Blood Donation And Religion

For more paradoxical than to seem it can, has religious people that they are opposed to the good, in all its inteireza. I mention those to it whose understanding to the true love to the next one, taught for Jesus, in Jo.13: 34, run away to them almost completely: ‘ ‘ A New Order I give to you: that you love ones to the others; as well as I loved you you, who also it love ones to outros.’ ‘ The Voluntary Donation of Blood, supported for the Law n 1,075, of 27/03/1950; for the Decree n 229, of 28/02/1967, article 473, interpolated proposition IV; for the Law n 8,112, of 11/12/1990, article 97, interpolated proposition I, has been accepted for all the Christianity, throughout the centuries, but the russellitas calls – disciples of Charles Taze Russell – teimam in not accepting the sublime exercise Christian of the blood donation. Being Jesus Christ the Love of God (Jo.3: 16), being It proper Love (1Jo.4: 8,16), could not leave to teach to us regarding the Love: ‘ ‘ Nobody has greater Love of what this, to give somebody its life for its amigos.’ ‘ (Jo.15: 13) Joo, the Apstolo call of the Love was who wrote down, in its Evangelho, these Words of Jesus; later it he came back to register, in its First Epistle: ‘ ‘ In this we know the Love: that Christ gave its Life for us; we must give the life for irmos.’ ‘ (3: 16) However, what he comes to be: ‘ ‘ to give somebody its life for its amigos’ ‘ ; e, ‘ ‘ we must give the life for irmos’ ‘? Perhaps it would be our death, as a sacrifice of we ourselves? Not! Jesus Christ – AND ONLY IT -, in its Sacrifice Salvfico and Vicrio could carry through, in the cross of the Glgota, propitious the Expiatria Death to all we: ‘ ‘ It is the propiciao for our sins, and not only for ours, but also for the ones of the whole world..