Here a list of Muggles that appear in books. Muggles are people who have no magic.
Anderson Police Officer, that in 1977 James and Sirius chased up an alleyway to stop them for speeding. Without intending it, is in the midst of a struggle between Death Eaters and the same police car come to life thanks to the two Marauders. Before you can react James and Sirius fleeing on his motorbike, leaving the arm around your partner Sergeant Fisher.
Hetty Bayliss: Lives in Norfolk, high school furniture on 1 September 1992, he was sure I saw a car flying while stackable school furniture doing the laundry.
Hermno Benedict: Franciscan in the Middle Ages who did not know that the creature that bothered him was a Jarvey.
Amy Benson: Partners of Tom Riddle in the orphanage. It is said that she and Dennis Bishop were the same after a trip to a cave with Tom.
Dennis Bishop, Fellow of Tom Riddle in the orphanage. It is said that neither he nor Amy Benson were the same after a trip to a cave with Tom.
Anne Boleyn: Second wife of Henry XVIII, was accused by Muggles of being a witch. Some argue that it was actually a Squib. It is unknown whether it was muggle, witch or a squib.
Brother Boniface: A wine of Brother Boniface, Franciscan.
Frank Bryce: 1917 – August 1994. Resident Small Hangleton most of his life except during WWII, which left him disabled. After the war started working as a gardener for the Riddle family. Was 27 when they died, and after showing that he was not guilty, continued its efforts at the same garden until Lord Voldemort kills him in August 1994.
Cecilia: Young beautiful bride of Tom Riddle allegedly father before Merope would make him take the filter of Love
Herbert Chorley: Muggle Junior Minister. can be bought at a variety of stores In the worst week for the Ministry, when disasters happen (which actually are the work of school house furniture Voldemort) said that decides to spend more time with his family. In fact, he had submitted to the Imperius curse, and had been transferred to the Hospital San Mundo.
Ms. Cole: Woman nervous-looking skinny with prominent cheekbones, sharp features who was director of the orphanage where Voldemort was born and spent his childhood. She was sharp and insightful though plastic school furniture he had a weakness for drink. I arrive at the orphanage shortly before Merope (Gaunt) Riddle and came close when she gave birth to what supposedly aid. That Merope was younger. Dumbledore speaks with her when she goes to ask Tom if he wants to study at Hogwarts. She tells him things about Tom.
Mr. Creevey: Dairy, two children wizards Colin and Dennis, Colin, in his first year, we sent many photos of his father.
Dennis: Member of Dudley’s gang.
Dodgy The Storyteller: Dweller Infracombe as a dragon who had presented himself at the beach in 1932. Dodgy had escaped the spell desmemorizante.
Dorkins Mary Mary Dorkins is the television reporter who gathers news of the parakeet makes skiing.
Dot: Innkeeper of Hangman, in Little Hangleton.
Dudley Dursley: Born in 1980, son of Vernon and Petunia and cousin of the Potter, Dudley is a fat boy and selfish.
Marjorie Dursley: Elder Sister of Vernon Dursley, is a stout woman and dog lover. Harry enjoys ridiculing.
Petunia Dursley: Sister of Lily Potter. With its long neck to spy on neighbors and horse teeth. He hates everything about magic. old school furniture Married mother of Vernon and Dudley.
Vernon Dursley: Director of a company drills, no neck, is robust and has a mustache. Vernon does not hesitate to punish his nephew every other tres.Casado with Petunia Evans, father of Dudley.
Henry VI: Monarch of England the fifteenth century, which could be seen with a rabbit into a loyal counselor. According to Albus Dumbledore, this company helps to have a reputation for mentally disturbed. According to some, the rabbit might be Lisette de Lapin.
Henry VIII: His second wife Anne Boleyn was accused of being a witch by Muggles, although some magicians think it was actually a Squib.
Mark Evans: Child born in 1984/85, who lives near Privet Drive. Dudley hits on 31 July 1995. Mark Evans has no importance, is only a secondary character, and it’s not Harry’s family.
Mr. Evans: Father of Lily Potter and Petunia Dursley, he was proud of having a witch in the family, Lily, died before 31 October 1981.
Ms. Evans: Mother of Lily Potter and Petunia Dursley She was proud of having a witch in the family, Lily, died before 31 October 1981.
Arabella Figg: Being squib, live as a Muggle, on Magnolia Street near Privet Drive. Mrs. Figg was responsible for care at times when the Dursleys Harry did not want.
Mr and Mrs Finch-Fletchley: Parents of Justin school tables furniture Finch-Fletchley, which had already enrolled the boy at Eton when they received the letter from Hogwarts.