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Childhood Behavior

It is common the parents to make comparison enters notes of the children, ' ' of the someone it is better that its, you are not with shame? ' ' or ' ' the someone only deserves because it studies and you me of problema' ' , thus the psychological one of ' ' outro' ' he goes taking storing these comments and causing damages auto-they esteem of the individual. It reflects in its social behavior. The psychological violence is a relation of being able different between adults endowed with authority and children and adolescents whom if they judge dominant on the dominated ones. This power is exerted through attitudes of found arbitrary control in the seio of the family, of the society and also pertaining to school, he is typical ' ' I obey because quero' ' , of verbal aggressions, of blackmails, extreme rules, of threats, humilhaes, depreciation, disqualification, rejection, isolation, requirement of inadequate ethical behaviors or above of the capacities and of economic or sexual exploration that much is seen in eaves of roads. In the school the violence more is declared, but it is an environment where it can controlled and be eradicated with the effort of all. Professors already mobilize themselves in this aspect, unhappyly of the beginning of century XXI for here, much recently and thanks to the prominence of the media on the subject in recent years. The case of Royal is not the only one, is most violent without a doubt, but it is not isolated case. The words said with sarcasm or indifference, a comment badly placed, an untied trick of bad taste, piadinhas that they degrade can and are considered Buling.

However when this happens in house, the society in a general way and mainly in classroom it is hour of the correction. If the professor or others exactly finds favour of this situation is collaborating so that they continue these harmful psychological violncias. The attacked individual necessary of support, needs to feel that he is not rejected or reason of chacota of the others. Simple action and of immense result. The parents need to be intent what they speak and with the comparisons that nothing help. They change such comments for incentive and they will open a better perspective for the children. He is of that they need and not of somebody that always criticizes.

The Myth Of The Tdah

Original text: In relation to the preoccupations of Liliana by the TDAH in their Blog, the following reflections are happened to me. Until when we are going to persecute and to punish to the children with all class of pseudopathological excuses (TDAH, infantile depression, oposicionista upheaval, disocial upheaval, enuresis, scholastic failure )? Obviously, it seems that " times oscuros"they continue by average subtler. The reasons are multiple: he is easier and cheap to put shirts of force to the juniors, that to terapizar to incapable ancestors and to improve the educative and social landlords? by its neurosis, little parents – and hardly the society in general will dare to confront with anger and humility their responsibilities in the suffering of the children? quiet economic and political powers toil without rest to annul to all the people " diferentes" the own childhood begins to be, for some, one " enfermedad" unbearable, then, it is not the spontaneous life, by definition, a continuous threat for neurotics? Thus he continues, in psychopathological slang, the war against the childhood. (1) However, nobody can allege at the moment – later of a century of psychological and humanizadoras contributions (from Freud to our missing person Stakes out Miller and the development of " Rights of the Nio")- " desconocimiento" some on the evident causes of the human pain and their consequences. The formula is simple: lack of affection, I mistreat, injustice = violence, neurosis, madness.

To blame, therefore, to the victims; to look for " three feet to gato" of the problem; to invent mental diseases without the smaller biological base, not only is acientfico, but immoral. (2) He is immensely fraudulent, P. ex., " diagnosticar" supposed " TDAH" by means of as ridiculous questions as: " tries disrespectfully the boy to people majors? He is impulsive, irritable? Becomes lean the finger or the clothes? Fight with its brothers? Weeping, or gawky, or is become absorbed in thought, or anxious, or timid, or lying, or disobedient, or destroyer, or takes tempers, or are scared to be only, or it does not finish the things that begin, or is too immature for his age, etc.


Second question: 2) The group of pupils obtained to establish Rapport (I tie) with the children and educators? Graf 2: He demonstrates if the pupils had obtained to establish the necessary bond with the educators and children. In the measure where the contacts had happened, the children already obtained even though to identify to the pupils and the hour of the reading, already with the educators, an exchange of knowledge happened where the pupils had been supported by people that coexisted the children directly, knew of its characteristics, for this reason and for the children to be easily sociable had a satisfactory exchange between pupils, educators and children. It was demonstrated work in group. Question three: 3) The reading made with the children contributed of some form for interpretation and imagination of the same ones, as the proposal of the project? Graf 3: It demonstrates if the reading contributes of some form for the children. It was observed that the children had started to present greater in accordance with concentration and the coordinator and pedagoga the directed activities more, had provided to greater return, but it was observed in clearer way in the room, from the done stimulations to the children, who previously answered ' ' Eu' ' for that if she asked, observed at the beginning of the work, them already they obtained in efficient way to make identifications of personages, of animals, from the stimulation with focus in the memory, however normal and she is waited that in the second infancy the children still have difficulty of storage due to a neurological maturation that if is waited for this etria band. Question four: 4) Before the educators, the pupils of Psychology they had obtained to effect the considered objective, of comment and to conciliate practical theory and? Graf 4: It demonstrates if objective of the work of comment and conciliation between practical theory and it was reached.