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Tears Of Blood

Tears of blood The times start to cry from fear of the things. Rapes, homicides, violence. Everything corrodes me on the inside to this. The human being regrede each time more. As it is possible this animal behavior and irrational. They act as true Barbarians frightening the proper race. Instead of helping they desire the evil for its next one.

Envy, greed, ambition. They are new deuses of century XXI. Clearly, the money sega the people. But would be it main reason of all this violence? Not. Since the primrdios of the civilization the man does not obtain to coexist in peace without the presence of a threatening force as an army or a melcia.

The situation runs away (it leaves) from the control when it has opinion discord and then, any reason is excuse for an armed conflict. More parents of family die. Widowers are made to mounts and orphans also. Children are traumatizadas the remaining portion of the life for the lack of a father. Wanting or not, the col of a father is irreplaceable. It is when the slaughter starts. Then I ask myself. Would have I courage to kill a fellow creature? I find that he would die in my first battle. He would not have forces to pull the trigger. Which same age the order? You love you ones to the others as you exactly. then a film would pass in my head. It would start to imagine as my enemy one was when child. Its fears, its culture, if it had children, if it had family, what it liked to make or for which teams it even twisted. He would not have as. It is so sad to know that he has people that they do not import themselves with the life. as much waste this only chance to leave its mark in the world. Thanks to God we have chance and condition to help needed and aflitas people, victims of the same social crisis where we live. Then why not to help? It is so easy to close the eyes and to beat the door to that they are needing? The sad reality is that we prefer to blind our eyes to help who needs. He would be so beautiful if we conseguissemos to live in harmony, without differences or inaqualities. We cannot dissimulate not to enxergar the fatal route where the humanity is walking. If it will not be for the wars, our proper house in them will banish from the life therefore nowadays palvara consincia does not exist more in the dictionary and the Land is each sick time. But it will be possible to open the eyes of all in time to wake up for the reality and they perceive that the world is in leaving? Abandoning for the world. Rejected for the proper race. all this disaster is supported by a fuel of pain, luxuries, preconception, violence and avarice. I have shame. It has times we are known as engineer, doctors, architects. But to each moment what we construimos and we arquitetamos it is only our proper extinguishing.Plus a history that with the time will become dust in the universe. All our mritos and conquests will be only supreme of sand pairando in the sky and all the lines of the book of the humanity will be extinguished as if it erases words in a notebook. Word for word, letter for letter.

Health Management in Brazil

The vision of the Manager in the Process of Management in Health in Brazil. Alpio Snows Da Silva Daniela Grandson Rodrigues Da Silva Braz Mayara Da Silva Souza Nyele Souza de Oliveira Railma de a Cruz Beam Lessa Suzy Quely Paiva de Lima SUMMARY the article deals with the vision of the proper manager regarding the process of the management of the public health in Brazil. It observes the forms of planning, the public politics of health and, however the relationship of the current management with the doctrinal principles of the SUS. The manager if precedes to its time trying to find solutions for the current problem when the subject is financing, humanizao and social participation. INTRODUCTION At the current moment we can identify as one of the indispensable attributes the basic guarantees of the person human being the access the health, the Only System of Health is, for constitutional definition, a public system of health, national and of universal character, based in the conception of citizenship health as right, in the notion of unicity and at the same time in the organizativas lines of direction of: decentralization, with only command in each sphere of government; completeness of the attendance; participation of the community, that if materialize by means of Conferences of Health and for the Advice of Health.

The performance technique of the manager of the SUS if of the one through the exercise of the managing functions in the health. The managing functions can be defined as necessary articulated set to know and practical of management for the implementation of politics in the area of the health, exerted of coherent form with the principles of the public system of health and the public administration. (Matus, 1996). This work has for objective to show as the managers (federal, state and municipal) of the SUS fulfill a decisive paper in the conformation of the practical ones of health by means of the politics of the mechanisms of financing etc., but they do not govern alone.


Social sectors of Mexico poverty poverty is one of the analytical topics broader within economic, social and psychological aspects in the world, but talking about a closer reality we find that this problem is very marked in Mexico. Our Government has been interfering in the economy for the subsidy of populated it most needed. Inflation and interest rate limited, have made the country’s barriers to elevate the quality of life of the society, namely, workers, and children of the imperceptible streets for the Government. According to governmental statistics concerning unemployment in the country is concerned, there has been a remarkable growth of 37%, while the other 50% of people work without any benefit. Unemployment in Mexico is not just a matter of statistics that do not understand an actual, if no solution that the reasons are so numerous that it is very difficult to fight them, and between them overpopulation, education, culture and socioeconomic status. In Mexico there are 1.3 million indigenous people aged between 6 and 14 years old, and within what fits into this figure, 17% prefers spending his life on the streets taking to survive easily, instead of preparing a school money.

Indicates that indigenous cultures within States such as Chihuahua and Sinaloa children maximum study until the primary. These problems are created primarily by family problems, and some of the acts that have to do in the society depending on the type of culture and ethnicity. Malnutrition is one of the diseases that they are in economic status lower, i.e. poverty. This disease affects children in their physical and psychological growth putting it at a social disadvantage since this disease prevents them from basic or compared with a nourished person activities. Sonora about 87% of children recorded a normal growth, in Guerrero.

63% malnourished and 10% by a bad quality in power talking about third grade, which is very complicated. Mexico economic and social distribution problem has been one of the most criticized but at the same time it is the most ignored by those who come to power, since his ideas imply the conclusion that in all Mexico is going increasingly better and poverty is something which has always lived and live. It is time that perform actions for a better quality of life as well as a better salary for which the subsistence is not so complicated.

Vascular Diseases

According to noted Jaime Pineda, diabetes entails various diseases if it is not treated and controlled under a strict system of feeding and exercise, also indicated that this can lead to many complications at the same time if the rules are not followed at the foot of the letter, since it may even cause death. Is one of the leading causes of death in the State of Coahuila, hence the concern of the Dr. Berta Castellanos to place much emphasis on the attention of these sufferings, so in the programs that we’re going to have prevention, has dedicated special attention to this matter and will generate a major campaign of prevention of vascular diseasesas well as the metabolic, including diabetes, said. For what corresponds to the campaign, said that the diseases to be treated to prevent, saved a close relationship between the two, since one relates to the other usually. Both are diseases that often are very interrelated, where the diabetic is hypertensive and the hypertensive become diabetic and both as another predispose to infarction or complications that eventually lead to the death of people, explained. By what stressed that it is both the myocardial infarction, and the complications of diabetes, which ensures there are numerous and may affect fully, so people should not neglect their treatments.We must not forget that diabetes is considered within the chronic diseases, which deteriorate some organs, such as kidneys, vision, heart and largely comes to cost you your life, he said. Worth mentioning that among the most common symptoms that presents this disease include: increased thirst, frequent urination, have great hunger, loss of weight for no apparent reason.Also some types of diabetes that exist are: pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and diabetes insipidus.

While exercise helps prevent varicose veins, a rough sport can cause trauma resulting from inflammation in veins. Athletes suffer from vascular diseases (on veins) due to shocks (trauma), explains the deportologo Jose Reinhart. It is common that when practiced a sport opponents clash among themselves or hit against fences, arches, rings or other sports equipment or fall sharply on hard surfaces. If these shocks are not treaties – notes – may have varicose veins, and in the worst cases, Thrombophlebitis (inflammation with clot) to not be treated can generate a cerebral thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. The most common symptoms are redness of the veins and constant pain. Many times, these signs are confused with muscle tears and people do not attend a specialist. The main cause of varicose veins is an inherited genetic disorder. Most susceptible to suffer this bad vascular are those who have parents who suffer from this disease (the probability is between 70% and 80%), explains the vascular surgeon Mario Ortega. Women who have more than 30 years because they are experiencing a stage of hormonal changes are also more vulnerable.

Dog Diseases

How can I tell when my dog is sick? Actually what I notice that my dog might be sick? The dog sits only apathetic in his cup and also the feed intake, denied unresponsive it if we can pull out the favorite or favourite toys? Then everything on a sick dog suggests. It is important that we accurately portray our observations made the doctor, to ensure a more exact diagnosis during a vet visit. Our dog can’t speak Yes we know. If we suspect that our dog is sick, we should measure as the first fever. To do this, we use the best a digital thermometer which is inserted in the anus of the dog. The normal temperature is between 38 and 39 degrees.

Everything is in us indicates that the dog might be sick. Not always but show disease of the dog on the basis of fever, apathy, diarrhea or vomiting. Skin problems can have many different causes. This is to document the change in behavior to the To facilitate behavioral therapists or vet the causal research and for detecting the disease. Also we should consult a veterinarian if our dog is injured. Bleeding wounds, it is advisable to dress the wound first. In addition, it is absolutely important to calm the dog, because he, if he’s in shock, otherwise reacts under certain circumstances than usual E.g. with unusual aggressiveness.

Meat Consumption

Milk myth and meat consumption as a national epidemic affects our food on our psyche which? In his post, Dr. Ruediger Dahlke explains different problems, often related to our eating habits in context. He informs us about the widespread myth of the milk, as well as the consumption of meat as a national epidemic. In the foreground is sheer enjoyment, not based on any foreign suffering for him. Everyone know it, constantly it preached: we are drinking much milk to intends the bones and to protect us from osteoporosis. Nothing could be wrong! The exact gegenTeil is true, little harm our bones as much as Milch(Produkte). And that is today: in countries with minimal consumption of milk such as Nigeria, osteoporosis is virtually unknown in those with the highest dairy consumption as Finland but a popular plague worse than ours. Milk is that calcium-rich, cut off more calcium than she brings him clear the organism but the bottom line.

It is almost a dangerous Calcium robbers and enemy of the bones. But not only the ES gets much worse, milk promotes demonstrably the most dangerous heart disease and that the cause of death 1. And also the second leading cause of cancer death increases significantly with increasing milk consumption. Like that, together with the realization that meat were convinced also heart disease, cancer, autoimmune problems, the diseases of age as promotes dementia and pretty much all the symptoms of civilization, modern people scare, on behalf of the meat and dairy industry Jahrzehnte long otherwise. “More about the article peace food” by Dr. Ruediger Dahlke can refer to the free PDF magazine GreenBalance under: another theme that you can also read in this issue of GreenBalance: indoor games for the cold season not only we people not like go out the door when it is outsIDE cold and wet. “Too many Hunde, especially the smaller breeds, but also more loving” races as the Rhodesian Ridgeback can be difficult for an extended Spaziergang inspired at sub-zero temperatures, rain or snow.

Eye Diseases Spread

It is hard to believe how significantly increases the amount of eye diseases in modern Western countries all important information about eye diseases. In what circumstances might be? Also experts in this hardly agree. It is estimated that eye diseases can be triggered not only hereditary, but can be caused by incorrect nutrition and General bad living habits. But what diseases of the eyes are we talking about here? The layman must basically distinguish between “real” diseases of the eyes and those that bring only an impairment of vision with. You can fix now fairly easy vision defects such as short and long sightedness with the appropriate equipment, about by glasses, contact lenses or laser eye correction. The serious eye diseases are on the other side. In this context, especially the gray and the Green star as well as various infections and retinal diseases are to name a few. Such a disease should not be on be taken lightly, a visit to the eye doctor is always necessary in this case.

What can you do about it? In addition to medicines and therapies, which are for the correction of vision defects and eye diseases available today, Berezovsky too much to do that there not even to a fault. Extensive work on the PC care should be taken about, to take regular breaks to give time to relax the eyes. Also in activities such as skiing, etc. you should make sure always to protect the eyes – such as dust, as well as some of the very aggressive sunlight as much as possible. Ultimately, it can be said that the medicine has made great progress made in the correction of eye diseases and disorders in recent years. But also on the people themselves, it’s whether must make use of these treatment methods at all. Mark Wilde

World Championships

The footballer Ariane Hingst knows the everyday with the chronic skin disease psoriasis Neu-Isenburg, August 9, 2011 that stress affects your skin, know many of my own experience. In people with skin diseases such as psoriasis (medical: psoriasis), this is especially the case. As reported also, Ariane Hingst, Profifussballerin and psoriasis patient, she finds a worsening of symptoms in stressful periods. But the Ambassador initiative well living with psoriasis”knows the problem and allowed for bypasses. Her open and confident dealing with skin disease should encourage other concerned. Experienced as a footballer Ariane Hingst always stressful phases, which are noticeable on your skin. Just prior to and during tournaments my skin often visibly deteriorated, because then I’m under strong tension.” So does also the women’s soccer World Championships, the Ariane Hingst was defender in the German team, left their mark.

But the 32-year old, who since childhood with the chronic psoriasis lives, so pragmatic bypasses. I have inherited the disease from my mother. My parents have supported me always very positive and open. Therefore I have the setting that psoriasis does not restrict me personally”reported Ariane Hingst. The deterioration of my skin during stressful periods I just take out and make me worry, why my skin is now so bad. Finally, I know that it will get better as soon as I can back down. But it was a learning experience, to understand this.

“If you are aware, can be handled even more coolly and understands the drawers as on the and ABS.” Thus the footballer has provided something many other psoriasis patients, because many is unaware that stress worsens psoriasis, and so they make themselves in addition when amplify the symptoms a permanent vicious circle begins stress. Treat to relaxation! Stress is not entirely to banish from the daily life. But even with simple You can provide funds for relaxing breaks.