Healthy Dog

After our family, nothing more touches the fibers of our hearts to our pets. Cats and dogs are preferred by the majority of people. However, for our theme today, we will help you to determine if you have a healthy dog. Fido can not speak for himself and trusts that you will be your eyes and ears for all things in this world. This means from knowing what the best diet to interpret the signs of the disease. Does your dog suffer from allergies? If you notice symptoms such as constant itching, persecution of the tail, cough and difficulty breathing, eyes and nose secretions, there are high chances that your dog is suffering from allergies. If, like their owners, dogs can suffer allergies.

Approximately 20% of dogs that live in our homes suffer from some type of allergy. The General classifications of canine allergies are allergic dermatitis, flea allergy, food allergy and allergy by inhalation. Allergic dermatitis allergic dermatitis is an allergic disease to skin, caused by hypersensitivity developed by the immune system of the dog in several very common substances like mold and dust mites. If your dog scratches and licks with very frequently, in particular its legs and its abdomen and if their ears are hot to the touch, it is possible that suffering from allergic dermatitis. Check to see if your dog saliva causes stains. A spot between red and coffee is another indicator that your dog is allergic. In persistent cases, the skin in the abdomen changes from pink to bright red and then black. Allergy to fleas this type of allergy is the most common form of canine allergy.

However, the dog is not allergic to flea, but to their saliva. To find out if your dog is allergic to fleas, an allergy test must be developed. If the result is positive, the symptoms can be reduced through a strict control regime.