Korea Taekwon-do

Generally, in such situations it is best to hit and run. Against a fool with a knife can and master bed. – Money Taekwon-Do brings? – No, Taekwon-do is not an Olympic sport and is not sponsored by the State. Taekwondo wtf – yes. To the championship World Taekwon-do in Argentina, I arrived at his own expense.

And most of the fighters also pay the road. I am often asked: Who is sponsoring you? I say – mom and dad. Of course, helping people associated with the Federation (ITF), a bit myself earn additionally. When I came into this sport, something for everyone decided: do for themselves. First, was not even thinking that I will win any awards. It's nice that I represent a country. People are nice, they know me. Taekwon-not money, but self-assertion.

Money that I invest, do not go down the drain. – The rscu was the day Korea played taekvondisty with the show, you're in such activities uchastvuesh? – Yes, I, too, are invited to participate in the show. Brag – twice in the Kremlin performed. Nearby in the dressing room was Friske, met with brilliant, Arrows (laughs). Worked in the Kremlin Palace, src "Russia" in the State Duma spoke. This is not particularly significant, but it's nice that people you invite, appreciated. We show Taekwon-do people, far removed from combat, and they are so close to this subculture. – How to combine studying and Taekwon-do? – So. More so that the specialty of our sport – adaptive physical education.