Nail Care

Three minutes later, you can remove the cuticle, and in severe cases is permissible to use scissors. After washing facilities rub into your skin finger nails and oil. Repeat procedure with second hand nogotochki. The next process – the application of varnish. Nails is best to remove the fat nail polish remover, and then cover them with a base or remedy. Coarsened the skin around the nail and nail file can be saved oil. But the lemon with the regular application will make your nails stronger and whiter. The choice of color nail polish is yours.

Remember only that a small length classics like red and dark colors, and great length of all endure. Jacket – a universal way, it is appropriate in every situation. Ideally, if the varnish coincides with an ordinary tone of clothes … But it's hard to find the fair sex, which can be forced to walk about one garment for several days. Therefore better to stay in such shades of varnish, which will blend with your skin tone. Do not disregard the special funds: for drying, protective shine.

They should do your nails in a day or painted shut flaws manicure. It is equally important to have a special adhesive for nadlomannyh nails in case of tragedy, they should be corrected, but in any case not to part with all, much less one with a fingernail. Well, classic prohibitions – peeling paint. I'd rather just do a base or colorless coating. A little about graft nails: still choose a suitable length and forget about the sequins and beautiful paintings on them. Now the financial side. All purchased for home manicure pay for itself in eight months' nehozhdeniya "in the salons. That is, many will serve you the necessary materials and tools. Well at last – buy a glove! For washing floors, dishes, etc. Buy creams for moisturizing and nutrition, Keep a daily massage with them from wrist to fingertips. At the weekend pamper handle masks, scrubs (the simplest of them – put the olive oil and wear cotton gloves). Do not worry if indicator will be visible immediately. Therefore, after your troubles on the handles will be repaid with a vengeance!