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Eternal Spring of Hainan Island

The southernmost territory of China – Hainan Island, China is the only island where there is an eternal spring. The traveler will always find in Hainan clean healthy air, sunny and warm (average temperature 24oC, water – 26) 300 weather days a year. Apart from Taiwan – "South Sea", as translated into Russian Hainan – […]

Recreation and Iron Age

It's true, look out for! Ukok plateau – it is not permanent. The weather in this location is variable and capricious: a few minutes ago to clear skies were no clouds, and suddenly the sky veiled clouds begin dozhdina. Therefore, if you wish to visit the Plateau Ukok, expect anything. In the corner of the […]

Astrology and Naming Children

The fact that parents expect the child a question: How could a child be called? So there is a name lookup to the unborn baby is not a simple task, a very large burden of responsibility falls on the fragile shoulders of future mothers and fathers. In the 19 century to the this case people […]