December 16, 2002

December 16, 2002 Step by step, both drivers were slipped to the final of the Fast Bracket, remaining in his hands the definition of a whole year of effort and work on just one hit knockout, which was won by VICTOR CUEVAS with a time of 10.58 seconds, by 1044 from Martinez, who stepped out of his time, losing the final of the tenth and final day of the year. With this result, the total score was a tie between these stellar exponents of the quarter-mile lagoon, having to resort to first playoff action to define the annual champion. The replay option was to seek the best reaction of both elements, with Eduardo Martinez had the best with 506, while that of “The Raven” was 511, leaving the possibility to go there to wear the crown’s absolute serial . After the nervous moments and even a little sad by this result, CUEVAS prepared to fight the Champion of Champions trophy to Manuel Ortega, winner of the day yesterday at the Advanced bracket. This duel was won by CUEVAS, after determining that his opponent had broken his own time, so that the lagoon was left with the special medal of the day. Final Standings in 2002 Thus, in the Fast Bracket final positions this year were as follows: Quick Bracket: First Eduardo Martinez with 8.800 points in the second VICTOR CUEVAS with 8.700 points, and third Humberto Adame, pilot was left with 7,600 points, after closing the season with serious problems on your machine. . Results last date made yesterday Fast Bracket 1 .- VICTOR CUEVAS, Opel 72 of The Crow Racing Club team, from Torreon, Coah. (10.58 seconds). 2nd.-Eduardo Martinez, Camaro 79 of The Prince Fitness Club team, from Torreon, Coah. (10.44 seconds). 3 .- Fernando Chapa, Chevy 57, of Gomez Palacio, Durango.(12.52 seconds).