Bad Stress For Your Brain

Stress is a experience of psychological instability like answer to external environmental factors. This disease is a pathology source and produces effects to short, half and long term. In addition, it can damage the brain at molecular level and from there, to extend his damage through hormones to the rest of the body. Therefore, the best treatment is to prevent it and once it is suffered, to try to surpass it as soon as possible. Thus they consider specialistic outstanding in the matter, among them investigators of the Biomedical Research center in Network of Mental Health (Cibersam). Between the triggering factors of stress they are the excess of information, the damage, the isolation, the group pressure and the frustration. Its presence can be declared in several stages, from the first symptoms of alarm derived from the muscular tension, to the stage of resistance with the symptom of psychic tension.

If it persists in the time, can degenerate in exhaustion, with somatic physical symptoms. Between the psychic symptoms of stress is the nervousness, the alert, the insomnia, the lack of concentration and memory, irritability, sadness, lack of energy, diminution of the sociability and demotivation As physical manifestations emphasize the breathlessness sensation, muscular rigidity, expanded pupils, high tension, ulcers, migraines, etc. As far as the physiological consequences vary from having the brain activated permanently for the action, felt alerts, hormones, acceleration of the pulse, deeper breathing and tense muscles, among others. This can end at an anxiety upheaval. Stress can vary according to is the surroundings that it the clinical cause, its duration, intensity of this one and consequences. By the nature of the surroundings, syndrome of burned or mobbing in the labor context is possible to distinguish ; to have parents chronic majors, patients or problematic children, in the familiar surroundings; to have discharges expectations, incapacity, abuse, harassment, excess of responsibility or agendas loaded; and in addition they are the classic economic problems or with the neighbors, for example, in the social scope.