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Muay Thai Opening

It is currently a discipline that has a great popularity but however it is considered more a spectator sport, which is the national symbol of Thailand and its origins as a martial art in if same and in addition this martial art was known as muay boran, I had purpose more warlike compared with its current variant the muay thai which is more sporty. Muay thai goes back to the nation of Siam (1238-1408) currently Thailand, this nation to find constantly in conflict with the Nations of Cambodia and Burma, saw the need to develop a combat system, in which be considered soldiers skills were included management of the spear, the sword and the effective use of the body as a weapon a short distance. Techniques melee included using punches and kicks with fists, elbows, head, knee and Shin and complementing them with victories. Muay thai or better said the muay boran were taught exclusively to military and government workers. During the following centuries this discipline had an evolution more competitive than combative due to a period of peace, in which the King Narai (1604-1690) becoming it this martial art practitioner professional sportsmen: meetings were held in bounded spaces, they were limited by a rope formed a square to get the area for combatthe rules were very basic to follow, could not be picketing in the eyes, grips, strain to hair, blows to the groin area and not hit the opponent on the floor. As in all martial arts there are spellings according to geographic regions, in the North of Thailand is Muay Thasao, Northwest muay korat this is characterized by force, in which a part of the training includes defeating a water buffalo in the shortest possible time, in Centre muay lobburee are smooth movements and in the South the muay sharpening steel that emphasizes postures and the defense.

Contagious Disease

From time to time we apelmenioz happens, the lack of ravioli in the body. Then all have to leave their affairs and go on a treatment – mold and eat dumplings. Unlike vitamins, this is not such bunting tabletochki or peas, and juicy, in which minced meat wrapped with a bow … Well, here again … Only mentioned a these words – and salivating already poured … Severe disease is! And terribly contagious! Terrible flu. Usually, the first sick for a few seconds infects everyone in the family, and along with the guests, if they come neposchastlivilos at this time. The bad news is that there is no healthy, which could look after the sick.

The house is transformed into abandoned hospital, patients are left to their own care. Dosage dumplings are not recalculated in milligrams, as is the case with vitamins, and in units per kilogram of its own weight. Bungle need a lot. Already fingers are not molded, and look cloudy, but should be in time, because only in them is our salvation. The most painful – the expectation of readiness during cooking. At this time, it's better and not run by a cat – find yourself on a fork.

The usual way of cooking – fourfold podlivanie cold water, with a third-half cup each time, as the foam comes to the tightly closed lid. You can, just try to availability. But this method causes bad feelings among the rest for try. But, here, dumplings already laid on the plates, that is not included – in the middle of the lid Pelmennica table. Next – bottle "Nemirovskaya." No, I do not drink. At all! And nobody in the family does not drink. But with removed removed dumplings taste like and complement, namely, "Nemirovskaya" – very good. And not for the fact that it is called, drink, and a couple of times to moisten the language … What we have here yet? Throughout the seasoning we rasklydyvaem pialushkam the small, like those for the same purpose using Japanese. Here and sour cream, and who likes moyonez, and olive oil con sabor intenso, and butter, and mustard, and … The last – my recent discovery. I've always liked dumplings with vinegar, but precious vinegars, which can be buy in Spain, with anything good, just not with dumplings. Our Soviet chemical (yes, a simple acetic acid!) Dumpling is better! .. For lack of acid, until recently, had to use wine vinegar or sidrovy, and there is no one in the house was not. I scratched his head, I see – the lemon on the table! That's it! How can I help before something never had no idea! In fact, fish and poultry, and often, and any other meat Spaniards constantly seasoned with lemon juice. I tried – a miracle! No now I do not need vinegar. Pelmeni finished eating, many begin immediately to tea drinking. It is believed that dumplings – a heavy meal and therefore, in order to relieve stomach his work, such food should, as it should, then drink. Huge mistake! Need to drink before a meal. During the same meal can only drink a little bitter in green tea, which improves digestion. Drink plenty of water, only dilutes the gastric acid and washes it out of the stomach. Here, then, that every meal becomes a burden. Maximilian Tryoshkin Original article in the LiveJournal blog, "Food