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Bacteria Against Cold And Flu !

Instead of hot lemon or chicken broth advises nutrition expert Micheal Dennard to drink with sauerkraut and bread to be better prepared against colds, influenza and the flu. Sauerkraut and bread drink contain abundant bacteria. They have the false reputation of the pathogen, because some of these microorganisms even protect against disease, white medicine journalist Dennard. The nutrition expert with the Center for Nutrition communication and health journalism (CEC) makes in light of the upcoming cold and flu epidemic points out that only build probiotic bacteria to promote health intestinal flora. The term probiotics is now part of ordinary language has become. Probiotic means "for life" and thus the opposite of antibiotics.

Probiotics are microorganisms – usually lactic acid bacteria – to survive the passage through the digestive tract largely to the large intestine, settle here and develop health-promoting effects. In particular, they protect our bodies against invasion by pathogens. They are an important part of the intestine-associated immune system, which is the largest immune organ in the human body. Who wants to be spared from colds, the recommended Micheal Dennard daily bread drink two glasses. Optimal is when it is enriched with vitamin-rich sea buckthorn juice and honey bees kaltgeschleudertem. Sea buckthorn juice is a real vitamin bomb and unheated honey has an antibacterial effect.

A special bread is the main product for the sour-tasting bread drink. It contains plenty of bread probiotic lactic acid bacteria. ARD-health expert Professor Hademar Hofer describes the bread as the elite troops of the lactic acid bacteria probiotic effective microorganisms.

Sensitive Skin

Each girl whose sensitive skin, knows how much trouble it brings. Problematic is the choice of caring for the skin and makeup. After all, no means no makeup should not cause allergy. Of course the huge market of cosmetics you can find the means to care for sensitive skin, but they do not always meet expectations. Even at the expensive "elite" cosmetics allergy may occur, or dehydration of the skin. A good choice are the professional cosmetic line that not only will have a calming effect, but also therapeutic.

Of course they cost a bit more expensive than a well-publicized mass market. Professional tools is best to book through the online cosmetics store with delivery in Moscow, get cheaper than buying at a specialty store. The main parameters on which you should choose whatever means for sensitive skin – is: they should not have sharp, strong odor. They must include caring and moisturisers to help prevent dryness and peeling of the skin, as well as it will further feed. Facial scrub should have a man-made exfoliating beads. They may contain oil, or a tonic for the skin. Artificial exfoliating particles will not damage the skin, and carefully and gently remove keratinized skin cells. Face masks – thick and creamy, too, odorless, and with extracts of herbs and different oils and minerals that make up the lack of moisture in the skin, as well as help her recovery.

Their better to use 2 – 3 times a week. Lotions necessarily without alcohol, that would not cause dryness of the skin, otherwise it can begin its dehydration. Remember that sensitive skin can not be left without proper care. Better overpay for a little cream or lotion, but be assured that they will not make your skin worse.


Tantric massage is a widely accepted ritual, the teaching comes from Tantra (Tao), is soft, pleasant, spiritual regeneration. Tantric Massage is not only a rest, relaxation, is much more. Help to unlock tension and emotional knots, dynamic, free energy, combat stress and get to the heart can harmonize all bodily and mental energies. Tantric massage is at three levels: On the physical level On the emotional level On the spiritual plane Tantric massage is gentle and slowly, helps us to open our minds and let go gently. Tantric massage is sensual, not sexual, clothing, and at the same time releasing energy contributing to broad movements that connect all parts of the body touching the seven chakras to flow energy and therefore welfare. Tantric Massage is a pleasurable experience that lets you discover feelings charities, different tactile contact repercussions in the wake of the sensitivity of each. The Tantric massage is very different from most massage. It is designed to revitalize and regenerate, and learn how to massage both men and women, passing on a tremendous harmonic energy, bodily and mental.

Remember that Tantric massage is sensual but not sexual. If you're looking for sex, this is not the place for you. When you practice tantric love making love to your own existence. People are just doors, access to the whole. Through tantric sex encounters and through long and relaxed, following some rituals, lovers can get a physical and spiritual union so intense that orgasms come to feel with your whole body. For this reason, it is said that Tantra is the cult of ecstasy. Thanks to tantric love you have the opportunity to enjoy yourself and be happy.

Private Health Insurance

Significant advantages of a car are individuality as well as low-cost contributions. Despite the positive aspects of a private health insurance, the conclusion should be very well-planned. No matter we heard what professional or group of persons in the Federal Republic of Germany, mandatory health insurance applies to all. As a regular employee you is mostly associated with the statutory health insurance and receives a basic healthcare. Who however called the annual compulsory insurance, or even income limit exceeds, may personally decide whether it is private or but rather voluntarily legally insured. As a simple back and forth is not smoothly possible, should one good think the decision, despite all positive aspects of private health insurance. Before it closes off a car, it is important enough to inquire, or consult a professional in any case. Because a precipitous conclusion can be quickly very expensive.

Also this helps the world Wide Web. Numerous financial portals offer comparison every Otto-normal citizen, a free private health insurance. Based on the entered data, this creates a produced according to the customer-oriented and non-binding offer. It is however important that you in advance has clarified for himself, how extensive the desired insurance coverage should be. A lot of money can be saved especially in the wake of the correct compilation of the tariff. Even with extensive insurance cover, a quote for private health insurance, related to the person can be still cheaper than a statutory health insurance.

Young people benefit from the system of the post composition of the PKV. That is that, unlike in the statutory health insurance, according to the age, occupation and health condition of the insured person. Who only rarely need a doctor, because he enjoys good health which should complete a plan with deductible. A refund of premiums is as well interesting aspect of cost reduction. You no issues caused the insurance company in a year, by submitting, for example, no doctor bills and carries these yourself, so a kind of waving premium of up to several hundred euro at the end of the year. Alone this a significantly lower average at the rate of contribution arises again. As a conclusion it can be stated that young and healthy people benefit from a private health insurance. Given the variety of individual factors, nothing solid can however meeting whether the candidate in a car always represents the optimal solution. This must be found out about a consultation with a professional and a private health insurance comparison.

Healthy Weight Loss

With the problems of weight and weight-related diseases, it is obvious that many people are struggling with their weight. Certainly not fat like people, but many people have real difficulty when it comes to losing weight. If you’re one of those people who thinks that it is fighting a battle to lose weight in a healthy way, then read on to find seven steps to achieve the desired weight. Lose weight in a healthy way 1. Find out what is a realistic goal for you before you set your goal of losing weight. If you decide that you want to weight 120 pounds, and never weight 120 lbs in his adult life, then perhaps that is not the most realistic expectation for your body. Consider the use of tools such as body mass index to know what your ideal weight based on your age and height. 2.

Make small changes over time. Are you addicted to soda? Firstly it sets a number of objectives, establishes the goal of drinking soft drinks only every two days. Then, set the goal of drinking once a week. Finally watch the goal of delete all. If applied it this method may make gradual changes and set small goals that lead to the great goal.

3. Follow your progress. Keep a journal and write down your weight every day. Be sure to weigh yourself at the same time. The best time to do this is in the morning, just after getting out of bed. Then, keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat and drink every day. Keep a food diary has been proven again and again that help in weight loss. If the pen and paper is not your thing, there is a multitude of monitoring programmes that can be installed on your computer, and there are even a lot of applications of smart phones that can be used. 4. Let deceive you. It is unrealistic to follow a strict dietary regimen if you always this longing for his favorite snack. Allow one day of trap occasionally will help you focus on your goals without having to worry about the idea of not having your favorite foods. Just remember to have a successful day of trap, you should plan it with advance. To lose weight in a healthy way write in her diary the day that you would like to have his day of trap, and should choose foods that you would like to have on your day of the trap. On the day of trap, not filled. Be sure to stop eating before you feel full. To lose weight in a healthy way to better what to do with a good company 5. Find a partner to lose weight in a healthy way. You must make a plan to meet with your partner at least once a week, and share other food magazines. With this constant stimulus, the two will be more healthy and happy. Losing weight can be difficult for some people, but it is never impossible. Just remember that you can do anything if it wants. Give a twist to your life knows the real remedy to lose weight and burn fat beam click: method to lose weight quickly.

Healthier Lives

Touch for health is the basis of Kinesiology, touch for health healthy means touching “.” The techniques from Kinesiology form the base knowledge and developed by John F. Thie. All other styles of Kinesiology evolved from the touch for health. The holistic method of treatment can be applied also by lay people, who have no medical knowledge. The method can be used by therapeutic and curative medical practices as well as by private individuals.

Touch for health is a synthesis of kinetics, traditional Chinese medicine, neuroscience and nutrition science. Touch for health is easy to understand touch for health also for laymen is very easy to learn and the way is easy to understand. In the first course, students learn more about the 14 basic muscles. Target is always the balance of muscles from touch for health, meridians and energy to achieve. With gentle touches and light massage, reflex points are processed and therefore the balance found.

Vitalizing food and the emotional stress relief stabilize the muscles and provide balance. Mainly caused by stress are blockages, resulting in a reduction in stress. The interplay of muscles, organs and meridians, emotions blockages can be identified easily in the energy system. Gentle techniques that are easy to implement and act immediately, can convert these blockages to powerful energies. Touch for Health offers various techniques. What can touch for health? Touch for health can assist the body in healthy life. Physical imbalances are detected, resolved, and prevented. The Kinesiology technique finds application in: balancing of emotional stress and strain; Improvement of mobility; better interaction of muscles; as supportive therapy for diseases and injuries; Getting the health; Strengthening of energy; Detecting adverse and cheap food. Interaction of various factors touch for health is based on the assumption that not only between muscles and meridians Is interaction, but also emotions, organs and even food to associate different muscles. Deficiencies and faulty distribution of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids can be shown and individually in the balance be returned. The kinesiological technologies that are learned at the touch for health, to compensate for imbalances. Who regularly runs the pension, can certainly deprived a few times on the doctor. Just touch for health are ideal as prophylaxis in the private sector. The basis of Kinesiology can easily be learned and used to maintain health. The courses usually consist of 4 units, in which students step by step learn the fundamentals and techniques.

Ganoderma Health Team

The GS team: Ganoderma health are a team of professional leaders in optimal health and coaching in health, with the mission to bring better health and well-being to the world’s population. One of our main resources is the largest functional food of history; the fungus Ganoderma lucidum, a food with great impact for health, coming from the East and which now is improving the quality of life of millions of people in the West. This wonderful food incredibly helps health: improving any problem, increasing our energy and defenses, regulating metabolism, controlling our weight, rejuvenating our body, etc. Countless are the benefits that the population is getting by this fungus scientifically backed. We invite you to be part of this team whether as beneficiary or as a member and help us to send this message of health and welfare to the entire population. You can start to consume coffee, green tea or chocolate mixed with the extract of Ganoderma lucidum 100% organic certified and you We guarantee that your health will change for better not matter State of health you are. Ganoderma health, GS team Vision: Be the health team more spread in the world, helping millions of people to obtain optimal health through a culture of health and using the wonderful resources that nature gives us. Mission: Bring culture of health and the benefits of Ganoderma lucidum to each family of our continent, improving the quality of life for all to reach optimal health. Values: Respect honesty responsibility determination solidarity trust welcome to GS.

Eric Academy

Eric Academy offers qualified training in future strong industry Lubeck, 04 February 2013 whoever is sick, goes to the doctor. He helps us to come back quickly on their feet. It is however many symptoms one themselves, to take the initiative. On the way, to find alternatives to the classical medicine and preventive to do something for his health, health consultant support. You see health holistically and look at people individually and as a unity of body, mind and soul. The health care professional does not reduce its customers on results of the investigation, but goes the causes on the ground such as poor nutrition, too little exercise, etc. He has knowledge of the medicine and naturopathy as well as in the areas of fitness, sports and nutrition. In addition he advise his customers in organisational and legal issues around health care can stand to the side.

A versatile professional perspective also for career changers for health consultants are found at versatile occupational fields. They work both in fitness and maintain comprehensive and individually. It not only from health, sport and wellness knowledge, but also important components of the psychology and interesting from the esoteric. Health consultant of Eric Academy are therefore well equipped for all matters relating to the field of healthcare. More information and registration at Tel: 0170-8685023,, about the Eric Academy the Eric Academy offers a versatile continuing education program in the fitness and health area. Thanks to a competent team of physicians, physiotherapists, sports scientists and fitness economists, it ensures intensive education and training at the highest level.


Midnight sauna in Munich: fitness & Health Centre Munich is the next sauna special barbecue dinner instead since the end of July in the VITALIS takes on 30 August again-the midnight sauna instead. VITALIS every last Friday in the month that is until 00:30 pm and from 22:00 there are hourly different bathing in the sauna paradise. In parallel, the gastro team organized a barbecue evening with tasty specialities on the terrace. Starting in October, there are then other sauna specials, on which guests can enjoy. At VITALIS fitness & Health Center Munich, there are not only modern methods for effective fitness training or the possibility of health sports long fit and active to keep. Also the wellness world with sauna paradise is worth a visit and invites you to linger and relax. The VITALIS members sauna guests can become better acquainted in a casual atmosphere and enjoy their leisure time together, fitness & health centre in Munich-Pasing find again different in the VITALIS Events take place. On 30 August, the VITALIS team, as since July invites now every last Friday in the month, midnight sauna.

From 22:00 every hour different infusions – relaxation held pur for body and soul. Fruity sweet or strong fresh, there is something for everyone. In parallel the gastro team on the sun terrace serves juicy steaks from the Turkey or pork, Spareribs, pork sausages, lamb skewers, corn on the cob, vegetable skewers and more – on the open fire of the chef personally. To do this, there are French fries and a large salad buffet with cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, Arugula, coleslaw, salad and potato and pasta salad and of course various Grill and salad dressings. After the great success of the last evening of barbecue, the VITALIS team asks for pre-registration for the barbecue to the midnight-sauna on August 30, so that is also enough for everyone. Usually that VITALIS is open until 22:00 to midnight sauna but until 00:30. All information about the offers the VITALIS of gym and health centre in Munich, as well as the sauna paradise there about the VITALIS gym and health center in Munich which has VITALIS gym and health centre with sauna paradise in Pasing Munich receive the TuV fitness seal for quality-assured training facilities and fitness training for diabetics by TuV Rheinland.

The Spine Center Munich-West, as well as the weight-loss Center Munich-West belong to the VITALIS. The holistic philosophy of the VITALIS of gym and health centre provides a balanced mix of health, fitness and wellness in the foreground.

Healthy Food

A partial lightening for the Spanish kitchen garden. The scientists German discard since the bacteria found in two of analyzed Spanish cucumbers in Hamburg would cause to the bud of infections by enterohemorrgica Escherichia coli (EHEC, by its abbreviations in English) in the north of Germany. Thus the senator (minister) of Health of city-Be has recognized it today, Cornelia Prfer-Storcks, from the analyses realised by the Institute of Hygiene hamburgus. " Germany recognizes that the Spanish cucumbers are not causa" , it has indicated the German Secretary of State of Agriculture, Robert Kloos, in declarations picked up by Reuters in Hungary, where a meeting of ministers of Agriculture of the European Union has been held. In the same, the Spanish minister, Pink Aguilar, has announced that Spain will request to Brussels compensations for the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector. Source of the news: : Germany gives reverse gear in its accusations against Spanish cucumbers.