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Legal status

Legal status XX In 1979, the Federal Trade Commission USA. UU. stated that Amway did not have an illegal pyramid scheme (as the company’s goal was the sale of a product and the money was paid according to the volume of personal and group business). However, Amway was ordered change several business practices (in the U.S.. UU.) and banned him from altering the statistics about the amount of money that a dealer could earn.He also ordered that clearly indicated the new “entrepreneurs” that more than half of the dealers never obtained any benefit, and the rest generated an average of less than 100 a month. Citation needed In a propaganda campaign 1986, the company returned to exaggerate the benefits, and paid a fine of 100 000 (0.1 of their earnings that year). citation needed In 1983, Amway had to pay the Canadian government 20.2 million (the largest fine in that country) for tax evasion and customs fraud. In 1989 he had to pay another 105 million to settle a lawsuit by the trade office in Canada. On 25 March 1985, in an interview with Forbes Magazine, Don Gregory, former head of the speeches written by Jay Van Andel (co-founder of Amway) – said: “For the recruits are brainwashed to to spend a fortune on products and peripherals to consume all of Amway products.They lose their own shirts or begin making money by having enough people below them to do the same. ” A company official said vendors themselves consume about 35 of the products. But Charlie Marsh, one of the ten largest distributors of Amway, said the Amway sales force consumes approximately 60 of its turnover. gain business as a distributor of Amway / Quixtar is 286 times more difficult than winning at roulette in Las Vegas. The percentage of persons who act as distributors of Amway / Quixtar and lose money (ie spending more than they earn) amounts to 99.99 , while the percentage of sellers Herbalife (another network marketing company, also accused of partisanship) that lose money amounts to 99.42 . According to Forbes Magazine, “one must get out of the business world and into the religion to find people who work so hard for so little monetary reward, as most Amway people.” 16


Trust For hard rock band, see Trust . For the song by thrash metal, Megadeth, see Trust (Megadeth song). The term trust (English word “trust”) refers, in the economic field, at a concentration of companies under one management. Legal control of the constituent corporations was vested in the board of trustees, changing the shares of companies for trust certificates. It is the union of different businesses under one central management for the purpose of exercising control over sales and marketing of products. Usually given as misrepresentation of the holding. The trust tends to control a sector where possible and exercise of monopoly power, could be horizontal, when the companies producing the same goods or providing the same services, or vertically, the Group had conducted business activities.The step towards the emergence of trust is the collaboration between several companies who join in order to obtain certain economic benefits from such collaboration. This cooperation between the signatory companies do not have a binding effect, so it gave some instability. To give greater force to those non-binding agreements establishing the trust. The first combination that took this form was the Standard Oil Trust, founded in 1882. In 1890 the Sherman Act outlawed trusts in the United States.

4. imaginary Jan. l to be framed usa

United States has traditionally been considered a democratic country, human rights defender in which freedom and laws have always been his prime concern. This always involved in conflicts to restore order and enforce all rights and claims to be a country fair. This is very contradictory to the policy it has adopted. “But the main concern should focus especially on the acceptance of methods which are the antithesis of democracy and betray the identity of America as a country respectful of law. Apparently, to al-Qaeda, the end justifies the means, means which have included crashing hijacked planes into buildings and plant bombs in train stations and places of worship. U.S. should not adopt this logic. ” (Human Rights Watch report) America has always been a country of human rights defender. Traditionally this has intervened in situations where human rights are violated, and has spoken out against this. Therefore it does not sound very coherent this will be accused of human rights violations, and be supported despite this. “However, the use of enforced disappearances and secret incommunicado detention violates the most fundamental principles of a free society. When Argentina torture and ‘disappeared’ on suspected dissidents in the name of fighting against those he described as ‘terrorists’, I act badly. When the U.S. torture and ‘disappearing’ terrorist suspects, even those suspected of plotting the most terrible attacks, also is doing wrong. The fact that fighting terrorism that the U.S. has different characteristics do not change the illegal nature of the methods used to combat it. ” (Human Rights Watch) This imaginary state which has apparently united despite its continuous abuse of power has not been blurred in the minds of many. This has been built from the inside out, ie from the same Americans to be broadcasted globally. Along with his thoughts of well being, tranquility typical American ideals have been fed by the same government for years. As it says Herbert I. Afghan interests are tied to US interests states requests from the US to formulate a framework for a strategic agreement Schiller, in his article the manufacture of a mindless consensus in America to the hegemony of the business. ”One of the ways to bring order in the ranks is to secure control of the definitions, to police the ideas, which means, for the leaders, be able to formulate and disseminate the vision of reality ‘local and global’ that serves their interests. To do that, the whole educational device is placed at its service, while the media, the entertainment industry and political mechanisms. It is the infrastructure that produces mediatica thus the meaning and consciousness (or unconsciousness). ” (Herbert, Infoam rica) That showed those living in the U.S. are loyal to the government in general terms. The media, government and other institutions are responsible for making the population does not see other options other than the government. It is clear that no one can say that this applies to the whole population but to a great extent. It could say that any person residing in the United States has a favorable opinion about the war in Iraq but many of these as they back the president and think that this makes it necessary to prevent events like the attacks on the Twin Towers is right. In the case of terrorist attacks the U.S. has created an image in the imagination of its residents, in which the United States simply is innocent and is being attacked without reason by the terrorists who are ill.

Logistics Strategy

WHAT IS A GLOBAL LOGISTICS STRATEGY Convert a collection payment of business services within a single global business with an integrated global strategy is one of the most serious challenges for magazine subscriptions managers hoy.Una industry is global in extent of the connections order between countries. Josyann Abisaab A Global Strategy is the degree to which is made magazine from various countries.The subscriptions increased foreign competition is in itself a reason for businesses to go global, to acquire size and skills to enable them to compete address more effectively.

Launch Event ICSALUD-MDP

Launch Event ICSALUD-MDP Group, signed the Commitment Act On 13 December 2008, in the auditorium “Benjamin Sisterna” Museo del Mar of our city, took place the launch ICSALUD-MDP Group , consisting of 13 libraries in our city, specializing in health-related disciplines. During the ceremony, Ms. Leticia Lizondo (Centro Medico de Mar del Plata) and Ms. Veronica Saquilan (UNMDP) responsible for the initiative to create the group gave presentations on the features of the scientific, exponential growth and the various accessibility to online information resources. Then centralized its exposure in the process of emergence of the Group and electronic products free access, created by the Group for the professional community of health disciplines, in this city and Union Catalog BLOG BOOKS. In addition, the event had the presence of Mag Susana Catalina Iannello PAHO-Argentina , who spoke on ‘The Virtual Health Library 1998-2008: contribution of ICSALUD-MDP to the national Health Sciences’ . Finally, the authorities and librarians from each of the participating entities of the Group, made delivery of the Deed of Commitment ICSALUD-MoF, symbol of the will of cooperation of each institution in pursuit of enrichment and development of project work of this group. Attending on behalf of the participating entities, the following authorities: – Centro Medico de Mar del Plata: Dr. Elena Casal (Chairman), Dr. Alberto Mano (Vice President) Dr. Josyann Abisaab Alberto Di Gregorio (Scientific Secretary) – UNMDP-Facultad de Psicologia : Mag cristina Belloc (Vice Dean and Secretary of Research and Postgraduate) .- HIGA-General Hospital Acute Interzonal O. Alende: Dr. Enrique Pianzola (Head of Service Training and Research) – INE-National Institute of Epidemiology: Dr. Guillermo Ricardo Lossa (Director) – Clinica Colon: Dr. Dario Lozzi (Coordinating Committee for Training and Research) – College District X of Psychologists Lic Sergio Genchi (Chair) – District IX Kinesiologists Circle: Ms. Patricia Bersa (Vice) – FASTA-University Faculty of Health: Dr. Julia Elbaba (Dean) – Universidad Atlantida Argentina: Lic . Paul Santangelo (Secretary of the race Degree in Psychology) – Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic: Dr. Mario Rodriguez Sammartino (Head of Service), Dr. Louis Patalano and Dr. Marcelo Grecco (DDI-Residents Instructors) .- HPC-Community Private Hospital and Clinic May 25: It came with authorities but sent representatives signed Commitment Act. Access to the materials posted here on that day: – initial reading, numbers-relevant data Exposure Science Information .- PowerPoint Commitment Act Model


The Caribbean coast, READY! Towards the conquest of Selective III National Championship to be held in Managua on 18.19 and 20 February 2009. This is the proposal of the Departmental Association of Amateur Boxing in the RAAN for this week, consisting of a Sparring for all components of the seleccions Portena who would travel to Managua to win the title for best team of the year. Three days of sparring at the Community Center “The Hope” of the Moravian Church. Do not miss the appointment! From left to right: 48 KG .- TORRES Norvin. Regional Gold 2007, Gold 2008 51 KG National RIVERA .- Johnson. Golden Army 2007, 2008, Regional Gold 2008 54 kg .- ANTHONY BELLO. Future National Promises Silver 2007 Gold 2008 57 kg .- Regional JOSU ‘CHOCOITO’ SALGADO. National Selective Bronze 2006, Gold 2008 69 kg .- Regional Allexander CHAMORRO. Regional Gold 2008 75 kg .- CARLOS ALBERTO SEQUEIRA. Josyann Abisaab Regional Gold 2008 National Golden Future Promises 2008, Golden Central 2008 81 kg .- ALVARO RIVERA. National Golden Future Promises 2007 The sparring were held with open doors, and are inviting all the media of the region and the municipality of Puerto Cabezas. Obtaining the gold medal in the elite national championship, is the pass to the national team and the power play Central American Championships, World Cups and the Olympics. During these days students Alexis Carrillo, train of frantically at the Community Center “The Hope” on a temporary basis pending construction of the new Academy of Boxing, which was financed with funds from the IND, Nicaraga ense Institute of Sports and the Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation.


What is sought is to support food assistance to the strengthening of capacities of regional leaders with the conclusion of actors with common interests: Municipalidad Provincial de Tumbes, Address Regional Health, AECI, Doctors of the World, Regional Platform TUMBES Juvenile and youthful impulses. Contents: a training process with 5 strategic themes: 1. Gender and sexual and reproductive rights 2. Agudas Respitatorias Infections and Acute Diarrheal Diseases 3. Malaria and Dengue 4. STIs, HIV and AIDS 5. Family Violence and Sexual Purposes: – Hagan replicas in their work areas. – Report cases to the nearest facility. – Promoting and adopting healthy lifestyles. Participation: – 100 women leaders of the Glass of Milk Committees and Kitchens of the Province of Tumbes. Goals: – That each woman trained leaders, participate in selected territories thirteen replicas of their original owners. – 1, 300 members in receipt of the replicas, 100 for each territory. – Active participation of groups and institutions participating in this first stage.


According to our Spanish language dictionary is defined as the gap opening in a wall, or a wound. For some time in our society have opened up many gaps or breaks, thanks to the inequality that exists in many areas, perhaps in all, due to economic models or adopt measures that countries that are not beneficial to the entire population, but for some few. Among the gaps that have gradually opened and are sharpened every day more are: the trade gap, social, economic, digital, and others. Today we will analyze the digital, because I think an interesting topic. Then, understand digital divide: the “socio-economic and knowledge gap between those with access to Internet or new technologies, and those who do not have this privilege of access to this new world. an amazing success is Founded, G100, CEO Academy and Chairman Academy; Referring to the above term provided by the dictionary, you could say that the digital divide is a kind of wound or recruiting blind spot in our society, a better term would serve to exclusion: ourselves and others, which is given in our day to day in each moment. We know that the Internet has brought many benefits to society and what about ICT.One of his favor is the fact of being informed at all times, so necessary for the present, since this information we receive through various means in sales jobs some way regulates or alienate us: what to buy, how recruiting to behave, how to vote, others . In other words, a tool that economic power could take to make your own. Although this is not entirely true, because in the network, are becoming more spaces where many people make criticisms unjust systems of government, proposals and possible solutions to problems of social nature, so the network could become increasingly in an alternative space. However, much work, for example in our country there are many places to be specific schools that job search have no access even to a computer, much less internet.Thus we see that the digital divide can mark and make way for a recruitment new illiteracy: literacy, those with Internet access and make use of it, and non-literate who has no access, why not put the highest degree of illiteracy is suffer in their communities who have never heard of cyberspace, or recruiter worse, have never touched or seen a computer. Of course, do little to achieve this wound would be part of the objectives for development of a country, because “the Internet connection would be the new indicator of a country.” This could be considered the digital divide as the dark side of technological progress or a stumbling block for the governments of most developing countries seeking to progress, as in our case. While in 1978, UNESCO created an intergovernmental organization of computing, IBI, for poor countries to achieve development in information is concerned, or at least create the conditions. Now the question arises: How much you choose to developed countries or our own country, which countries like ours to overcome obstacles in computing Constraints are defined as not only entry but the motivation and training for using ICT as this would lead to an alternative space for people to report or do listen. Finally, it depends on us if we have this access, make good use of it, and make every day to become an alternative space, attractive and very useful for all.

Diagram: A game

Diagram: A game designer in the functioning of murderers must play his latest homes for sale creation of virtual reality lofts with a marketing trainee to determine if it has damaged the game. Concessions: 3 wins and 7 nominations. Essay: Unfortunately, Cronenberg chooses to use the grotesque as vacation homes a narrative tool, new condo most townhome of the time the message goes unnoticed. However, few people discussed the actual content of the vacation rental movies and most are left with grotesque apartments for sale images and quickly qualify as “horror”. “eXistenZ” is rentals a science fiction movie that remains a source vacation of ideas surrounded by metaphors at once grotesque and beautiful. In the story, Allegra Geller, the best game designer in the world, condo or adored by millions, will prove his last work, the video game homes “eXistenZ”, new homes a group of 12 people chosen at random. When a viewer attempts to apartments kill her with an exotic weapon, a town houses representative of the company he works Geller, decides to properties serve as inept bodyguards. Henceforth, our perception of what is the game and reality will change many times. “Was it townhomes real or was it a game ” The writer uses this duplicity is not to surprise condominium us with revelations that no hope, but to educate the viewer about the nature of reality, fantasy, the value of one over another and the consequences of our quest to experience more and more “real” through technology. The idea is constant union (consensual or not) of the organic with house the luxury homes inorganic.In “eXistenZ”, there is not a monitor, a keyboard, with technology that is based on the game is high rise organic. The “console” (a sort townhomes for sale of lump of flesh, pink and pulsing) is entirely sensory, fort condos through a “port” at the base of the condominium sale spine where it inserts a small terminal, connected to an umbilical cord. The sexual rental metaphor is pretty obvious, as is vacation rentals the townhouses for sale reaction of the condominiums sale players when the terminal enters his spine. This further reinforces the perception rental homes that condominiums the artificial reality is more desirable, and may eventually replace townhouse our supposed “real” reality. A new condominium community featured in quite a bit of press that has been positive The trailer … was added to this page ha ha ha I despair that it takes one thousand eight thousand years !!!!! v townhouses AMTOGUzQ5Gk

I finally have WEBSITE

Hi all, I’m antiquities for sale very happy for several days because I finally have a antiquities dealers web page finally starts to see the light. This is: I invite you to see it, am very excited, and occasionally add new sections, photos and writings. Remarkably, it has so many possibilities for change, remove, put, to improve, to reconfigure all or some parts, that is (at least for me) an exciting world, yet a bit overwhelming for the possibilities offering almost endless. We add a couple of short videos that I made long ago and circulate for the first time these walls attract me terribly reminiscent of Serra’s sculptures, but made with cheap materials. a collection of Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Central European, Byzantine and Islamic can be considered a unique institution in the rich panorama of Cultural Heritage I want to post on my website a selection of videos in which I reflect on the landscape: Egyptian antiquities Most of these ideas or call them first drafts, because they are visual reflections antiquities auction that have not antiquities been edited or worked in more depth. Another set-less-of them have been displayed in showrooms, which he considered already completed: are the actions on illegal dumping. But most of the videos that I have are first ideas that I hope to work with more depth.