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Good Anxiety

ANXIETY is good or bad? Let us say that everything needs balance. In our contact with the reality, it is common ahead to develop feelings of happiness and gratitude of successes and feelings of disillusionment and suffering ahead of our failures. Ahead of our sufferings we start to detect as ‘ ‘ perigo’ ‘ real or imaginary everything what it threatens our security and tranquilidade, either. Costumamos also to develop a series of reactions ahead of the situations that we judge threatening, reactions which we call anxiety. Anxiety is closely on to the change situations, a time that we will have to leave the rhythm with which we are accustomed, what it moves with our security. Therefore, all we try anxiety at some moments of our lives. Anxiety is a normal emotion, as the sadness or the joy and until a certain desirable point, since it can stimulate intelligence and the creativity, beyond stimulating in them for necessary changes. We can say that the anxiety becomes an upheaval when it keeps its degree raised for a drawn out period more of what, for example, some situation of crisis that is passing, and/or when is overcome incapacitante, making it difficult or disabling our daily activities.

Pathological the inadequate anxiety/can be characterized of diverse forms, as for example: phobia specifies, fear of one definitive one stimulates (animal, height, blood), social phobia (fear of being evaluated negative by other people), upheaval of the panic (fear of the physical sensations of the anxiety), among others. The anxiety presents emotional and physiological reactions. The emotional reactions are on to the fear and if they present as discomfort, intranquilidade, apprehension. The diffuse if manifest anxiety in the individual that interprets a great variety of situations as threatening and resulted probable apprehension for favorable, the individual tends if withholds to the negative and threatening aspects of the situations of daily. It is included, still, tension, internal fidget, oppression and subjective discomfort, exaggerated concerns, sleeplessness, unreliability, irritability, desconcentrao, desrealizao, depersonalization (rupture with the personality), etc. The physiological reactions are on to the tension and appear as sudorese, taquicardia, oppression in the thorax or epigastro, pains muscular, chronic headache, mouth dry, queimao in the stomach, or still diarria, nauseas, vomit, giddiness, turvao in the sight. As the symptoms they are diverse, being able to sugestionar other patologias, the initial work of the doctor is in excluding other illnesses that can have similar symptoms to the caused ones for the pathological anxiety. For in such a way, some clinical examinations can be necessary, however most important anamnese is the detailed story of information harvested of the patient during the consultation/.


They have learned to deal with and peripherally extended to neighbouring areas, using means of transport generated and created to facilitate the subsequent invasion. His idea is to colonize, saturate the resources go recognizing and invading them, for their benefit and disposal of these, as a final result. These viruses with intelligence, know or believe differentiated, understand that the environment is at your service, transform it and make up according to their needs and appreciations. Serve of congeners, which subsist within its space and are trained to develop changes and bioenergy, used for purposes of evolution, procreation and proliferation. They are able to eliminate between them, by selecting class and conditioning. They have processed forms of conduct, with psychological basis and have established social modes of organization, reorganization, and address.

God created them, introduced them within himself, in a moment of weakness, he wanted or thought the could regulate and serve them as localized elements, but the error occurred. Your immune system, cannot identify them, nor counteract them, they multiply and produce erosion and breakdown in systems that make up cells and in turn to the various areas of the universal fabric. Of having assessed these consequences, we would have avoided disaster. One day he said: I will introduce homogeneous systems, in a differentiated State, that awaken the natural springs and neutralize the consequences. Throughout history, he has tried to curb with parallel degree more evolved, the sequence elements until they occur irreparable damage to the structures and outlying areas, avoiding the extensible spread to more complex and vital organs. These palliative or des progressive reaction accelerators, have been mitigated and altered this succession, influencing collective consciousness and mental levels. Offering these individuals, integration and conformation with the guest status, in order to ensure required parasitic function and prevent the subsequent consequence of roughing in the occasional tissue. But only has partly mitigated the proliferation and metastasis, which was more likely to dysfunction in the direction of the virus.

The challenge involves a major effort to host, will be required to generate or create larger envelope of intelligence systems, which are capable of auto programming viruses, to an understanding of its necessary integration and adaptation, without that they alter the processes, favoring functions to metabolize, for which from its initiation and original line-up were arranged as part of a whole, children, fully integrated. Until this provision is not achieved, the guest marks in their eyes sadness and illness. Depression is made manifest and their pain is centered in the depths of his heart. You have and you should assess this situation that casts a shadow over his soul. Being cognizant of the dire consequences, will give light and spirit to his being deeper, to use springs that catalyse and so causing movements subtle and continuous, searching through them, a change in fitness, with reactions that opositen guidelines differentiated. These pipes, they need sources of essential body, endowed with intelligence, consciousness and spirit, they motivated Exchange with the dependent and parasitized viruses, reacting towards a link of integration and rapprochement with its creator, as children, with a view to its own evolution and development.

Colombia Excelco

El Salvador Chalatenango has a huge bouquet of various flavors, in particular scent Alpine flowers with a hint of cocoa. Floral aftertaste after consuming the drink remains a long time, himself a drink has a rich and has a sweetish taste. If you properly cook coffee varieties El Salvador Chalatenango, then as it cools it will be possible to feel the taste of almonds. The second global supplier of coffee on the total is Colombia. Colombia is located in the Southern Cone of South America, on the one hand washed by the Pacific Ocean, on the other – the Caribbean Sea, the country's climate is equatorial, which contributes to growing the best varieties of coffee.

When the world's gourmets say about Colombian coffee, meant only to good coffee. More than just coffee beans prized Arabian coffee tree grown in the mountains of Colombia, the country's west. Famous coffee plantations are located at high altitude from sea level in the following cities: Medellin, Manizales and Armenia. Coffee grown on these plantations, has a mild taste and unique flavor, and has good acidity. Coffees are called at their place of growth. So kind of coffee produced in the area of the city of Armenia is called – "Armenia", a grade produced in Medellin – Medellin, and grade produced in Manizales – Manisal. These varieties are among the best.

In Colombia, the coffee beans are classified and sorted by size. So Grain famous types Supremo and Excelso have size holes in the sieve. The most common species in the world of Colombian coffee: Colombia Excelco – is one of the world's best coffees. Grow this variety on the western slopes of the Andes and the height up to 2000 meters above sea level. A distinctive feature of the coffee Colombia Excelco is its pronounced taste wine and soft, delicate fragrance. This variety works well in conjunction with any coffees. Huila Excelco – is the name of the area of its growth – Hula. Has a subtle texture and leaves a slight fruity aftertaste. Huila Excelco is one of the best varieties of Colombian coffee world famous.