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Baroque Metal

Metal meets classic a feast for all music fans as a whole rock ten metal bands from Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic nine hours. It newcomers are as well as well-known and renowned bands. This exceptional concert with his interesting line up is a feast for all rock and metal fans. THE roots of HEAVY metal as the fathers of heavy metal come to classical composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Richard Wagner in mind. It embarks but on the search for the roots of heavy metal, you will find it also in the classical period. In many deep structures of this noisy, distorted, partially multi instrumental compositions one always finds elements of classical music. Metal with Orchestra is not only in the great Guild, (including Metallica & the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra) again a topic, but in the meantime a not unimportant sub genre of metal (symphonic metal).

More and more bands make the connection to this style of classical music and metal. RAGE SET MILESTONE IN THE CLASSIC METAL Symphonic metal excels musically in addition to the obligatory, symphonic arrangements also often very complex song structures, the dominance of classical harmonic and melodic elements and a clear tendency to the conceptual music. The classical influences are often in Baroque music, occasionally in the romantic era. Some bands write songs with specifically tailored to an orchestra passages, such as RAGE, Nightwish, EpicA and Therion. SEPTEMBER 14, 2013 – exclusive concert IN Austria we look forward particularly as Festival of Xtreme 2013 to HEAVY NIGHT presented by & catapult promotion on September 14 in the mattress factory in Oberwaltersdorf (A), a heavyweight of this genre it stands for progressive heavy metal – presenting together with the LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA exclusively in Austria German band RAGE. RAGE made the international breakthrough in the early 1990s already, and set a milestone in the classic metal a few years later.


The Maldives is home to Sunni Muslim holidays and festivals in Maldives the Maldives Islands are home to the Sunni Muslims, Islam is the official State religion. And so it is not surprising that the Maldivians besides the country-specific holidays such as national day, Republic Day and Independence Day celebrate almost all Islamic holidays. It is worth to take a look at the most important in the planning of the Maldives holidays holidays. The combination of tradition and modernity is reflected in the celebrations of the Maldivians. So modern pop or jazz music often follows traditional music or dance with wooden instruments. Kuda Eid the kuda Eid or also Fithru oath is an important religious feast day. The Islamic fasting month of Ramadan ends with him. Usually, kuda falls oath in the Maldives on the first day of the month of Shawaal (Islamic calendar).

It involves festivities that last for three days, which shall apply as statutory holidays. Eid-Ul-Adha the Eid Ul Adha is one of the biggest religious festivals of the Maldives. According to the Muslim calendar this is celebrated on the 10th day of Thul Hijjah and is under many other names known as Festival of sacrifice, Eid-e Qorban, Qurbani Eid etc.-national day (national day) also this is with regard to the independence of the Republic an important holiday. He was called in honour of Muhammad Thakurufaanu in life, who was responsible for the victory over the Portuguese in 1573. According to the Islamic calendar, the national day on the first day of the third month of Rabee falls ul Awwal. The Maldives Independence Day (independence day) 1887 became a British protectorate. During this period, the agreement that these not would interfere in the internal affairs of the island State was with the British.

The Maldivian independence day is of great importance and goes back to the day where Maldivians from the clutches of the British could free himself. Independence day is celebrated on July 26 with big celebrations. The birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, the significance of this day of course immensely and is celebrated with great pomp and a huge show. It falls on the 12th day of the month of Rabee-ul-Awwal. On this day, Maldivians celebrate Republic Day (Republic day) the day on which the island State was ultimately to the Republic. in 1953, after many years as a monarchy, the Republic of Maldives was proclaimed. Unfortunately this did not last long on, so returned to the monarchy in the same year. The month of fasting Ramadan enters the ninth month according to the Islamic calendar. Ramadan is also known as ‘Rorda Mas’ and is one of the most important holidays in the Maldives because of its religious importance. Victory Day (victory day) is of utmost importance to the Maldivian people of Maldivian Victory Day. He goes back on the 3 November 1988, when there was a sri Lankan terrorist group by an attempted military coup. A dozen Maldivians were killed, but the coup failed and the terrorists fled from the island. With great festivities, the country celebrates its Victory Day every year on November 3. Whether Honeymoon, active or family holiday, those who are interested in the authentic Maldivian culture, should make sure holiday on traditional festivals and holidays in the Maldives and take the opportunity to attend such a treat in any case.

Festival Year

For 850-jahriges anniversary the monastery of Loccum under aid of banner display of the EasyShare display GmbH promotes the monastery of Loccum knows his anniversary with more than 100 events to celebrate. Here is sung by the 21.03 to 31.10.2013, presented, or watched and listened. Young and old are animated to celebrate through worship services, concerts, readings and multi-day events. To attract visitors to these events and for a press conference, the monastery needed good looking as well as striking banner displays. Those banners were displays in the online shop of EasyShare display GmbH from Hannover ordered and are now in the cloister, the entrance of the Church like also the tourist information of the monastery of Loccum. As a new branch of the monastery Volkenroda, was the monastery of Loccum, today still one of the best preserved medieval monasteries North of the Alps, built by Cistercian monks in the Jahre1163. Joined the end of the 16th century the monastery over to Lutheranism and subsequently it became the seat of the oldest preacher Seminary of the Lutheran Church of Hanover.

Nothing has changed this to the present day. Still, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of preacher seminars will be held in this place. But not only the Church uses the monastery. As a peaceful destination as well as meeting as also the venue with a special flair the monastery is open everyone. In this place you can remove from the everyday life, because the building with its 850 years lived spirituality, as well as the connected Prieur garden, the monastery forest as well as the fish ponds can win a distance. The monastery of Loccum celebrates “Stop word” this year under the motto 850-jahriges. This was deliberately chosen, because today, there is a tremendous decay of the reliability of the word in everyday life. The significance of “Keep word”, namely “obligation reminder such as promise at the same time” many people is no longer clear.

Teeth Myth

'All doctors, the same evil, and therefore must seek to cheaper'. It would be like to say that all athletes are equal, or that all the trains run on the same route. People in general are different, each person unique. The art of a doctor depends on many factors: the place where he received his education, how many years of experience has, as far as he is decent man, etc. The term 'specialist' does not carry the semantic load in phrases 'Cobbler – a specialist from Vienna,' or 'massage therapist – an expert on chocolate massage.

" 'Expert' – it is the same degree or title, as a doctor, engineer, architect or lawyer, for which you want to learn and get a degree Specialist. Professional excellence physician in all developed countries assessed, depending on whether it has a specialist degree. 'Expert' – is the highest clinical degree, accessible to physicians. The title of 'specialist' acquires a doctor who graduated after diploma courses ranging from 2 to 5 years, depending on the type of specialization from an accredited university. For example, according to the laws of Western countries to university had the right to issue professionals and have a faculty of the profession, he should have at least 3 professionals and one professor. This means that the primary staff for this department must come from abroad. In that case, if these high school requirements does not comply, he released impostors, and he is not. This is easily seen, asked in what countries adopted a medical degree of a country.

Normally prices of specialists is 2 times higher than that of physicians not experts, but also the quality of treatment and, accordingly, the result is much better. Need to choose a specialist doctor. If health savings, you can not live up to the next save opportunity.

Female Genital Organs

Tumors of the female genital organs. Tumors of the female genital tract: uterine cancer and genital warts. Uterine fibroids – are benign, hormone-dependent tumors (single or consisting of a set of nodes), which develops in the myometrium – muscular layer of the uterus. Risk factors: genetic predisposition, endocrine disorders, ovarian dysfunction, repeated abortions and diagnostic curettage. Key features: uterine bleeding; urination disorders; pain in the abdomen and lower back; constipation. Gynecologist determines treatment of uterine (radical or drug). Genital warts – a benign growths of the epidermis as small outgrowths of solid colors that can appear on the genitals, around the anus.

This is a viral disease, which serves as the agent of human papilloma virus (HPV). Infection with hpv occurs by contact, that is in contact with infected skin or mucous membranes. Vaccination of healthy women. Do not wait until the pain brings you to the doctor. Must be at least 1 time in 6 months to come to your gynecologist for examination..

The Medallion NavRatna

It transforms the negative influences of the planets in positive energy and transfers it to its wearer. Nine gems were taken for a Medallion to us to help us again to feel good. So the NavRatna finds its place in the confident modern of 21st century Medallion. Stress in everyday life can find the health-consciousness of society more than ever in the foreground appear to themselves to activate his power by far eastern methods as external activity or by the NavRatna – Medallion for the inner activity”, as attractive piece of jewelry. Product information: The medallion is handmade in 925 Silver and is thus unique. It is bordered with nine half – & gems. It is available from 49,-euros.

14 different models are available to choose from. For more product information at contact details: Olaf & Krisztina Welling, Steenacker 31a, 25499 Tangstedt Tel.: 04101-373262 email: good to know the Medallion NavRatna is based on the 5000-year-old Vedic astrology. In Vedic astrology, it deals with the 9 planets. “The word NavRatna means Nava” nine, and Ratna “gem. The Medallion NavRatna receives the forces through the nine planets. The gems in the Medallion absorb these forces and pass it on to its wearer.

The power of the Medallion rests on this basis. In the tradition of Vedic astrology, the Medallion NavRatna is for 5000 years, and this Locket was used already for millennia in the astrological therapy. Sun, moon, Mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the modern planets Rahu and Ketu are the nine planets in Vedic astrology. A Vedic astrologer can provide solutions for possibly a present problem. The Medallion NavRatna offers an all-encompassing universal solution. The Medallion NavRatna is particularly interesting because it combines the forces of the 9 planets and this energy for us and our body brings balance. It is estimated the astrological effects of precious stones (which are not chemically treated), all over the world. The precious stones are arranged in a specific order: in the middle of Ruby, then clockwise – zirconia, Pearl, coral, Hessonite, blue Sapphire, cat’s eye, yellow Sapphire, Emerald

Tops Select Materials

You are the incarnation of the interior life of their dreams. You already know what you want; completed all preparations, and "dirty" construction work – it's time for the most enjoyable phase – selection and ordering food. And then begin to emerge questions … many questions … The problem of choosing kitchen countertops, and at first glance seemed so easy, but the more you are interested in catering, the more you realize that in such a variety of modern materials, technologies, manufacturers and the price can easily get confused. "What?" The answer to this question you may have to, but I just help you figure out what could be countertop and what's the difference of materials for countertops. Before you start narrative of the article, I note that, in my opinion, the world's advanced technologies and breathtakingly variety of materials in the choice should be guided not only by the price and features, but also the environmental benefits of this material, because the health of our family is most important! Thus, the main options of materials for countertops: 1) laminated countertops 2) stone, 3) a specially treated glass 4), this elusive "artificial stone "… 1) Laminate countertops.

These words are hidden worktops chipboard (particle board – made by hot pressing of wood chips and binder, as are act as formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde and other resins), treated for post forming technology. Postforming technology involves coating particle boards (rarely MDF) laminates. Strengths: protective coating (of clear melamine and acrylic resin) provides abrasion resistance, light – and heat resistance, protects from scratches, bumps and impact cleaning products, coffee, vinegar and dr.veschestv. .

Siberian Neva Masquerade

If you want your pet was in fine form, it must be remembered that not only a good diet and healthy eating contributes to this. Animals, just like people, require constant communication and attention. They, as well as at people are hurt and depressed. And it also can lead to diseases, like any virus or infection. If the cat lives in a confined space room or apartment, then, as a rule, it lacks the basic physical load.

And it is desirable to find time to play with him. We have a small kennel of Siberian Neva Masquerade cats and over time we observe their habits. It happens that cats exhibit behavior more inherent to the dogs. For example, many cats love to bring a toy with an invitation to host the game. They bring not only the ball of paper, but the standard toys on a rope tied to a long stick. In this case, animals are very respond to your participation in the game.

Important to them not only the game itself, but also your communication. They really like it when you praise or encourage them in the game. Many cats love to play only with the owner. They are much more interesting to run for the host in "Catch-up" or "hide" than a ball or a mouse. They really appreciate your personal involvement and signs of your attention. In general, they are always very responsive and if you talk to their pets, then they really surprise you the variety of his tone and participation. Range purring is so great that by the time you will feel that they speak with you in your language. So it is clear and expressive. The older get your animal, the more you will understand each other perfectly and sex-view. All their habits – walking, head rotation, movement of the tail – is a conversation with you. Need only be a little closer to "our brethren smaller and they are happy to present you unforgettable, emotional minutes. Talk about their problems and listen to your patient.

Asthma: Symptoms and Causes

A chronic disease whose prevalence is growing about 50 percent every ten years. Asthma is a disease characterized by an excessive inflammatory response of the respiratory system to different stimuli, and as a consequence of bronchial obstruction occurs. This disease, which affects approximately 150 million people worldwide, can occur at any age, although in 65 percent of cases the first episode usually occurs in childhood, more frequently in males. Asthma in children. Asthma is chronic disease more frequent childhood, affects 15 percent of children, and constitutes one of the main causes of school absenteeism. About 35 per cent of infants have suffered from a crisis of bronchospasm, however we do not categorize these children as asthmatic, as bronchial obstruction can be caused by various disorders, including gastroesophageal reflux, the bronchiolitis, viral respiratory infections, the presence of an airway anatomically narrow, and finally, asthma, which makes up only 25 percent of bronchial obstructions. The predisposing to the development of this condition include: genetic predisposition: If one of the parents is asthmatic, the child has a fifty percent chance of developing this disease, a figure that it amounts to seventy percent if both parents are asthmatic; Environmental pollution, which today is on the rise; The lack of adequate ventilation in homes, which favors the development of various allergens, among which stands out the presence of mites; Coexistence with people who smoke, who smoke inside the home; The lower the immune system capacity; The emotional situation of the asthmatic and their family environment.

Signs and symptoms of asthma the most characteristic presentation form is the lack of air, accompanied by abundant wheezing (whistling that occur to penetrate the air to obstructed bronchi), but in many cases the child only It presents a slight obstruction of the airway that goes unnoticed and is only detected when auscultation as spaced and mild wheezing. You can also manifest itself as the onset of cough dry after an episode of infection, followed by the increase of respiratory rate.Signs of severity are accentuated inspiration, the use of the neck muscles to help the air inlet and the deterioration of the awareness, among others. Of every 100 patients, 20 severe ventilatory limitation tables, and as a result of this severity die 0.5 to 1 per hundred thousand inhabitants. Nearly 50 percent of children are no longer suffering from asthma upon reaching adolescence, this disappearance of the disease does not yet have an accurate explanation, but it is assumed that compliance with the treatment prescribed by the physician would have a fundamental role, as well as the development of physical activities that allow you to strengthen your body and increase your lung capacity. Family education, is important so that the child is content for your environment and not adversely affected their psychological, physical and intellectual development.

Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov

Analysis of the scientists showed that the "live bio yogurt" does not exist! In products with long shelf life can not live bacteria, the floor – the year, it just dies Therefore, the fermented milk market such a product does not have What to do? How to raise immunity to propagate a number of important microorganisms. present movement mechnikovskoe offers technique called "Oseyanie. Technique develops a consciousness of the population to a new dimension – "microbes to man." Therefore, there is refreming conscious relation to its protective microflora. Personal health is the lot of man himself, rather than doctors. Home this knowledge put Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov. He always stood up for preventive medicine.

Although he won the Nobel Prize for developments in the field of immunology, namely, for the phagocytic theory of immunity, (incidentally, the last 100 years the prize army Russian scientists in physiology and medicine). And of particular importance, this work was in terms of getting rid of infectious outbreaks. Help. Plague killed hundreds of thousands of lives, and the bacteria have become the world's biological weapons, protection against which is not found so far The literature on Metchnikoff is a description of how the price of her own life scientist proved the effectiveness of disease control infectious nature simple starter cultures of lactic acid bacteria. An example: in front of the commission, he drank a glass with strains of Vibrio cholerae, and their number was so large that it could destroy more than 2000 soldiers.