Colombia Excelco

El Salvador Chalatenango has a huge bouquet of various flavors, in particular scent Alpine flowers with a hint of cocoa. Floral aftertaste after consuming the drink remains a long time, himself a drink has a rich and has a sweetish taste. If you properly cook coffee varieties El Salvador Chalatenango, then as it cools it will be possible to feel the taste of almonds. The second global supplier of coffee on the total is Colombia. Colombia is located in the Southern Cone of South America, on the one hand washed by the Pacific Ocean, on the other – the Caribbean Sea, the country's climate is equatorial, which contributes to growing the best varieties of coffee.

When the world's gourmets say about Colombian coffee, meant only to good coffee. More than just coffee beans prized Arabian coffee tree grown in the mountains of Colombia, the country's west. Famous coffee plantations are located at high altitude from sea level in the following cities: Medellin, Manizales and Armenia. Coffee grown on these plantations, has a mild taste and unique flavor, and has good acidity. Coffees are called at their place of growth. So kind of coffee produced in the area of the city of Armenia is called – "Armenia", a grade produced in Medellin – Medellin, and grade produced in Manizales – Manisal. These varieties are among the best.

In Colombia, the coffee beans are classified and sorted by size. So Grain famous types Supremo and Excelso have size holes in the sieve. The most common species in the world of Colombian coffee: Colombia Excelco – is one of the world's best coffees. Grow this variety on the western slopes of the Andes and the height up to 2000 meters above sea level. A distinctive feature of the coffee Colombia Excelco is its pronounced taste wine and soft, delicate fragrance. This variety works well in conjunction with any coffees. Huila Excelco – is the name of the area of its growth – Hula. Has a subtle texture and leaves a slight fruity aftertaste. Huila Excelco is one of the best varieties of Colombian coffee world famous.