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Catholic Equipment

Experience shows that the creation of a liturgical team is more difficult compared to other activities of the community, such as catechesis, social works, etc. These already have a long history in the Christian community and there are always people interested in these tasks. In contrast the liturgical equipment has little history, a few years, […]


In all the celebrations of new year’s Eve we got together with our affections, and among the varied and delicious meals, desserts and beverage, finally we raise our Cup us forward to a better year and asking above all be blessed with health and work. Therefore, for this new year, it is my desire that […]

Cenfarte Commitment

Madrid, June 17, 2010 Centre pharmacist North, distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products with own offices in Asturias, Palencia, Biscay and Cantabria, has relied on DocPath to automate the entire process of generation and distribution of electronic invoices to their customers. Founded in 1942 by a group of pharmacists, Cenfarte has its own systems Department […]