To the power to be observed these ways to be related, provides to the subject the conditions for rectifying that way to be and to tie old, but that to remain unconscious under returned unchangeable. Said in other words: The cure happens through the discovery of the ways you will tie problematic of the patient, updated and put in act in the same relation with the therapist, generating a space of elaboration of these types you will tie, allowing that the patient can generate a new way to tie by and for itself. It promotes a deep change in the personality through the observation of its conflicts put into play in the relation with the therapist. One scores to include/understand the problematic one of the patient soon to be able to demystify it, to question it, to descomprender it in the sense to break with those arguments or senses that cause suffering of the person. The high protagonism in the process offers him to the patient, since it is the same that will discover its ways you will tie and real motivations of his conflicts: this way it is allowed to be gradually discovering the personal or subjective responsibility in relation to the internal states or lived events. This process usually is accompanied by a work on the tendencies that are in all the human beings to being resistant the change. The psychoanalytic therapy acts in two levels: it modifies it brings back to consciousness and it acts directly on the unconscious one through transformation of the internal relations of object by means of the therapeutic bond. Applicable to all the clinical pictures, being due to adapt to the particular characteristics of each problematic one. Original author and source of the article.