This interview HA Samaranch was a very positive response: overwhelmingly positive – from the professional sports and, mostly negative – from people working in the anti-doping controls. For obvious reasons, could not be otherwise expected. Must be much calmer attitude to the problem of doping, as is done today by the IOC. Doping is not the prerogative Sports. Funds that are banned and classified as doping, are widely distributed in various areas. Thus, effective stimulants are widely used in the army in the early XX century. in the First World War.

Widely used stimulants, sedatives and other means in different types of troops and special units at the present time. Prevalent stimulants among politicians that use them in during public appearances, and in show business. Various agents were extremely anabolic widely used in modern industry of fitness. Much of the population is now widely uses illegal drugs in sport for the normalization of mental status, sgonki weight, body correction. We must not forget that now the entire world community is concerned about more problems generated not only a wide range of completion of pharmacological and nutritional supplements often give unwanted side effects, but also quite extensive use of various drugs to increase productivity in crop production and improve weight gain in livestock, as well as the use of stem cell biology and genetic engineering for the genetic modification of certain crops (the effects of is for people who consume such products, the science yet to be fully explored.) The number of athletes who use banned drugs, is a small percentage (according to experts, no more than 5%) of the number of people who use such funds to other spheres of human activity. However, no sanction politicians or entertainers who are receiving an advantage over their competitors as a result of stimulants. Conducted extensive research work to identify the negative side effects that may result from excessive fascination and unreasonable use of various chemical drugs, food additives, which are present in the composition of various pharmacological agents.