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Divine Illness

To search regarding the relation between illness x faith x cure is not one practical recent one. Del Volgo (1998, P. 8) detaches that ' ' the illness appeared for the Egyptians as the one badly and health as a good. Thus, health and illness presented characteristics of Divine manifestations or, still, Supremas&#039 appearances; '. […]

Botox Improves Quality Of Life Of Patients With Neurological Problems

The botulnica toxin type (known popularly for the names of the marks Botox and Dysport) if has become popular in the reporter due to the results reached next to patients who look solutions in the aesthetic area. But this substance also keeps a source of therapeutical possibilities for patients in neurological area e, over all, […]

Ana Teberosky

Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. According to Emlia Blacksmith ' ' The changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao if do not decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. She is necessary to change the points for […]