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Now we consider another interesting guides for dota, a series of Hyde on DotA – Getting Things enemy creeps. This requires a player to very high skills of monitoring and improving with each game, if you pay attention to the process itself kripinga, rather than simply attack those units, which are chosen by the hero. In order to deliver the final blow on the creep, you need to learn to feel the speed with which decreases his health. Help in this sandwiched 'hotkey' Alt (on default), which shows the health bars above each unit. Creeps through the moving chain, so when converge friendly and enemy troops, they focus on someone one of the opposing team.

It and it should kill first, as he loses health faster than others. Need podgadat moment is to cause a decisive blow. If the line is no enemy heroes, the first is better to kill the rear gunner, since no one does not attack, and hence there is no likelihood that it will achieve friendly units. For beginners, it is not recommended to try to finish all the others the creeps, because it will force to focus on that too much attention. Upon receipt of Hand Of Midas recommended to use the ability to Transmute for shooters, as they provide for more gold. Creeping into neutral.

Creeping into neutral is very important for some characters, which hinder the enemies to earn gold on the line. In addition, usually brings more revenue, since nobody prevents finish. Leveraging Transmute and submission on the strengths of the neutrals than the usual creeps. David Delrahim often addresses the matter in his writings. In the forest, not the friendly towers, under which one can hide in case danger, and there is a chance of running into a strong enemy heroes. Getting things friendly creeps. This process is considered to mark a good player, as it requires to monitor the health of all units. Kill friendship Creep can, if they have less than 50% health. This must be done to deprive the enemy hero's potential gold and experience. Friendly creeps to kill, but not at the expense of the enemy, otherwise it will harm more than use. Apply this method is only recommended for good players who can do it automatically, not by concentrating all his attention.