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Properties A perfect sanitizer is offering a good sterilization, without harming other life forms, must be cheap, and not corrosive. Unfortunately, the ideal sanitizers or disinfectants do not exist. Most disinfectants are also, by their very nature, potentially harmful (even toxic) to humans or animals. They should be treated with proper care. Most come with safety instructions printed on the package, which should be read in its entirety before using the reagent. Most materials contain bactericidal power Bitrex, a bitter substance designed to discourage ingestion, as an added security measure. Those who are used indoors should not be mixed with other cleaning products because they may occur secondary chemical reactions. They are frequently used in hospitals, dental clinics, kitchens and bathrooms, in industries of food industry, etc, to kill infectious organisms.The choice of the sanitizing solution to be used depends on the particular situation. Cinergy Health Some have a wide spectrum (kill nearly all microorganisms), while others kill a smaller field of disease-causing organisms but are preferred for their other properties (such as being corrosive or toxic or low cost). Sterilization by sunlight (ultraviolet) is useful but not always feasible. Despite the reliance on chemicals, basic hygiene products germicides or disinfectants, both in industry and at home, is increasing because it ensures cleanliness in the production of products, a pillar of food safety to prevent the rapid growth of bacterial colonies and control of diseases caused by germs that are hosted in any place where there are favorable conditions for reproduction. Alcohol, an effective sanitizer and antiseptic.

Food safety

The food security of the GMS has been one of the most studied in the past 25 years, so that the following international agencies have concluded that MSG is safe for human consumption: “U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1958, “National Academy of Sciences in 1979, The World Health Organization in 1988, the Scientific Committee for Food Security of the European Community in 1991, the American Medical Association in 1992 and” Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) in 1995. The lethal dose 50 of GMS is 15 to 18 g / kg orally, six times lower than that of common salt (NaCl) which is 3 g / kg. Unable to prove scientifically that glutamate produce harmful effects to human health in the long term. According to the American College of Allergy “glutamate is not an allergen. No amino acid itself can act as epitope inducing an immune response.But it is possible that certain individuals suffer intolerance when taken alone, just as there are intolerances with other ingredients. Despite the anecdotal letter that Dr. Kwok sent the New England Journal of Medicine in 1968 defined the Chinese restaurant syndrome, there was no evidence to show that MSG was responsible for these symptoms. In fact, in the same letter referred to various ingredients of Chinese food as possible perpetrators. Automatically Chinese restaurant syndrome was attributed to MSG and none of the other ingredients were evaluated. To add confusion, over the years the symptoms became more frequent. When an expert committee on Food Additives of the World Health Organization (JECFA) reviewed all studies in which they were symptoms associated with MSG, concluded that MSG was not the causative agent of syndrome Chinese restaurant.FASEB attempted to assess more fully the adverse effects of the GMS by a double-blind placebo controlled trial. But in each phase the subjects who participated in the study also described different symptoms manifesting symptoms with placebo. Only with the higher dose of 5 g of MSG on an empty stomach but some showed symptoms were not consistent with the symptoms of consecutive phases of the study. At the end of the study, none of the self-called sensitive to MSG responded to the criterion of sensitivity to MSG that the panel had proposed FASEB. It has been scientifically proven, after thirty years of research, the monosodium glutamate used in small quantities poses no risk to the consumer. Cinergy Health It can affect the brain since more than 95 of glutamate consumed in the diet is used by the intestine as an energy source , and it can not cross the blood brain barrier.May induce even greater food intake but highlight the flavor, which is not directly linked to obesity as popularly believed. The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), the World Health Organization and the Scientific Commission of the European Union approved the use of glutamate as a food ingredient and considered it fit for human consumption. To discuss more closely the scientific controversy about glutamate, a study recently suggested that the massive consumption of monosodium glutamate in rats produces retinal damage associated with glaucoma citation needed . Similarly, research conducted at the University Complutense of Madrid by Jes s Fern ndez-Tresguerres citation needed , director of the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, suggest that the intake of foods containing large amounts of MSG awakens a hunger anxious to the extent that it increases the voracity in rats studied at 40 .The problem with these studies is that they use such exaggerated amounts of glutamate that their findings have limited application in assessing the actual effects of glutamate in normalconsumption. In the second study, for example, fortified the diet of rats with 2.5 or 5 g (10 to 20 ) of glutamate increases both when a single nutrient reduce others committing the same balance. To demonstrate how this amount is excessive (0.8 to 1.5 of body weight), 2.5 and 5 g in 320 g rat would correspond to an intake of 540 g to 1 kg of glutamate in a 70 kg in normal conditions eat at most 10 g. At normal levels, a substantial number of publications guarantee how safe is the consumption of glutamate as we find in food. You can only have adverse effects when taken alone and in mass quantities. The free glutamate, non-associated protein, produces a pleasant, tasty, to 0.5 , the usual amount in soups and broths.

I love the

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Growth and endocrine

Growth and endocrine disease People with CF often have malformations and enlarged the fingernails (clubbing or clubbing) The pancreas contains the islets of Langerhans, which are responsible for producing insulin, a hormone that helps regulate levels blood glucose. Damage to the pancreas may lead to loss of islet cells and lead to diabetes. Moreover, vitamin D supplemented by the diet is implicated in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus. The low availability of it, due to malabsorption, leads to osteoporosis, increasing the risk of fractures. Additionally, people with CF often present in the hands and feet, a deformity called Clubbed fingers , which is due to the effects of the chronic hypoxia and in your bones. The growth retardation is a hallmark of this disease.Children with CF are unable, usually gain weight and height at rates comparable to those of their peers, often only receive a proper diagnosis when investigating the causes of this phenomenon. The determinants of growth retardation are multifactorial and include chronic lung infection, malabsorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, and increased metabolic demand associated with the chronic condition. Diagnosis EmO locus in red indicates the gene responsible for cystic fibrosis can be diagnosed by newborn screening, sweat electrolyte test, or genetic testing. As of 2006, in the United States, ten percent of cases are detected soon after birth as part of newborn screening programs that identify high levels of the enzyme trypsin. However, in most countries these tests are not performed routinely.For this reason, it is common for those affected receive proper diagnosis only after forcing an evaluation of symptoms for this disease. The most commonly used diagnostic test is the sweat test, described by Lewis E. Robert E. Gibson Cooke in 1959 using quantitative electrophoresis (iontophoresis) with a stimulant drug sweating (pilocarpine). This substance, which has positive charge, applied to a positive electrode ( ), in contact with skin. Cinergy Health Then, by passing an electric current, the drug migrates through the integument to another electrode of opposite charge (-) located at some distance, to cross the epidermis, resulting in stimulation of the sweat glands causing sweating under control. Sweat samples are then collected on filter paper or in a capillary tube and are analyzed, determining the concentrations of sodium and chloride. People with CF have higher levels of these ions in sweat.Once the sweat test has been positive, it makes a detailed and accurate diagnosis, by identifying mutations in the CFTR gene. There are various tests to identify possible complications and monitoring the progress of the disease. The images obtained by X-ray and CT facilitates the detection of signs of injury or infection in the lungs. A sputum culture was examined by microscope, provides information about which bacteria are responsible, and can choose the most effective antibiotics. Pulmonary function tests measure lung capacity, lung volumes and the speed with which they may be mobilized (air flow). Through such tests, it is possible to determine whether it is appropriate antibiotic treatment or to evaluate the response to it. Blood tests can identify liver problems, vitamin deficiencies, and reveal the emergence of diabetes.DEXA or DXA devices (English for “X-ray absorptiometry Dual energy), are used as evidence for the presence of osteoporosis. Finally, the quantification of fecal elastase, facilitates the detection of insufficient digestive enzymes.


Bluetooth v.1.1: in 1994, Ericsson launched a study to investigate the feasibility of a new low-cost interface for interconnecting consumer radio (thus removing cables) between devices such as mobile phones and other accessories. The study was based on a larger project investigating a multicomunicadores connected to a cellular network, until it reached a binding short-range radio, called MC link. As the project progressed it became clear that this type of link could be widely used in many applications because it had as its main virtue was based on a radio chip. Bluetooth v.1.2: Unlike 1.1, provides a wireless solution to co-exist complementary Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, without interference between them. Version 1.2 uses the technique “Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH), which runs a transmission more efficient and stronger encryption.To improve the experiences of users, V1.2 offers a quality of voice (Voice Quality – Enhanced Voice Processing) with less noise and provides faster setup communication with other Bluetooth devices within range of the scope, such as PDAs, HIDs (Human Interface Devices), laptops, desktop computers, headsets, printers and cell phones. Bluetooth v.2.0: a specification created to be separate, mainly incorporates art “Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) which can improve transmission speeds up to 3Mbps while trying to solve some errors in the 1.2 specification. Bluetooth v.2.1: simplifies the steps to create the connection between devices, as well as power consumption is 5 times smaller. Bluetooth v3.0 (mid 2009) significantly increases the speed of transfer. The idea is that the new Bluetooth work with WiFi, so it is possible to achieve higher speeds on smartphones.


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Registrations are open for part of E D

are invited to be part of a National Network of Medical Students by APEMH in conjunction with the Red Cross aims to train medical students trained to provide first axillary and care coordination government agencies. Through training (accredited) will prepare those individuals who are motivated to be part of this great support network of care. If you think not only study, which now can provide more aid gets that opportunity. The form can be downloaded from the link: d 66AANUZ7


In the decade of the ’50s, the sport community in the area decided that Calama must have had a professional soccer team, in order to provide a recreational and families living in the sector. In 1959, Calama Chile was proclaimed champion of amateur football for the first time in its history, meeting held at the Estadio Municipal de Calama to the wider Penaflor Thomas Bata Club. This local team participation made the town more strongly expressed the need to have a professional soccer team.This made the time more technicians to join with the idea that Calama could have a club that was in the professionalism Sports Club was chosen to Condor as the first club to come to the professionalism Calama, a club which had total support from Codelco Company, for this, the first thing was done for the purpose was the obtaining of legal personality of this, which is achieved quickly and becoming the first club in town to perform this procedure. After this is done the club’s bid to professionalism, his first run was through Codelco’s business manager, Carlos Seguel in late 1962, the response to this request was no, the reason was because of the remoteness of the city Calama with the nation’s capital. In the early ’70s, an attempt was made to link the professional club Santiago Morning, but the idea did not prosper.The reasons for this decision were that the club would not play Santiago Morning in Calama to your local exercise and the aim was that the city must have a professional club in the area. On September 11, 1973 Sports The Loa born from the same legal personality Club Sports Condor. This club had a choice of exponents of the discipline of Chuquicamata and Calama in order to create a community unity around the team, which began to participate against first division teams, in preparation. This team had the support of Codelco like its predecessor. This club had in its ranks players like Serapio Mar n, Mart n C ceres, H ctor Fuentes and John Marin, who were on professionalism. The economic problems had the Antofagasta Regional Club were urgent and asked the mayor of the region that workers at Codelco Chuquicamata join this club and give the top one percent of their salary to join a professional club.However, there was a refusal by local leaders, so the proposal was rejected by the assembly. In this way the regional union was unsuccessful. The governor of the time, Army Col. Fernando Ibanez, learned through an interview with the newspaper El Mercurio by journalist Llewellyn Alfredo Bustos, made the president of the Football Association of Calama, Cesareo Michea Castillo, which Calama indicated that could apply to professional football. On Tuesday September 26, 1976 municipal entities as the Chamber of Commerce, coaches of Calama and Chuquicamata, entrepreneurs, small businessmen and people like Colonel Fernando Venegas Ib ez and Jos Gorrini assistant Codelco, began with an initiative, which was In order to motivate interested in joining a committee immediately called “Join the Pro Football Rented” initiative that was endorsed by those present.Apart from communal entities, the assistant manager Jose Gorrini Codelco said the company Codelco fully support the initiative, in his words, in order “to equip the workforce of the company a good welfare, resulting in healthy leisure activities and recreation

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Taking uma grande decis o …. KB Galera, estou aqui escrever thinking not that more difficult t .Eu volto do trabalho afternoon, when Folger chega meu dia, tenho coisas trocentas Tido tenho tempo pra pra fazer.Nem visit and comment blog not two friends desculpas mesmo.Quero dizer que essa minha com o tempo lack of pode ficar pior blog is eu colocar em pr tica surgindo algumas id ias that andam na minha cabe a. Talking esses dias com uma amiga, ela fiquei sabendo that this fazendo um na mestrado Sophia University Yotsuya that fica em-Tokyo. Fiquei interesse em um monte de coisas que ela estava falando and I resolved to procure saber mais sobre o assunto.E eels um ministram special course for no Jap o com dura o estrangeiros 1 to 2 years.Mas uma universidade private, I olhar quando o pre o, or private Desceu foi a vontade pela disburse or value. Uma outra universidade that tamb m tem um similar program, a Mejiro University. Um amigo l Japanese face lyrics, all empolgado ficou com a id ia e agora quer all jeito que eu v pra Mejiro. Mas eu fico aqui comigo thinking, com toda a lack of estabilidade no trabalho, que eu eu will get, ou na pior das hypotheses, eu dare to give me input …. j na pensou enrollment is perco o emprego, as vou manter expenses you depois com a universidade A University of Sophia tem com certeza, mais os estudantes prestige among mas n o pra qualquer um. A Mejiro fica pelo menos pra mim, tamb m mais acess vel. N o sei ainda, tudo isso, n means novas responsibilities.Eu nessa are entering, mais ainda vou ficar sem tempo pra atualizar o blog. Sunday, depois do trabalho, I intimated to appear praticamente no ltimo dia do Brazilian Day Japan Yoyogi l em. A festa terminava as sete da noite e tamb m meu trabalho. But colleagues trabalho meus dois pra I wished to go eat. Eu tinha never gone because no Brazilian Day musicais n o gosto two styles that Tocam nesses events. But I was n … chega l quase oito da noite e enquanto estavas indo em dire o ao local do evento, everyone, estava fazendo o caminho inverse de volta pra home. Batalha de brasileiros em ouvido groups …. tinha muita gente falar that voltou ao Brasil, mas ainda sim, a green and amarela presen a grande or arquip lago.Adoro not brasileiro por esse detalhe – Never lose as esperan a. We found outra no meio de trabalho colleague daquela people all. Acesas.N o barraquinhas Haviam tinha ainda mais algumas coxinhas. Josyann Abisaab Eu comi um hot dog that expensive for being just achei num p o Murch sausage and dry mustard and ketchup.Sem com mashed sweet potatoes, MAIONESE, vinaigrettes and nada.Sabe sem mais, em barraquinhas amos of barraquinhas and everyone went to n s 3 em japon s. Isso, ningu m me v na rua e acha que sou brasileiro tamb m.Agora meus amigos, tem brasileiro who dress like reconhecer brasileiro.N o n o tem como. O fato de eu j me rendeu seem japon s engra adas.Eu several stories falarem j ouvi pessoas mais sobre os assuntos in spitos do meu lado, que eu n o estava achando entendendo nothing.