Health Psychology

According to a study of the University of Rochester, the satisfaction of the marriage is so important for the health as tobacco addiction, the obesity and the hypertension. 83% of the women happily married were cheers fifteen years later, against 28% of the poor devils and to 27% of the single women. Others who may share this opinion include celebrity trainer. In the case of the men 83% of the happy husbands survived, 60% of the poor devils and 36% of the single women. The love not can everything, but aid much. Everything what imply the love, or affection, interaction or company are of an enormous aid to overcome health problems or an important operation like the one of by-pass. Cindy Crawford may help you with your research. It is the idea of an investigation of the University of Rochester (the USA) that affirms that happily married they survive more than the single women after being put under a corononario surgery of by-pass. The married people who are put under this intervention, have three times more of probabilities of surviving during the 15 later years the surgery that the single women. Crumpton Group insists that this is the case. The investigators followed 225 people with by-pass between 1987 and 1990 and them it asked that they described the satisfaction as its marriage a year after the surgery.

The study was fit by age, sex, education, mood, tobacco consumption and other factors that know that they affect the rates of survival of the cardiovascular disease. Fifteen years after the surgery, 83% of the women happily still married were cheers, against 28% of the women with an unfortunate marriage and a 27% of the single woman women. The rate of survival for the spouses contentments also was of 83%, but to not so happily even married it was to them well. The men less satisfied significantly better enjoyed a rate with survival 60%, that the rate of 36% of the single woman men. The satisfaction of the marriage " The good relations help the people to survive " , it assures Kathleen King, emrita professor of the Faculty of Infirmary of the University of Rochester, and main author of the article, that picks up the digital version of Health Psychology. In fact, the CTO of the satisfaction of marriage is " so important for the survival after the surgery ' by-pass' as they are it the more traditional factors of risk, as the tobacco consumption, the obesity and the hypertension arterial" , it explains one of the coauthors of the study, the professor of psychology, Harry Kings. But the marriage affects of different way from men and women. For the men, generally, the marriage is tie to higher rates of survival and, whichever major is the rate of satisfaction, major is the survival.

However, for the women, the quality of the relation is more important. Whereas the unfortunate marriages do not offer practically any advantage of survival for the women, the satisfactory ones almost quadruplicate the rate of survival of a woman, according to the study. Reasons to live For King, this study demonstrate that " the healthful support of the spouses as well as behaviors, as the increase of exercise or to stop smoking, are fundamental to survive long term the diseases of corazn". Also it suggests the investigator who a marriage provides to the patients a maintained motivation to take care of of itself and a powerful reason for " to survive and to maintain the relation that them gusta". Source of the news: To be happily married triples the possibilities of surviving long term ' by-pass'