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However, this should be immediately strike some basis for this dialogue, even in the form of 'universal spiritual truths', because the term itself tends to drag Christians in the area of the same occult consciousness, not wanting see the fundamental difference between spiritual traditions, all wanting to turn into a universal hodgepodge. Thelemites often like […]

Late Development

The main type of fine art, art was sculpture, get rich ideological and artistic content and the development of plastic form. Zastylost and closure of Romanesque statues were replaced by the mobility of the figures, their treatment to each other and to the viewer. Over time, an interest in real natural forms of physical beauty […]

Renaissance Genre

And there are those who say: it supersobytie. But I am willing to eat a lot of criticism, to check the possibility of the existence of the tragic genre in our time. " "In: Understanding would be even that such a tragedy. In principle, the life of any one of us can happen to a […]

Spiritual Energy

Focus this spiritual energy ("spiritual" – which means outside, not inside, combining and compressing the contrary, outside), to identify them, compare, split into all sorts of tiny microscopic particles, the wave – it's all at your disposal. At least the connection of man with the outside world, spiritual, or highest, above our egoism, which is […]