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Tears Of Blood

Tears of blood The times start to cry from fear of the things. Rapes, homicides, violence. Everything corrodes me on the inside to this. The human being regrede each time more. As it is possible this animal behavior and irrational. They act as true Barbarians frightening the proper race. Instead of helping they desire the […]

Health Management in Brazil

The vision of the Manager in the Process of Management in Health in Brazil. Alpio Snows Da Silva Daniela Grandson Rodrigues Da Silva Braz Mayara Da Silva Souza Nyele Souza de Oliveira Railma de a Cruz Beam Lessa Suzy Quely Paiva de Lima SUMMARY the article deals with the vision of the proper manager regarding […]


Social sectors of Mexico poverty poverty is one of the analytical topics broader within economic, social and psychological aspects in the world, but talking about a closer reality we find that this problem is very marked in Mexico. Our Government has been interfering in the economy for the subsidy of populated it most needed. Inflation […]

Vascular Diseases

According to noted Jaime Pineda, diabetes entails various diseases if it is not treated and controlled under a strict system of feeding and exercise, also indicated that this can lead to many complications at the same time if the rules are not followed at the foot of the letter, since it may even cause death. […]

Dog Diseases

How can I tell when my dog is sick? Actually what I notice that my dog might be sick? The dog sits only apathetic in his cup and also the feed intake, denied unresponsive it if we can pull out the favorite or favourite toys? Then everything on a sick dog suggests. It is important […]

Meat Consumption

Milk myth and meat consumption as a national epidemic affects our food on our psyche which? In his post, Dr. Ruediger Dahlke explains different problems, often related to our eating habits in context. He informs us about the widespread myth of the milk, as well as the consumption of meat as a national epidemic. In […]

Eye Diseases Spread

It is hard to believe how significantly increases the amount of eye diseases in modern Western countries all important information about eye diseases. In what circumstances might be? Also experts in this hardly agree. It is estimated that eye diseases can be triggered not only hereditary, but can be caused by incorrect nutrition and General […]

World Championships

The footballer Ariane Hingst knows the everyday with the chronic skin disease psoriasis Neu-Isenburg, August 9, 2011 that stress affects your skin, know many of my own experience. In people with skin diseases such as psoriasis (medical: psoriasis), this is especially the case. As reported also, Ariane Hingst, Profifussballerin and psoriasis patient, she finds a […]