Initial Use

Managing to keep up during the breaks? Since I tried my first course of steroids (9 years ago), I got a little over 20 pounds of muscle. At the first competition I weighed 82 kg at the latter – 99 kg. During the holiday I have been able to retain much of the mass typed. Have to deal with the side effects of steroids? Every 4-5 months I hand over all the tests and they still were within normal limits. The only problem – it's acne on her face and shoulders.

Because of this, I sometimes have to take antibiotics. Many talk about depression arising after the abolition of steroids. Do you have this problem? I try to control yourself and do not get depressed when at rest decreases the mass and weight of the workers. I convinced myself that this is temporary and after next year I'll be even bigger and stronger. What are the benefits of using steroids? Why do so many people risk? Steroids are just a magical way to increase strength, endurance and cause the muscles to grow by leaps and bounds. No supplements should not give such an effect.

And here steroids? If you're reading this, you've heard about these people. Even if you read only 'power and beauty' and trying to increase their delta and pectoral muscles and arms a little pumped up, you can not fail to respect these guys for their achievements. Through hard work, with … If you have good health and correctly apply the steroids, it is difficult to hurt yourself. It is best to be under constant medical supervision. What advice can you give to someone who all still decided to use steroids? I would recommend starting with the preparations, which have a 'soft' effects on the body. Dosage should also be the initial and short courses – no more than 6 weeks. What do you think about steroid use in bodybuilding? Would like to see the sport without chemistry? If removed from bodybuilding steroids, he ceases to interest the audience, because they come to see the powerful relief of the body. Bodybuilding just simply disappear. How long do you plan to be on drugs? While I competing bodybuilder, I will continue to use steroids. After retiring, I'm going to do without steroids to maintain physical fitness.