Church Public Relations

Nativity Church of Scientology of Moscow and its parishioners congratulated all the Catholics and Protestants on this bright day, and sent congratulatory letters to leaders of the denominations in which wished health and wellbeing. In his congratulatory message is responsible for Public Relations Church of Scientology of Moscow, Alekseev na sincere congratulations to all religions that celebrate Christmas on December 25 and wished them on behalf of all Scientologists, the Christmas mood. Christmas is one of the main festivals of Christians. Catholics celebrate Christmas on December 25, and Orthodox – January 7, new style. Mismatch in the date of the celebration linked to a system of chronology in the Gregorian and Julian calendar. Scientology – the religion of the twentieth century, founded by L. Ron Hubbard. It includes a huge amount of knowledge obtained on the basis of certain fundamental truths of which lies in the fact that man is a spiritual being endowed with abilities that go beyond those he imagines. All the world’s religions share a belief in that a person can help improve their lives. In Scientology, this idea was expressed as one of the goals.