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The plant consisted of four reactors of type RBMK-1000, each capable of producing 1000 megawatts.
Construction of the plant and the city of Pripyat to house workers and their families began in 1970, with the N 1 reactor commissioned in 1977. It was the third nuclear power plant in the USSR type RBMK (after Leningrad and Kursk), and the first atomic power plant on Ukrainian soil. The completion of the first reactor in 1977 followed by the reactor N 2 (1978), N 3 (1981), and N 4 (1983). Two more reactors, N 5 and 6, capable of producing 1000 MW each, were under construction at the time of the accident. New Yorkers can choose the energy company they want with energy costs are actually reduced so you pay less. N 5 The reactor was almost complete at the time of the accident and was scheduled to begin operation in 1986.

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