Favorite Pets

Many people do not even dream pets in childhood. Even as kids we all demanded and begged my parents puppy or kitten. Many of the age desire a permanent presence in the house pet is not going away, and often even stronger. Sometimes pets are unique and faithful friend for the lonely people, sometimes they become friends of our children, we often just gets them home, simply because we love them, and they add color to our lives. Recently, animal lovers appeared a vast array of opportunities for the plant not only all the usual cats and dogs, but the most strange and exotic animals. It is now one do not be surprised dwarf rabbits and turtles, beautiful aquariums. In recent years, an increasing number of pets of spiders, snakes, frogs, rare and strange insects. For many people, a fascinating hobby may even become main activity, there are examples where very successful people who are absorbed in breeding a certain kind of pet, went to the principal place of work and did not sorry about it. And it is no accident, because the cost of Many exotic species can be several thousand dollars.