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Fossil fuels Main

Fossil fuels Main article: Fossil fuel Most electricity today is generated by burning fossil fuels. This results in high temperatures, which move some kind of heat engine, often a steam turbine. Such systems allow electricity to be generated where needed, as the fossil fuel can be transported quickly. Also take advantage of the vast infrastructure […]

Alternative energy biomass

Alternative energy biomass in all these processes is necessary to analyze some characteristics that you judge whether the fuel obtained can be considered a renewable source of energy: Emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide). In general, the use of biomass or their derivatives can be considered neutral in terms of net emissions if only used in […]

Concept and objective

The medical oncologist is the specialist treating the cancer patient. Its aim is the care of the patient from diagnosis, including treatment and follow-up until healing or during terminal illness. Attend the pathology associated with tumor disease, and treatment complications. Collaborates actively in the emotional, social and psychological development of patients and their families. It […]

Medical informatics in

Medical informatics in the U.S. The first use of computing for dental medicine for projects in the 1950s in the United States National Bureau of Standards by Robert Ledley. The next step in the mid 1950s were the development of expert systems such as MYCIN and INTERNIST-I. In 1965, the National Library of Medicine started […]

The Brahma Kumaris

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University was created in 1936 by Dada Lekhraj, a person who dedicated the diamond business. It was a deeply spiritual person and heavily accented towards spiritual values. In that year he was sixty years old when he started having some remarkable experiences about the identity of being, the soul. These […]

The First Post

As you can tell, I have a little too much time on my hands, or may be it’s just that I love technology and feel like I have to use it for everything. Which ever the reason and however deep or shallow my thoughts, I aim to share them. I’ve been a Realtor for 6 […]

Lock Mount Scopus

Lock Mount Scopus In 1948, after the Partition Plan of the United Nations and the anticipation of the declaration of independence of Israel, Jerusalem was blocked by the Arabs, therefore also access to Hadassah Hospital and the University campus Hebrew on Mount Scopus. The only access was through a narrow road, a mile long. At […]

Nuclear medicine DICOM

Nuclear medicine DICOM image format DICOM DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) is the globally recognized standard for exchanging medical images, designed for handling, storage, printing and transmission of medical images. Includes defining a file format and a network communication protocol. The communication protocol is an application protocol that uses TCP / IP to […]

His real name

His real name was George Ranft, according to the 1910 census, born in New York, with his wife Eva Glockner and Conrad Ranft. Initially interested in dancing as a young man showed great aptitude for it, and this combined with his sense of elegance, enabled him to act as a dancer in some of the […]

Water resources

Water resources In the Azores, the water needs for urban uses are the most significant, representing about 56 of total requirements, followed by industry and agriculture, with a weight of 20 . Tourism, energy and the remaining uses are an insignificant value, around 3 . Groundwater is the main freshwater source, satisfying more than 97 […]