God Man

Cat must protect a person from houseplants. Cote must constantly keep a man in form, causing him to constantly move around the apartment, bending over, collecting pens, pencils, socks, etc. Cote must constantly perform the audit in the refrigerator, even if the person does not want. If he does not want to mean something to hide there, and this is something to be a good deal, and then we bring to justice the man himself. . Cat must at night every hour check to crawl under a blanket person any snake. Cat from time to time must train yourself in the event of unforeseen circus performances.

To do this he must periodically arrange flights under the dome home jumping from windows to the chandelier and back, all sorts of zaprygivaniya. Cat must be remembered that the ears and nose before going to sleep man washes rarely, so when he (man) is laid to sleep, the cat should be, perched on his head, licking clean and nose and ears. Cat must help people spread the bed, carefully watching to see under the sheet did not have any items. Cat must be remembered that dream for a man is a waste of time, so when he saw sleeping person, you must immediately wake him up by jumping from the cabinet on his stomach, and even better on its head. Cat should chase away bad dreams from a man. If the cat will notice that the person tossing in bed, he must jump man's head and start to drive away bad dreams and nightmares. Cat must wean people from such harmful habits like snoring. To do this well enough to stick his paw or his bushy tail in the open mouth of a person snoring.

Cat must each morning to remind man of the old proverb: 'Who gets up early, God gives. " The sooner the people will rise, the more he (as well as a cat), God willing. The cat must itself from time to time hold wet cleaning in the house. For this is quite enough to pull out of the kitchen sink sponge for washing dishes, and dragging her into the room, break into small parts so it is more convenient to do cleaning. Cat must be shared with man all that he has. Constantly give part of the fur on clothing insulation and floor and throw a half cup of food. Cote has to sing songs to deliver a man pleasure. Even if the song sad. Cat should check, for whatever reason someone has not closed cabinet or bedside table, and not closed the drawer. Cat needs to know what lies in all boxes and packages. And from personal experience to see how much there is convenient and well located. continued and more about cats on the forum