On Sex Education To Girls

Some parents believe that the answer to question one of his crumbs, "Where do babies come from?", They provided him with sufficient information on the rest of your life. Supermodel has firm opinions on the matter. Few understand the need for careful work on gender education in different periods of development. The age of onset of sexual relations younger every year, and of particular importance in this context takes on a timely sex education and upbringing. Teenagers, in connection with their social immaturity, frequent changes of different sexual partners and are a category of risk for the spread of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Many of these diseases occur covertly, but may in the future lead to serious health problems and, in particular, to infertility. Teenage girls are more vulnerable to the effects of sex in relation to their biological role of production of offspring, so that early sexual activity often results in them not only to sexual infections, but also to unwanted pregnancies. Statistics confirm that more than 70% of girls aged 14-18 have sexual relations, and about a third of that number are infected with genital infections. Abortions among girls under 18 make up 10% of the total number of abortions.

When to start serious talks with your child about sex? Most suitable for this is the period immediately preceding puberty. In this period, children are actively interested in issues of gender, are able to understand and remember fairly complex information and more receptive to the words of their parents. With the onset of puberty, contact with young people is becoming more complex, and often they refuse to talk with their parents, as "Already know everything yourself." The first signs of puberty in girls occur in 9-12 years and sometimes caught them by surprise, so the mother is 10.8 year old girl to tell daughter all the expected changes in the transition period, as well as what those changes are necessary. The ratio of women to future issues of sex and sexual behavior is also largely determined by the quality of the resulting information. If the mother herself does not possess sufficient knowledge about the structure and function of reproductive organs, then it can not properly explain it to her daughter. Often mothers are embarrassed and inability to find words for conversation with a girl on gender relations, trying to evade awkward questions, which, by contrast, need to communicate clearly explained. Some assistance in providing sex education books for children, but reading girl encyclopedia of sexual life, without further discussion with the mother may contribute to the development of her independent views on sexual issues, differing from the views of parents, and errors sexual behavior in the future.

To help parents on sex education for girls is the book "A related topic", written by a mother and a gynecologist Semantic Elena. The book contains the information required girls 8-10 years old and simple, understandable language the child explains the complexities of anatomy and physiology of female organs, especially the period of puberty and its associated behaviors. The book is structured as a trust mother and daughter talking and involves the joint reading or discussion. The book "special talk" is available in electronic form on the site Vebginekolog.