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If you will be so bad, you go to search the doctor. – Only when to arrive the hour, doctor, still is early. The man put in the head that was pregnant and I did not have half of to obtain to take off that. I thought very about going to search the doctor, but I tried to solve that problem with calm. – It knows, doctor, I am thinking the entire day if he goes to be boy or girl. It finds what you that is? I would like that I was girl.

At least to visit he would come me here of time in when, also never I had one mulherzinha still. – Mr. does not have son some. – You he is that he does not know. I have four, all men, but nobody comes to see here me.

– How it is it had that you these children? – I give birth, however. Mr., who is a doctor, does not know as is that a son is born? He did not have skill. I did not find a solution for the case. He had that to call the same psychoanalyst. It would only understand of these things, but I decided to free last the cartada one. – But if you he is pregnant, its son or son goes to have that to have a father and a mother. Who Mr. if married, with a man or a woman? – That more insane person asks, seems that you it is wild, doctor. It is clearly that I was married a man. This now. I did not support and to comeceirir when it completed the phrase: – It does not see as soon as I am a woman? I almost chokeed with my proper saliva. That one homemes tava wild, completely wild. Clearly, he was wild same. Already it went leaving when it changed a little the colloquy. – But I confess that not taste very of being pregnant not, doctor. I am very ugly. The belly grows, is unskillful. It is therefore that nor I leave for there and I am almost always lying. When people it passes for the belly street, everybody looks at and of the one risinho of bad taste. Still more I who taste to take pilequinhos of time in when. Already thought pregnant I, of barriguinha and until the shoe of cachaa? He does not catch very well, n doctor? I gave a beautiful outburst of laughter and I thought, thanks to God, I obtained to botar the man to the normal one. I gave to some advice it, I caught in its hand, I fired me, went leaving calmly when it cried out: – When the baby to be born, doctor, I want that you to visit he comes me. I want that Mr. is the godfather, compadre. Soon. It went to come back the crisis again. I left running the search the psychoanalyst from there, before the such baby was born there with me, still more I that never I made a childbirth in my life and I do not understand nothing of obstetricses.

Natural Remedies

Children who do not eat are a common occurrence. A dislike of the young child to try some new food is a normal stage in development and according to grow children will try new and different foods. But the loss of appetite in children that lasts a long time can be subject of concern. Some children seem to be more picky than others and it is not unusual for parents to worry because their children not be are feeding properly. Children who do not eat any nutritious thing by a long period of time, can increase your chances of getting sick. Healthy eating for children should include foods such as whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy products. Trying to enforce healthy eating to children who don’t eat, it is important to make the meal when one nice and not turn it into a struggle between the father and the child. Naturally the loss of appetite in children is a cause of concern to parents.

The factor most crucial of how to convince your child to eat healthy is to not make food a source discussion. Emphasize health getting your child involved in cooking and taking it to food purchases. If you are wondering how to get your child to eat, there are some helpful tips. Anime your child make healthy meals is one of the ways. Another way is to allow that they serve (if higher) because it will also give them an idea of control of portion and develop an independent relationship with food. Be present, when children have growth spurts, they need extra food. Make sure that your child stay well hydrated. Keep children active and encourage them to participate in sports or other physical activities that are not only good for growing bodies but also stimulate the appetite! Natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine, natural medicine and alternative medicine for thousands of years to support a healthy appetite, helping to promote a balanced with food relationship.

Cantonal Court

A minor in the Netherlands – Holland (ie a person under 18 years) has no right to marry without the permission of his (her) parents (Art. 1:35). Moreover, if the parent (s) does not (-are) its consent to the marriage, a minor may instead request a consent to Kantonrechter (Cantonal Court, a special division of the court – Rechtbank) (Section 1:36). Person in custody in the Netherlands – Netherlands in view of his (her) mental illness is allowed to marry only with the consent of Kantonrechter (Section 1:38). If the guardianship over the person has been established by reason of his (her) or racket the presence of his (her) of alcoholism, the marriage for the person must obtain the consent of his guardian. In case of failure a guardian to consent the person under guardianship may submit a request for him (her) consent to Kantonrechter (Article 1:37, paragraph 1 and 2).

Another obstacle to marriage in the Netherlands – Holland is an unacceptable degree of consanguinity between wanting to get married, in ascending or descending order. A similar ban exists in the full respect of marriages between brothers and sisters. An exception is made for the half-brothers and sisters, in these cases, the permit may be issued by the Minister of Justice (Article 1:41, paragraph 1 and 2). The preliminary agreement to marry in the Netherlands – Holland No person shall be compelled to marry or to register in the Netherlands – Holland is a partner of another person, even on the basis of ever signed a preliminary agreement. A simple procedure for termination of the agreement deprives another person to initiate the possibility of prosecuting for registration as a marriage and damage. Deceived party may demand compensation for actual costs incurred and damage (for example, the cost of services and booking restaurants photographer who had to cancel, etc.) only if for a wedding ceremony it was announced officially.

Hidrolgico Cycle Water

It does not have what to argue itself regarding the benefits that the water brings in general for the population, but its benefits together with the population concentration, generate many impacts to the environment, daily in periodicals can be come across with the flood news what helps in the transmissions of illnesses as leptospirose, pollution of rivers, caused for companies many times with the intention of poluir, the water this available one in the nature, but takes it with quality to all the population it is difficult, it has a relatively high financial cost and its treatment involves much complexity. Hidrolgico cycle. The water, as well as carbon, passes for a process of natural regeneration, known as Hidrolgico Cycle, that is when the water comes of the atmosphere passing for diverse phases ties its return again the atmosphere. As it shows figure 1. Figure 1-Cycle Hidrolgico.

Had access in 20 September of 2010. Available in: . Had access in 21 of September of the 2010 After water to come of the atmosphere through precipitations, a percentage of it is drained by the surface ties to arrive at a river, lake or sea, another percentage penetrates in the ground ties to arrive at a fretico sheet generating later one spring that anger to discharge in a river that goes following its passage ties to arrive at the sea, after this passage the water is evaporated, the generated vapor, forms the clouds that consequentemente and depending on the climatization rains, granizos or snows generate, this transformation provokes an atmospheric phenomenon calling precipitation and thus the clico starts again. With passing of the years, the population comes very increasing of fast form, bringing as consequence a great water consumption. But the lack of awareness and information for the population, makes with that the use irrational of the water is practised by great part of the population.

Blood Transfusion

Then they dissected by planes into the abdominal cavity struggling with thick adipose panniculus, and roasting some rebel vessels opened the parietal peritoneum, not found any implant, as they grimly said some reports of CT scans, nor had ascites and what already imagined, to eat the aftermath of the previous laparotomy: extensive and dense adhesions, which hampered and lasted hepatectomy! Quiet, slowly am hurry!, remembered Napoleon then appeared the liver, smiled at them and said to them with voice firm and martial later ranging PC. To kill a Noble organ and Bueno! – Recalling Che, and with scrupulous respect, they sectioned the round ligament – there to 2 or 3 cm. above liverworts, organ smiled, keep! – he said – and they followed with the section of the Triangular ligament, Noble organ showed them the confluence of the Supra-hepatic veins in the cellar, so that they comply with the milestones anatomical then began the dissection of Calot triangle, identified the Cystic, dissected the hilus, identifying vessels and bile ducts friend told him what is your last wish? save Dr. Michael! told with aplomb deserves to live Jose Carlos and his team looked at him with respect and admiration. And without more protocol: Clamparon selectively Porta, Cava and above liverworts, affecting more or less 1/3 of its flow cared hepatic artery! beware hepatica!-screaming shadows.Liver agonized, had no grudge to viruses, even more forgave them! Kissed by the Aurora-continued – Court and section, surgeons in hand thread Miss!, the instrumentalist responded speedily aspiration Eduardo! dry, sucks! go, ASPIRAAA! well, very well! Separates, separates Carlos Felix!, Carlos separated, with the diligence of always, pass me the! Ultrasonic dissector please! – screaming shaman – thats very well! Eduardo coagulation bipolar forceps! Eduardo coagulaba, Jala Victor, Jala, jala, I say!, Victor pulled Cecilia please dry, separates, SEPARATES, fine!, Jala, Jala,! Careful with the artery!, rejects ducts! – Jose Carlos screaming – let’s remove it with care we will, one, two and three! ZAS! Uf very well!, Miss put the panning with much respect the body Noble, lay inert in the bedliner, dipped in formalin dead at the age of 54 years, innocent victim of a murderous Retrovirus, the more insane and sicopatas: the the genotype 1-b, infected through a Blood Transfusion, complicated with hepatic cirrhosis and Hepato Carcinoma, widower of spleen, Orphan of omentum, neighbor of varicose veins in the esophagus, stomach, and Retro peritoneal pathology is your last Purple!, before being converted into humus made a solemn minute’s silence in the operating room, in tribute to this immense, noble, poly-functional and supportive body Shirley-acongojada – removed it from operations the Dr. Palomino room, piously, dried my tears, what time is it?.

Blood Donation And Religion

For more paradoxical than to seem it can, has religious people that they are opposed to the good, in all its inteireza. I mention those to it whose understanding to the true love to the next one, taught for Jesus, in Jo.13: 34, run away to them almost completely: ‘ ‘ A New Order I give to you: that you love ones to the others; as well as I loved you you, who also it love ones to outros.’ ‘ The Voluntary Donation of Blood, supported for the Law n 1,075, of 27/03/1950; for the Decree n 229, of 28/02/1967, article 473, interpolated proposition IV; for the Law n 8,112, of 11/12/1990, article 97, interpolated proposition I, has been accepted for all the Christianity, throughout the centuries, but the russellitas calls – disciples of Charles Taze Russell – teimam in not accepting the sublime exercise Christian of the blood donation. Being Jesus Christ the Love of God (Jo.3: 16), being It proper Love (1Jo.4: 8,16), could not leave to teach to us regarding the Love: ‘ ‘ Nobody has greater Love of what this, to give somebody its life for its amigos.’ ‘ (Jo.15: 13) Joo, the Apstolo call of the Love was who wrote down, in its Evangelho, these Words of Jesus; later it he came back to register, in its First Epistle: ‘ ‘ In this we know the Love: that Christ gave its Life for us; we must give the life for irmos.’ ‘ (3: 16) However, what he comes to be: ‘ ‘ to give somebody its life for its amigos’ ‘ ; e, ‘ ‘ we must give the life for irmos’ ‘? Perhaps it would be our death, as a sacrifice of we ourselves? Not! Jesus Christ – AND ONLY IT -, in its Sacrifice Salvfico and Vicrio could carry through, in the cross of the Glgota, propitious the Expiatria Death to all we: ‘ ‘ It is the propiciao for our sins, and not only for ours, but also for the ones of the whole world..

The Blood

I ran a cup of coffee, mineral water and returned to the queue. Managed to just the latter. After me no one is allowed. Nurse (or doctor) has long tried to measure my blood pressure. But, apparently, could not detect it. She has a very old and ragged meter, ought to give it new. Found or not, but that she was tired, plus it was necessary to curb the onslaught of those who wish to become donors, who did not donate blood.

And it already under the car windows was – where it was necessary that blood or something else ship. Put on a gown and shoe covers. I tied up his hand, lay down on the couch, hand out the window. Vein for me, fortunately – not even an intern does not miss. For the ideal donor. All the blood went. There, behind a window, a nurse and everything is sterile. By this side, near my couch, another nurse.

Watching me, so as not to "drove off" talks. Both have suspected something, obviously. Blood is slow. Yes, and my view of them seems slightly pricked. I usually bruises under his eyes, but I zapudrila them. A blood must pass exactly 350 grams, or less, no more, otherwise the count damaged goods. Asked: "Girl, you at least something to drink in the morning? And anyway, you do not have to pass "- somehow conclude. Yes, saw. And we should. I'm so necessary. If I did not come as a similar operation? Donors often promised, but do not come.