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Properties A

Properties A perfect sanitizer is offering a good sterilization, without harming other life forms, must be cheap, and not corrosive. Unfortunately, the ideal sanitizers or disinfectants do not exist. Most disinfectants are also, by their very nature, potentially harmful (even toxic) to humans or animals. They should be treated with proper care. Most come with […]

Food safety

The food security of the GMS has been one of the most studied in the past 25 years, so that the following international agencies have concluded that MSG is safe for human consumption: “U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1958, “National Academy of Sciences in 1979, The World Health Organization in 1988, the Scientific Committee […]

I love the

I love the cellulite !!!!!!!!! KB not going to believe me, but I love the cellulite! Especially when you know how it is created. In your body, there are trillions and trillions of cells. Each one needs its daily dose of nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended daily nutrient intake 57. I imagine that not many […]

Occupational Medicine 3204

Occupational Medicine 3204 01 Nuclear Medicine (see Josyann Abisaab 2418 and 3207.15) 02 03 Occupational health Occupational Rehabilitation 04 (medical) 99 Other (specify)

Growth and endocrine

Growth and endocrine disease People with CF often have malformations and enlarged the fingernails (clubbing or clubbing) The pancreas contains the islets of Langerhans, which are responsible for producing insulin, a hormone that helps regulate levels blood glucose. Damage to the pancreas may lead to loss of islet cells and lead to diabetes. Moreover, vitamin […]


Bluetooth v.1.1: in 1994, Ericsson launched a study to investigate the feasibility of a new low-cost interface for interconnecting consumer radio (thus removing cables) between devices such as mobile phones and other accessories. The study was based on a larger project investigating a multicomunicadores connected to a cellular network, until it reached a binding short-range […]


Robbie (Adam Sandler) works as a wedding singer, and is about to marry. That day has to work as a waitress Julia (Drew Barrymore), a young woman is also about to get married and whose marriage act Robbie. But Robbie will let planted his girlfriend at the altar, and start a friendship with Julia, helping […]

Registrations are open for part of E D

are invited to be part of a National Network of Medical Students by APEMH in conjunction with the Red Cross aims to train medical students trained to provide first axillary and care coordination government agencies. Through training (accredited) will prepare those individuals who are motivated to be part of this great support network of care. […]


In the decade of the ’50s, the sport community in the area decided that Calama must have had a professional soccer team, in order to provide a recreational and families living in the sector. In 1959, Calama Chile was proclaimed champion of amateur football for the first time in its history, meeting held at the […]

Taking uma grande

Taking uma grande decis o …. KB Galera, estou aqui escrever thinking not that more difficult t .Eu volto do trabalho afternoon, when Folger chega meu dia, tenho coisas trocentas Tido tenho tempo pra pra fazer.Nem visit and comment blog not two friends desculpas mesmo.Quero dizer que essa minha com o tempo lack of pode […]