Health Management in Brazil

The vision of the Manager in the Process of Management in Health in Brazil. Alpio Snows Da Silva Daniela Grandson Rodrigues Da Silva Braz Mayara Da Silva Souza Nyele Souza de Oliveira Railma de a Cruz Beam Lessa Suzy Quely Paiva de Lima SUMMARY the article deals with the vision of the proper manager regarding the process of the management of the public health in Brazil. It observes the forms of planning, the public politics of health and, however the relationship of the current management with the doctrinal principles of the SUS. The manager if precedes to its time trying to find solutions for the current problem when the subject is financing, humanizao and social participation. INTRODUCTION At the current moment we can identify as one of the indispensable attributes the basic guarantees of the person human being the access the health, the Only System of Health is, for constitutional definition, a public system of health, national and of universal character, based in the conception of citizenship health as right, in the notion of unicity and at the same time in the organizativas lines of direction of: decentralization, with only command in each sphere of government; completeness of the attendance; participation of the community, that if materialize by means of Conferences of Health and for the Advice of Health.

The performance technique of the manager of the SUS if of the one through the exercise of the managing functions in the health. The managing functions can be defined as necessary articulated set to know and practical of management for the implementation of politics in the area of the health, exerted of coherent form with the principles of the public system of health and the public administration. (Matus, 1996). This work has for objective to show as the managers (federal, state and municipal) of the SUS fulfill a decisive paper in the conformation of the practical ones of health by means of the politics of the mechanisms of financing etc., but they do not govern alone.