Production Of Green Tea

Raw materials for the preparation of green tea is desirable to collect spring and autumn. Green tea is made from raw materials harvested in the autumn, is a tart because of the abundance of tannic elements in the list. Green tea is made from the leaves plants, whose name is Camellia sinensis. The collected leaves of this plant need a little podvyalit in the sun. In this case, the lower leaves are in the sun, the green tea is ready for its characteristics and properties closer to white.

Then cooked dried leaves. Depending on what method will be the drying of leaves, green tea has become this or that quality and taste characteristics. After that, the leaves are dried, they begin to twist and this procedure is done manually. Rolled leaves of green tea in various forms. Due to browning leaf extract of Chinese green tea gets a light orange tint, brewed Japanese green tea has a distinctive and easily recognizable color – from lemon yellow to greenish. Drink green tea has a subtle smell, which includes fragrance hay, withered strawberry leaves and petals of a rose or citrus. However, the taste and odor properties of green tea depends on its type.