Dog Diseases

How can I tell when my dog is sick? Actually what I notice that my dog might be sick? The dog sits only apathetic in his cup and also the feed intake, denied unresponsive it if we can pull out the favorite or favourite toys? Then everything on a sick dog suggests. It is important that we accurately portray our observations made the doctor, to ensure a more exact diagnosis during a vet visit. Our dog can’t speak Yes we know. If we suspect that our dog is sick, we should measure as the first fever. To do this, we use the best a digital thermometer which is inserted in the anus of the dog. The normal temperature is between 38 and 39 degrees.

Everything is in us indicates that the dog might be sick. Not always but show disease of the dog on the basis of fever, apathy, diarrhea or vomiting. Skin problems can have many different causes. This is to document the change in behavior to the To facilitate behavioral therapists or vet the causal research and for detecting the disease. Also we should consult a veterinarian if our dog is injured. Bleeding wounds, it is advisable to dress the wound first. In addition, it is absolutely important to calm the dog, because he, if he’s in shock, otherwise reacts under certain circumstances than usual E.g. with unusual aggressiveness.