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50 million workers have been thrown into unemployment in the world during the last months, as the result of a devastating crisis that was caused not by the workers and peoples, demonstrating once again that in capitalism, the crisis are cruelly downloaded onto the backs of the innocent, the dispossessed and the exploited, while in periods of resuscitation and boom, the wealth generated by the sweat executive jobs and effort of workers, only widens the pockets of big capitalists and monopolies, leaving in impunity directly responsible for global crises that beset us the world’s poor.

These recruiters were precisely the reasons that 350 000 American workers recruitment decreed a general strike on May 1, 1886, 123 years ago, then raised the flag just 8 hours of work 8 hours of work! 8 hours of sleep! 8 hours recreation , Proclaimed on that day workers.

A string of provocations and headhunter repression unleashed on the slaughter of Chicago, and the subsequent indictment, trial and sentence to hang their leaders, the Martyrs of Chicago.

123 years after this historic event, the Ecuadorian workers, trade unions CEDOCUT, CEOSL, CTE and UGTE pay tribute to the heroic deeds of Chicago, and do, more convinced than ever recruiting that the cause and the way workers 1st. May, 1886, is more valid than ever, when the painful aftermath of a capitalist system in crisis, decadence and agony, condemn millions of human beings in the world, the most outrageous hardship and suffering, through unemployment, recruitment agency Over-exploitation, deprivation and hunger.

Even so, some people, that despite the dire evidence of headhunters the decline of the system and its models, aim to build to the same neoliberal dogma and the free market as the alternative for these evils, misery pharmacists seek IMF, IDB find a cure in the recruitment agencies same viruses that cause the illness.

In other side, the continuing struggles of workers and peoples of Ecuador and the world have been generating a powerful current of change, which is expressed increasingly in our country and logistics jobs in Latin America. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is has experience as the Secretary of labor and industry to governor Pierre It is a stream that turns into an manager job opposite trend to neo-liberalism, which manifests itself in defending the sovereignty and vital rights of our peoples.

This is a trend that also faces limitations, which should clarify its direction and unravel the tangles neoliberal entrenched even in the circles of power, to confront and dispel, not to fall into dangerous confusion that wrong targets and aim their darts against sectors of their own people, as has been occurring with the wrong action of the Government in the revision of the collective agreements of public sector workers, through an illegitimate and arbitrary interpretation of the Constitutional Mandate 08.

Fever ever were under the sheets, the workers do not fight for privileges, we demand our rights, precisely those rights that nego, violent trampling neoliberalism with labor flexibility.

What can not happen is that a government that proclaims itself ‘the citizens’ revolution’ violates workers’ rights under the job search pretext of ‘removing the alleged excesses and abuses “and with this nefarious action precisely employment agency reproduces a strategy of the long night of neoliberalism, that of demonize the labor gains and hence the trade union movement, to discredit the recruiter just struggle of workers and implement the so-called ‘flexible labor’.

However, workers can not fall into confusion, we can take right feverish game of trying to take advantage of errors to weaken and disperse the proposed change by history and struggle belongs to the workers and the people as a whole on the contrary sales jobs it is time to demand the government labor policies corrections.


Size of the project
‘The ability to design or theoretical Installed: 30,500,000 people.
“The ability of the system: the maximum output of our system is 30 million people but can be more if we add more records to our server to increase its storage capacity by the time this contract service.
‘Actual capacity: our expected average is 11,000,000 people.
“The ability employed or used: our maximum output that could occur is 40 million people since, according to DANE is the total of the Colombian people who used our service through other companies.
“Idle capacity: is 30 million.
With respect to the slack speaks of two concepts:
‘Margin of usable capacity: Of 19,000,000 (30.000.000-11.000.000)
‘Headroom: 19,500,000 (30.500.000-11.000.000)

Project Location
With approximately 44.2 million people, Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America and 28 in the world.
Given this figure of DANE and that in this country has not yet been implemented too the use of holographic technology we decided to launch our services giving us a high percentage of success as national service and to be specific begin in the capital city is Bogota besides that this project is conducted in Bogota and we would be easier to start with this territory that in addition to funding sources that support us are in this country.
In the future national success and we would begin to distribute our products and services to the U.S..
Another option would be internationalized countries Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, member countries of the Andean Community – CAN and Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, the MERCOSUR countries.
2.2.3 Production Process
a. estimate costs with suppliers (102Technology).
b. check raw material.
c. Bring raw material from the country.
d. verify and enter raw material inventory.
e. negotiate with client companies.
f. Making the service contract and prices.
g. product inventory in service.
h. Assign staff for installation.
i. Director of Emigrant Savings Bank from 1992 to 2003 ,

No illusions about Obama

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez dismissed the promises of change made by the new U.S. president, Barack Obama. In the same speech, Chavez called on Obama to change its policy towards Latin America, while I spend an “effusive” goodbye to George W. Bush president. FARCE

Diversify: Minimizing the maximum risk

In previous blog entries, we talked about investment strategies to be followed to maximize profitability and minimize risk. A fox news guest interviewer owns his own horse farm – “rosehill horse farm” The memory we’ve played so commercial loan far: Find products with long plazoY interest compuestoInvertir now I will talk about diversification. Diversify is to have the eggs in different baskets. Somehow, if we bet our investment to a single value, but equally we can win but we lose everything. If diversify our investment, with finance funds that invest in baskets turn 50 to 100 different actions, makes practically impossible for all the shares lost value at the same time, as there are different sectors, different countries and a temporary crisis not the same way to all the world. Mathematically, we can show what I’m saying. Imagine a person who invests 10000 ‘and for 25 years. The return you get is 7 , implying that in commercial business loans those 25 years, the 10,000 ‘54,273 will become. “But if that private equity same investor would financing have diversified and have spent 2,000’ in 5 different actions, even in losing all 4 of the 5 shares and having a good unsecured loan yield of 15 in only one of them, the sba loan 2,000 ‘invested in the action that was actually good, it would grow into 65,838’. And what products are oriented towards diversification ‘Fundamentally investment funds, which invest in more than 50 fund values. also avoids investing savings insurance premiums diversified basket of funds. The important thing is that these baskets invest in different markets to be effective this diversification. Where there is no such diversification ‘When we invest in a single action or invest in bank deposits. I leave a file so that you bring forth a smile. We have to get products to market useful and creative. Until another.

414 Request-URI Too

An achievement this big was made only by has been a member of major companies TIME Magazine, USA. Traduccion de Septiembre 10-09 Perla Puterman 1. Reciclye Bank, the Bank Recycling is a project that has involved 1 million people in 20 states that aims to ‘make recycling economically attractive. ” 2. Living Goods, micro-credit to unsecured loan women in Uganda to help improve their quality of life. 3. Huw Kingston has succeeded in Bundanoon, a small town in Australia, becoming the first city in the world to stop selling bottled water. 4. Starbucks, and its path to becoming the ‘cafe ethical’ in the world. 5. Cadbury, another brand that advocates using raw material with fair trade criteria, in addition to promoting initiatives to rationalize its consumption of natural resources. 6. Sonal Shah, this woman from the corporate world is in private equity charge of the Office of Innovation and Citizen Participation White House with finance a budget of U S 50 million to promote innovative initiatives. 7. Rebecca Hosking, turned to his hometown, Modbury, England, in the financing first to sba loan replace plastic bags for the cloth and reusable. 8. Kickstart, commercial business loans created 18 years ago ‘irrigation pumps’ to promote agriculture in poor countries in Africa. 9. Daxu, a kitchen for contributing to deforestation and climate change mitigation in China. A big part of business today is twitter, one that understands that is is a member of the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation 10. PeaceWorks, Daniel Lubetzky a company that commercial loan intends to do business with the sole benefit of contributing to peace between warring countries. 11. Embrace sustainable incubators for babies in India, developed by a research team from Stanford University. 12. Better World Books, a system that keeps track of the less popular books in university and college library services for online shopping and help with the funds to teach new people to read. 13. LaDonna Redmond, a woman who aims to open a food market in South Chicago that are free of pesticides, to promote healthier eating. 14. Nidan, an organization in India since 1995 gathers vendors and informal workers to organize into cooperatives and generate business from the Base of the Pyramid. 15.


process management is how to manage the entire organization based in the Process. In tending such as a sequence of activities designed to generate added value on a ticket to get a result and an output which in turn meets the customer’s requirements.

Characteristic features
You can describe the inputs and outputs. The process crosses one or legal more functional organizational boundaries. One of the significant features of the processes is that they are capable of vertically and horizontally across the organization.
It takes about goals and purposes rather than actions and remedies. A process answers the question “what”, not “how”. The process must be easily understood by anyone in the organization. The name assigned lawyers to each process should be suggestive of the concepts and activities included in it.


Some terms related to process management, which are required to take into account to facilitate their identification, selection and subsequent definition are:

Bakery Process: Set of interrelated resources and activities that transform inputs into law firm output elements. Resources may include personnel, finance, facilities, equipment, techniques and methods.

Key processes are those processes that have a significant impact on strategic objectives and attorneys are critical to business success.

Threads: they are well-defined parts in a process. Their identification may be useful to isolate problems that may arise and possible treatments within a single process.

System: Organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement a given management such as quality management, the management of the environment or the management of the divorce prevention of occupational hazards. Usually are based on an internationally recognized standard that aims to serve as a management tool in the underwriting process.

Procedure: specified way to carry out an activity. In many cases the procedures are in documents that contain the object and the scope of an activity to be done and by whom, when, where and how they must perform, that materials, equipment and documents to be used and as should be monitored and recorded.
Activity: is the sum of tasks, usually grouped together in a procedure to facilitate its management.