Lose Weight

Swimming is one of the best physical activities if what is sought is fatty weight loss, i.e. lose weight. If you’re not used to swim, the first days our body adapts and one of the adaptations is the creation of greater muscle mass to make this exercise more efficiently. This aspect makes that that on the one hand lose of weight-based grease is not noticeable because our muscle mass has increased, although this depends on the Constitution of each. Normally when we do an aerobic activity like swimming the percentage of fat burning is greater when we take a few minutes in activity, as we quemaremos more fat if the pace or intensity of the swim is not high and medium.

This means that we must strive to swim more than 15 minutes at a time and to do this we must go to a very demanding pace. A mistake in wanting to lose weight by swimming is swimming at a high intensity, this makes the majority fuel used are carbohydrates rather than fat, hence the importance of taking us the swimming with tranquility. Exercises or training to lose weight swimming as we have mentioned before, the variable more importantly time. The more time we are swimming more calories quemaremos. Why the pace of swimming it is important within the time we have.

If for example we have one hour, the ideal would be to make long series with little rest and a pace that we can endure the time learns that way. Work types: 4 * 200 meters making 50 only with their feet to crawl, 50 double back, 50 breaststroke at a good pace, 50 breaststroke arms breathing shortly. doing 3 * 400: 100 back, 100 breaststroke, 100 styles, 100 breaststroke when we have a limited time and a good physical preparation, we must then find a rhythm more high, but always with the goal of trying to be more time swimming that you resting. If we do a series too strong and then have to be unemployed thirty seconds to follow, that series will have not been useful for weight loss. It would have been better to make the series a little more quiet and rest only ten seconds.