Alternative Health Systems

What is a Hospital de la Solidaridad is an alternative health systems, autonomous with respect to the Municipality, and is independent of this, self-claims based on their own efforts and income, has a Flow Chart quick and efficient which is modernized with the times but what is its essence remains unchanged (Mission), his philosophy of providing quality health care to broader segments of society, with reasonable and affordable humane treatment SISOL, work and works through agreements it has with more than 200 companies that provide specialty care physicians, with modern infrastructure, technology and quality in every test, hundreds of doctors working in this system, complying with the rigid discipline schedules sometimes include holidays . Peruvian Public Opinion, recently, a survey by the University of Lima, released in the newspaper El Comercio meant that 76.2% of Limenos believes that care in these hospitals is of quality, 72.8% believe that their professional doctors are good and 73.2% believe that their prices are good. What is the future of Solidarity Hospitals? Organically the system is sound, There is a wide acceptance in the village, the service is of quality, no complaints that threaten the project, however the vagaries of politics if they represent a threat, the politicians and politicians to always try to undermine the system for partisan reasons … but the Solidarity Hospital has a great ally and supporter and that is the People without hesitation because this system will defend, no longer owned by its directors … belongs to the people! .

When at 5 am on Luis Rubio cell rings, certainly startling, her heart speed up and open your eyes … well SISOL Chotano and the people being sought new challenges … Consolidate in Lima!, New claims will be extended in goals … throughout the country!, new dreams … this experience to neighboring countries! … knows that there is still a long way to go and many challenges to meet … but so far the activities have been discharged that morning as Mayor Rubio Lima dreamed and fought six years ago.