Description of Logo and Coat

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File: ULC escudo.jpg
The elements that make up the coat are as follows: The coat of Irapuato, the national university in this city.
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, in memory at the maximum exponent of the Spanish language, creator of the immortal Don Quixote who, in many ways represents many illustrations Guanajuato.
The torch is the light that gives understanding and illuminating the path to professional fulfillment of each student.
The motto at the bottom half and carried our university motto ‘Always Faithful’ from Latin ‘Semper Fidelis’, it means fidelity and loyalty to the transcendent principles, and to disseminate the values to ensure success and customer loyalty individual.
Encircling the shield, laurel victory means that the study is ongoing, tenacity and effort to obtain a higher order goal as a professional career.
File: Liceocervantinologo.jpg
The logo of the University Liceo Cervantino consists of the following elements:
A pen.
A collar.
A yellow line.
The call: This item represents the flame of wisdom, or the body of knowledge gained by members of the university community of the ULC during their stay in the institution.
Pen: The pen has a double meaning, first, represents one of the tools used by the great Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, author of the great work “The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha ‘, and who derives the second part the name of our University ‘Liceo Cervantino. The second meaning takes shape in conjunction with the flame of wisdom. These two elements together represent the wings of a bird, specifically an eagle, an animal’s acute vision, and it is so that students graduating from the ULC, with a great vision, a feature that facilitates proper dive andalusia work.
The collar: Element representing the attire used by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.
Yellow Line: This is the track and leaving traces of each of the students who pass through this institution, in addition to representing the brand that makes a graduate of the ULC in the workplace.
The typeface: These letters are present in the logo, and the contraction of the name of our university: ‘ULC’ Liceo University Cervantino. … to new students to have a successful experience in the early … students, ask questions and practice the skills required …
and the younger students. Members. News. Partners … More information through the following links: The online learning center Rotary …
… Wide Web: Using the Internet to learn online. … Online allows interaction with other students and instructors of the courses. …

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