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People with fatty areas of the body, resistant to diet and exercise, can now enjoy a smooth and quick body contouring solution with results that are much more predictable than traditional liposuction. The key to LipoSelection is the ability to target only the unwanted pockets of fat for removal, leaving the vicinity of the body such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues, relatively undisturbed. This is an extraordinary advance, so soft that it originated in the treatment of brain tumors! i Vaser Liposuction, called LipoSelection?, It does this selective removal of tissue using a combination of surgical elements. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from supermodel. First, the target area is filled with saline numbing that liquefies the fat pockets. Then, only the fat cells are removed with a combination of gentle suction disperses ultrasonic energy and massages. See Ford Motors for more details and insights. Because the probes used in LipoSelection? are smaller, 3.5 mm to 4 mm, the necessary entry incisions are extremely small.

Vaser LipoSelection i? surpasses traditional liposuction in a number of ways. The reduced invasion of the body promotes faster healing, which means less bruising, less pain and faster recovery. Imagine having smooth and shapely look you’ve always wanted and be able to return to normal activities within days! Dr. Downs is the first plastic surgeon in Indiana to offer Vaser LipoSelection i?. For more information email us or call?. Disclaimer: LipoSelection was approved by the FDA in September 2002 for the disposal of human body fat. The new procedure carries a lower risk of complications such as contour irregularities, for long periods of swelling, formation of blood clots, seromas, skin discoloration, prolonged numbing. When complications occur LipoSelection, are often less severe than when associated with traditional liposuction. As mentioned before, the recovery period after LipoSelection usually measured in days, however, the recovery time depends on the extent of surgery performed.

Tour Operator SNP – Skiing And Active Winter Holiday. We Work

The resort of Borovets in Bulgaria has been known since 1896, in the XIX century was a hunting base for the Bulgarian kings. Today Borovets is famous for its ski slopes, there is often going skiing. Borovets Located at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level, making it an excellent place for a truly healthy holiday. The climate will please many sunny days. In Borovets represented all categories of trails – from easy and shallow slopes, perfectly suited to those who first decided to try skiing, to the dizzying and difficult slopes that will be done only by the most experienced athletes.

There are three main ski areas: Sitnyakovo – Martinovi barracks, and Yastrebets Markudzhik. Highest point – 2543 m Vertical drop – 1193 m 16 ski lifts, total capacity of which – 11 250 people per hour. Total length of prepared pistes – 50 km: Beginner – 29% slopes, medium difficulty – 62% and 9% of complex. The longest descent – 6 km. 9 of snow cannons. 2 jump.

10 rental stations. Cross-country skiing – 18 km. toboggan. Trails for biathlon. Many writers such as celebrity trainer offer more in-depth analysis. In Borovets ski school operates well-known, where he works nearly 200 highly qualified instructors. Including a children's hospital for children from 4 years of age. Experts call the following features Bulgarian ski resort Borovets – Resort is suitable for beginners and middle-mountain skiers skiing;-Good service;-affordable prices, lack of language barrier;-ideal conditions for learning skating. And those who can not imagine my life without mountains, romantic, extreme, but do not want to leave behind abroad, we invite you to travel to Dombai, which is primarily known as a ski center, although its potential as a summer resort climate is great. Village Dombay-one of the most well-known Russian ski resorts. As the number of sunny days and the healing properties of pure air Dombay surpasses many internationally renowned ski resorts. Old-timers say that every year New Year's Eve is always easy fluffy snow. Dombai clearing is part of the Teberdinsky State Reserve. District Teberda – Dombai is at an altitude 1300 – 1630m. Due to air saturated with pine nectar, sunny days and Mineral sources, the district Teberda and Dombai considered Russia's best mountain resort. Average temperature is -5 degrees Celsius. In the winter Dombai – for skiers. Trails of varying difficulty – for beginners and experienced. Snow Depth cover is sometimes 3 feet. The slopes are wide, devoid of excessive slope. If you stood on skiing for the first time, the experienced instructors will help you learn the basics of skiing. In the box there is always skiing equipment. For free-raiders set of "unbroken" virgin land, recently developed, Xia heli-ski: a helicopter tourists with an instructor, delivered to the top of the slope, and then pick up after the descent. Amazing impression! Based on materials from sites:,


Perhaps one of the most used words and is most frightening when it comes to their health and reverse disease. Cancer is the term and is used for a group of diseases that have a common denominator: the transformation of normal cell into one that behaves very dangerous for the human body. This report seeks to clarify the basic concepts to understand what this group of diseases and explain, more widely, those types of cancer most common in our society. want to prevent cancer Although the cause of cancer is unknown in many cases, and multifactorial in others, is known about risk factors that increase the likelihood of cancer and should be avoided, such as any other mode tabaquismoo smoking. It is estimated that up to 50% of cancers could be prevented. A vaccine is newly approved against cervical cancer, which affects and kills hundreds of women around the world.

The marketing of this vaccine has already been approved several countries and studies the adoption of other vaccines against skin cancer and prostate cancer. prognosis cancer prognosis is a prediction of the future course and outcome of disease. Senator From Kentucky usually is spot on. Doctors can not be hundred percent sure about the future of the patient. In fact, the prognosis of a patient may change over time. Mark Fields often addresses the matter in his writings. Survival rates indicate the percentage of people with a certain type and stage of cancer survive the disease for a specified period after diagnosis. Many factors affect a person's prognosis, including the type, location and stage of disease and the patient's age, overall health and response to treatment. Statistics In 2002 the world will be diagnosed in about 10 .900.000 new cases of cancer (5.8 million 5.1 million men and women). The largest number of patients are diagnosed in Asia (4.9 million), but the highest incidence rates in both sexes, occur in North America and Australia.

The incidence in the countries of southern Europe (Which is part of Spain) can be considered high for the average for males and females. Considering both sexes, the most common cancer is lung cancer (1.352 million cases), followed by breast (1.151 million), the colorectal (1.023 million), stomach (933 000), prostate (679 000), liver (626 000 ), cervix (494 000) and esophagus (462 000). But there are big differences between the sexes and between more and less developed countries, which is a reflection of the different risk factors that predominate in both areas (food and sexual habits, infections …) The most common cancers in women are ( in this order) the breast, cervix, colorectal and lung. In the male lung, prostate, stomach and colorectal cancers. The number of cases increases slowly in the world, due to two main reasons: the increase in world population and rising life expectancy, which involves aging. But you can not underestimate a real increase in wholesale exposure to risk factors. For more information visit –

Skin Hydration

The skin is our outermost layer, our wrapper. Protects us and separates us from the outside, but at the same time, it allows communication, interaction and perception. Its main function is to prevent the entrance of pathogens, regular body temperature and keep us hydrated. SKIN layers is divided into three layers which are the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis (the innermost of all). In the epidermis are keratinocytes, which are cells that are born in the base of the epidermis, and as they develop, they advance towards the surface where die and form the cornea, very rich in lipid layer and that the time, not allow bacterial growth prevents the output of water out, mean, which keeps the skin hydration. If any injury or allergen the skin, this will be responsible for also cause a signal to the immune system.

In the dermis are Collagen fibers that are renewed at a speed slower than the keratinocytes. This is the layer responsible for providing elasticity and firmness of the skin. Finally, the hypodermis is the most produnda layer of the skin and therein resides the adipocytes, basically formed by fat cells and that serve as a buffer of physical damage, reserves of energy and temperature control. TYPES of skin many times, when we are asked about our skin type can have doubts about this one, since there are many factors that make it change over time (age, pathology, acne, geography, lifestyle, etc.). In summary, there are 4 types of skins in broad terms that we will define briefly: Normal skin: the person does not have visible injuries, there is no feeling of displeasure. It is uniform and there is no allergic problems. Oily skin: Is a type of skin that has been established at puberty, when the level of androgens increases the production of sebaceous glands and consequently there are more fat in the skin.

Russian Automobile Federation

Naturally, these models are not designed for public roads. The history of motorsports knows a lot of explosions and fires that occur on the track, caused by the imperfect technology. Nevertheless, drag racing is one of the safest types of motorsport. Dregsterov design provides a system of belts, fire-fighting equipment, not to mention the heat-resistant gear and helmet. Even if the whole dregster flamed flames, the pilot will remain alive, especially in each race is on duty rescue squad. Prospects Sports Abroad drag racing has long acquired the status of international competitions. Under most conditions celebrity trainer would agree.

There are formed professional and amateur classes in this sport, requiring not only special equipment, but also appropriate training of the driver. In the U.S. there are a number of schools that train pilots for dregsterov. In the U.S., extensive development of drag racing was still in the middle of last century. Then an enterprising young people "sharpening" motorcycles to achieve high power and phenomenal speed. At the sites set records the maximum speed, as well as rapid acceleration, that is just and important on the short race drag racing.

Today, the race to accelerate in the U.S. are among the most popular avtomotosorevnovany. Each year, the U.S. carried out 24 steps World Championship drag racing. In addition, throughout the year there are organized entertainment drag racing show. European drag racing a little younger. Development of the sport in Europe have built during the Second World War, many landing polygons. In peacetime, they can easily converted to tracks for drag racing. Drag racing in Russia does not yet have the status of a professional. In our country there is no special equipment, so the race open to all production models of sports cars and motorcycles. But the exciting competitions are increasingly attracted youth. In addition, participation is often needed just the right category, a statement to the class, pass inspection, insurance, yes desire to prove his superiority. In addition, sport is taken under the patronage of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF) and Motorcycle Federation of Russia (MPR), and in 2002 established the Russian Federation of drag racing (RFDR). and though not yet carried out Russian Championship drag racing, each year we hold the primacy of cities and regions. For example, the primacy of Zelenograd, drag the battle in Krasnoyarsk, the championship of the Urals and Volga regions, and so on. So Russia drag racing to develop and, hopefully, with acceleration comparable to that demonstrated dregstery on the track.

Bone Health

Because of its high content of vitamin E, helps put up with longer rancid. You can find both peeled, usually toast, as in shell, and normally it is advisable to harvest in autumn and in winter, they shrivel and shrink, and take a darker color, although you can eat the same way. They are rich as I said before, vitamin E, plus thiamine, niacin, and high concentrations of phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Highly recommended for lowering cholesterol, as do almost all nuts. Peanuts Peanuts are the fruit of a plant of the pea family and is found normally puedne peeled and salted, but can also be found in the shell, roasted or natural. It also exists in America, the peanut butter, and oil can also find this fruit, very soft and light. They are rich in vitamin E, vitamin B3, vitamin B1, magnesium, and a lesser amount also contains iron, phosphorus, copper, sulfur and sodium.

Plums Prunes, in our case, of course, are the fruit of plum, and can be found in two types, with bone and boneless, the latter are more suitable for use in the kitchen, because the existing bone lead prevents bone they found in the dishes. They are the most effective and natural intestinal improve traffic because they have an incredible laxative effect, due to its high content fiber, highly recommended for this quality. Walnuts are the fruit of the walnut, and can be found in shell or already shelled. They help prevent heart disease and are the fruit recommended for lowering cholesterol, with a high content of protein, vitamins A, B1, B6, omega-3 fatty acids, trace minerals, lecithin and oils. They may be used in salads and combining these with cheese. Pine nuts are pine nuts are the fruit of the pine cones that produce and are also an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine in a variety of dishes, from soups, desserts, sweets …

Its high price is due to the difficulty of extracting them, because they require specialized equipment. They are the dried fruit with the highest protein content, leading to contain 31 grams of protein per 100 grams of fruit. Also keep plenty of fiber. Pistachios Pistachios are the fruit of the pistachio tree, also known as alfosigo. Usually roasted nuts often found, but also sold peeled and / or raw. Also contain many other nuts, high in fiber, have a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated oleic acid, which helps lower cholesterol this, plus potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, vitamin A, B9 , folic acid. Please visit our store:


The main agent of the alcohol is etanol (etlico alcohol). The consumption of the alcohol is old, drunk As: wine and beer possuam low alcoholic content, a time that passed for the fermentation process. Other types of alcoholic beverages had appeared later, with the destillation process. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cindy Crawford. Although the alcohol to possess great social acceptance and its consumption to be stimulated by the society, is a psicotrpica drug that acts in the central nervous system, being able to cause dependence and change in the behavior. When consumed in excess, the alcohol is seen As a health problem, therefore This excess is entirely on the traffic accidents, violence and alcoholism (dependence picture). The effect of the alcohol are perceived in two periods, one that it stimulates and another one that gets depressed.

In the first period it can occur euphoria and desinibio. No longer as moment occurs uncontrols, lack of motor coordination and sleep. The acute effect of the consumption of the alcohol are felt in agencies As the liver, heart, vases and stomach. In case of suspension of the consumption, the syndrome of the abstinence, characterized for mental confusion, vises, anxiety, tremors and convulsions can also occur. Metodolgicos procedures to operacionalizar the intervention project ' ' group reflection? in the ad CAPS primavera' ' , that it will be carried through with a group of users, together with the familiar gift in the ad CAPS Spring, situated in the Street Guarapari S/N, quarter: Atalaia, in Aracaju? if.

A dynamics of integration directed toward groups will be applied, therefore the intention is to show the importance of the interaction of groups of people in the daily one. Where we will lock up the activities with a snack, to all the gifts in the meeting. In accordance with (Albigenor and Milito, 1999) the Dynamic expression of Group appeared for the first time in an article published for Kurt Lewin, in 1944 where it dealt with the practical theory and in social Psychology.

Dealing with Psychological Problems

One is able to solve a psychological problem, if there is information about himself from the Catalogue of the human population. What is this information? This is information about who is who in fact, what qualities one possesses and about how you can quietly and very efficiently run by anyone. For the minimal data about the person we give him a rather detailed description and a tool to manipulate them. The information we offer clear, clear, detailed description of what a man really, without masks and roles that he plays. In fact, we offer instructions to anyone. Because man is biomachines with embedded from birth program.

The program determines a person's character, quality, behavior, preferences, habits, and, finally, destiny. The program is calculated by using special technology. What is this catalog of the human population? ERC – so scientists deciphered the ancient source of knowledge about human nature called atlas, encyclopedia, which describes the human population. Catalogue of the human population is living as an algorithm of some 300 sub- species homo, in great detail. How and where these studies are used? Texts from the Catalogue of the human population is already actively used by people around the world, not only in his personal life, but in the following areas: education, medicine, psychology, business and management, politics, the arts, sports, show business and so on. And last, the most important question: why do you need information from the catalog of the human population? First, You know who you are and what really, why behave in one way or another, and that you will as a result of any of your actions. Do you want to know all about himself?