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Soundtracks Main

Soundtracks Main article: Soundtracks composed by John Williams Main article: Music of Star Wars Main article: Star Wars Soundtracks John Williams directing the recording of the soundtrack of Raiders of the Lost Ark at Avery Fisher Hall. After studying at the Juilliard School, he returned to Los Angeles and began working as an orchestrator in […]

Summer Calendar

This year I promised that this time if I take summer seriously. So making use of egotistical freak teen spirit, which fortunately I still gallops blood, I bought tickets for the very best that I see it, the perimeter rock the stage that I can afford. Cinergy Health There goes the list, pa ‘the envy […]

First Health Campaign – BRE A

Cinergy Health Dear Friends, In reviving the project are Bre a POPUCLINICA and Sunday May 31 will start the activities that are aimed at preventive health services Constant and FREE. We invite you to visit whenever this medium to keep up with health recommendations and articles of interest to our professional partners. For the first […]

This article discusses

Josyann Abisaab This article discusses Aristotle the philosopher. For the name, see Aristotle (name). Aristotle, Aristotle Ancient Greek (Stagira, Macedonia, 384 BC – Chalcis in Euboea, Greece, 322 BC) was one of the most influential philosophers of antiquity, the history of Western philosophy and considered by many as the author’s encyclopedic mightiest in the history […]

“The care and efficient use of water”

Although not usually dangerous, diarrhea has caused millions of deaths worldwide, mainly as a result of dehydration. Cinergy Health The diarrhea of various causes, is also associated with a reduction in food consumption. For this reason, the main treatment for diarrhea involves the consumption of adequate amounts of water to replace lost fluids, preferably mixed […]