VISIT OF CASANOVA enters a strange presence in my office this morning. A first impression only distinguished by a creeping red beard neglected. Not that Casanova pass unnoticed, clearance sufficient antiquities for sale physical concealment fails the good morning. Low in the attic ‘borrowed’ from the faculty, which is not theirs Valencia, but it serves as a creative refuge. It seems like the eternal melancholy Levantine tradition does not match any color. And this is because it comes dressed in street clothes and painted, attached, and camouflaged. Some day was Sunday clothes, with perhaps she attended the communion of a cousin, or the appointment of a nervous girl at the center. However long ago that the first hint of disquiet fresh approaches the canvas, stained irregular typical first line up to the thighs. Beige trousers and shirts almost Goya by ancient lineage of the nuances of waste generated by its palette, drips and spills spaced in time. Dreary outfit that takes the level of his work, at least in that capacity toned medium. That’s why a Casanova enters as always anxious, but quieter, almost without being noticed. I do not say anything, but this time his concern is waiting for your order is completed text for your next show. Borrows antiquities dealers the tripod, accompanied me to a cafe, and turns to leave and leave without macula. It seems that now is the time to take stock chart of his works. Upload sorry the thick stairs that access the loft of the faculty. Getting to this place an exile, but figuratively, that becomes the real challenge of his last years on the island far from all the family atmosphere Alejandro meets the dark side of the island, where the slight light of its landscape does not correspond productive with little fluency in these spaces. You can imagine, at this vantage point alone, camouflaged in his canvases. All in a color that strikes antiquities me as very Spanish, pink bullfighter and thick air enclosure, a room without washing dishes student. But the photographic images can not convey many elements face of the oils. Stay of Casanova is a heavy mirror that becomes reality in painting. is considered by many experts to be one of the world’s leading dealers in rare and exquisite are very special and expensive Concentrated meat and snuff, coexistence with itself and its mirrors. In them, perhaps, is that looking now as always unsatisfied, no matter how lucky and fortunate to be their companies. The syndrome is a loser and strangely creative and positive attitude in the pictorial mood: Nothing to lose, everything to gain. In taking care with brutal delicacy seguire those companies who come daily. So me and my ego wounded inviting paella: sitting, bare skin of my work clothes, but at the same chromatic Socarrat Egyptian antiquities embedded. I light my cigarette lighter, and with the same rotation of wrist manchare, a show of my potential abundance. After intersecting another brushstroke, as an alcoholic gold letter spun antiquities auction a corner, and so plegare space punctuated my stay. Atilio Doreste. Tacoronte, February 9, 2009 Professor of the department of painting and sculpture of ULL