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The Possibilities

Little would also advance to take knowledge of the curses of my vice, therefore, already it lived in the fancy of the success and of the new to be it will transform that me, was the maximum! My career of smoker was long. I smoked the first cigarette to the thirteen years, still in sporadical character during two years for religious questions and to the fifteen years, I caught firm and I made career. They had been long thirty and five years of tobaccoism! Next to the eighteen years, due to practical of sports, I made my first attempt to stop to smoke and failed. I did not understand very well what it had happened, but also, still he was very attractive to be part of this select group of people who smoked. I took the life ahead. Years later, when already it had forgotten the last attempt failed to stop, already to the twenty and five years approximately, when also already it was said of the possibilities to contract illnesses, mainly the cancer for the habit to smoke, I made a new attempt. This time I convinced a friend that together we could win this fight. They had been three long days of my abstinence.

I was in the biggest joy in catching smoking it hidden, therefore, it had a reason just to breach our treatment. I came back to the vice. Of this time it was different, replenished the load of nicotine in the body, started pain in the conscience and a great doubt: it will be that I do not obtain to stop? It will be that I am vitiated? It was this that my parents had tried to alert to me and not I gave ear! I only took the life ahead, that now with a hurt of the defeat and an enormous feeling of guilt.


One of the most famous and perhaps the most terrible eye disease is cataract. The term 'cataract' is derived from the Greek word Katarrhaktes, which means waterfall. The symptom is an ophthalmologist disease, the slow disappearance of the view, and soon he was a total loss. Initially, the person in front of spots appear, as is popularly called 'fly', and soon begins an irreversible process of the disease. It is treated only so. It is believed that in the cortical (primary) form, the patients do not report the complaint entirely, but since the process of swelling of the lens. This may be a complication after surgery, or any illness (not necessarily the eye). Also, if eyes are affected by radiation, may develop cataracts.

Radioactive waves travel deep into the very lens and hit him. Sometimes the development of this disease, both with internal and external to the eye. It is recognized with laser eye examination, medical institutions. One of the scariest and most complicated in the history of ophthalmology, cataract is a kind of 'fakoliticheskaya glaucoma'. It occurs because of absorption decaying matter the lens, which swells and increases the internal volume, resulting in a violation of intraocular fluid. This species is a consequence of outdated cataracts. Begin Cataract mass loss in the front, part of the eye and the stagnation of it there, as well as fakoanafilaktichesky iridocyclitis, which is caused by hypersensitivity to lenticular protein.

Accurate diagnosis established based on the patient's complaints to the deterioration of vision, as well as using special ophthalmic research. With intracapsular method ekstraktatsii darkened lens is removed entirely from the eye, replaced after a piece manufactured. There are two types of piece lens: color or black and white. After the installation of colored lens, the vision is fully restored, and after the black and white resumes done with the help of low-frequency sound. Waves that pass through the lens of the cornea is crushed to a state of emulsion, which is then washed out of his eyes. If early treatment of cataract, while its forecast will be favorable.

Lebedev AD Work Transportation

After a break for lunch between 11 hours and 30 minutes and up to 13 hours and 40 minutes electrons tromontery Kolyada LV Gais and VI picking the appropriate parameters for the stator to the motor shop ZEP bitumen unit in accordance with the task of Lebedev AD Work Transportation was electric from the pantry in the master skuyu their disassembly for comparison with the failed. In 13 hours, 40 minutes Gais VI, leaving the pantry of one Kalyada LV, and without telling him, he left. After a time Kolyada LV, who needed help, looked Gaisa VI and did not find that addressed the Lebedev AD for help in finding the stator, as well as to show what the engine similar to the parameters available. By explanations Lebedev AD Christmas Carols and LV, except repair of other motor asphalt installation Gaisu no one instructed. In 14 hours, 20 minutes on the crane, where they worked Parfenov and Shakun, got fitter Gais electro-VI without PPE.

He is very breath, wiping sweat from his forehead hand, was showing signs illness. On tap Gais VI asked how the repairs and was told that everything is fine turned back. After a moment Shakun AV electrician who was on the repair-term site about Gaisa VI I heard a knock and saw how he lost consciousness (the words Shakun AV), fell into the gap between the end rails and fitting it all the way telezh Coy Crane. According to the explanations, A. Shakun tried to seize Gaisa VI hand, but could not.