If you will be so bad, you go to search the doctor. – Only when to arrive the hour, doctor, still is early. The man put in the head that was pregnant and I did not have half of to obtain to take off that. I thought very about going to search the doctor, but I tried to solve that problem with calm. – It knows, doctor, I am thinking the entire day if he goes to be boy or girl. It finds what you that is? I would like that I was girl.

At least to visit he would come me here of time in when, also never I had one mulherzinha still. – Mr. does not have son some. – You he is that he does not know. I have four, all men, but nobody comes to see here me.

– How it is it had that you these children? – I give birth, however. Mr., who is a doctor, does not know as is that a son is born? He did not have skill. I did not find a solution for the case. He had that to call the same psychoanalyst. It would only understand of these things, but I decided to free last the cartada one. – But if you he is pregnant, its son or son goes to have that to have a father and a mother. Who Mr. if married, with a man or a woman? – That more insane person asks, seems that you it is wild, doctor. It is clearly that I was married a man. This now. I did not support and to comeceirir when it completed the phrase: – It does not see as soon as I am a woman? I almost chokeed with my proper saliva. That one homemes tava wild, completely wild. Clearly, he was wild same. Already it went leaving when it changed a little the colloquy. – But I confess that not taste very of being pregnant not, doctor. I am very ugly. The belly grows, is unskillful. It is therefore that nor I leave for there and I am almost always lying. When people it passes for the belly street, everybody looks at and of the one risinho of bad taste. Still more I who taste to take pilequinhos of time in when. Already thought pregnant I, of barriguinha and until the shoe of cachaa? He does not catch very well, n doctor? I gave a beautiful outburst of laughter and I thought, thanks to God, I obtained to botar the man to the normal one. I gave to some advice it, I caught in its hand, I fired me, went leaving calmly when it cried out: – When the baby to be born, doctor, I want that you to visit he comes me. I want that Mr. is the godfather, compadre. Soon. It went to come back the crisis again. I left running the search the psychoanalyst from there, before the such baby was born there with me, still more I that never I made a childbirth in my life and I do not understand nothing of obstetricses.