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The Infantile

To play is the representation in acts, through the symbolic game, the first one possibility of thought properly said, marking the ticket of a sensrio-motor intelligence, based in the five felt and the motricidade, for a postoperative representative intelligence (material and intuitiva) mediated by subjective symbols, way for the construction of the operatria intelligence mediated by arbitrary historical signs. According to KISHIMOTO (2002), to represent, to play it is to give to form to the experience significant human beings; it is to reapresentar, to become again present, to presentificar you live deeply that, for its experience, they permanently deserve to be remembered. The imaginary one is not confused with the Real, it is an instrument for the understanding and the taking of real conscience. Consonant with this thought, Oliveira (2008) understands playing as the life, is the pleasure of the action, is the experience of the psychic dimension in the relations of the child with the world, where when playing the child lives the pleasure to act simultaneously with the pleasure to project itself in the world in one internal dynamics that promotes the evolution and the psicomotora and psychological maturation of it. Playing consists of a system that provides the integration enters the social life of the child, being transmitted of a generation for other or learned in the infantile groups, the street, in the parks, schools, parties and etc; it is incorporated by the children of spontaneous form (FRIEDMANN, 2003). Playing as learning instrument When the children play, they create rules and they adaptam its thought in accordance with the joined situations.

In accordance with the level of the trick, the child uses its daily pay-learned knowledge and adapta them it new situation. The relevance of toys and tricks as indispensable for the creation of the imaginary situation. It discloses that the imaginary one is only developed when is made use of experiences that if reorganize.

Control Of Stress

Summary: What it is health? the result of the organism in living with balance. What he is stress? It is a state of the organism when submitted to the effort and the tension. The causes of stress are high standard of personal requirement, fear and frustration stress precocious can lead to the illnesses as cancer, dementia, obsessive-compulsory behavior, cardiovascular illnesses, AVC and until the o precocious death. Content: The type of life that auto-we impose in them, where we think to be necessary to get much more financial resources what really we need; it demands us more effort to fulfill the standard established for the media, to be ' ' deuses' ' e, ahead places in them of conflicts in the professional life where it has each time more competition and little space, making with that the close, familiar life of each one is considered as a failure. Other standards for the behaviors and feelings exist, where standards for the ideal behavior of the parents with the children are established, of children with the parents, answering to the diverse expectations established for the consumista and capitalist society; standards for the friendships also exist, for the loving relationships, at last, have standards and ready petty cashes friction in all the sectors of our lives, where we must incasing in them of a form or another one, in order to be accepted for the society. The collections are imposed in impetuous, indiscreet and conflitiva way, without in allowing to the least the time them to think if we go to accept to live ' ' enformados' ' or incased, if we need or of definitive established standards and if really they are not essential our welfare and healthful. The consumista society, each day if fortifies with the establishment of standards of appearances and it hinders in them to think about what we really want to be.