic features You can describe the inputs and outputs. The process crosses […]